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Apie Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel


Įsikūręs žavingoje Keramas vietoje, Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel viešbutis taip pat randasi pačiame Balis miesto centre, kur klesti paplūdimiai, pramogos šeimai Įsikūręs tik 19 Km nuo centro, todėl svečiai gali mėgautis netoliese esančiomis pramogomis ir kitomis miesto pramogomis. Šis modernus viešbutis yra labai arti tokių populiarių lankomų vietų, kaip Bali Sarafis ir Jūrų Parkas, Puputano Monumentas, Tegenungan krioklys.

Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel siūlo nepriekaištingą aptarnavimą ir visus esminius patogumus, kas maloniai nuteikia svečius. Pagrindiniai šio viešbučio privalumai - nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, 24 val. dirbanti registratūra, 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas, patogumai neįgaliesiems, WiFi .

Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel turi 38 kambarius. Visi yra labai elegantiškai įrengti, o kai kurie turi tokius patogumus, kaip plokščiaekranis televizorius, internet access – wireless, oro kondicionavimas, žadinimo paslauga, rašomasis stalas. Dienos bėgyje galite mėgautis atpalaiduojančia tokių pramogų, kaip atviras baseinas, baseinas vaikams, jodinėjimas, sodas, atmosfera. Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel viešbutyje atrasite patrauklų profesionalaus aptarnavimo bei plataus patogumų pasirinkimo derinį.
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  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi


  • automobilių parkavimo paslauga
  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė
  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto
  • pervežimo paslaugos

Plaukimas ir nardymas

  • baseinas
  • atviras baseinas

Lauko žaidimai

  • jodinėjimas
  • sodas


  • baseinas vaikams

Maistas ir gėrimai

  • 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kepsninė
  • restoranas
  • kavinė
  • baras prie baseino
  • baras

Valymo paslaugos

  • skalbyklos paslaugos
  • cheminis valymas

Svečių aptarnavimas

  • vaikų priežiūra
  • turai
  • konsjeržo paslaugos

Įstaigos įranga

  • patogumai neįgaliesiems
  • šeimos kambarys
  • parduotuvės
  • rūkomasis
  • bendra svetainė / televizorius

Sveikata ir saugumas

  • 24 val. dirbanti registratūra
  • seifai

Verslo ir pinigų paslaugos

  • įranga susitikimams
  • banko kasos automatas

Kalbama kalba

  • Anglų
  • Indoneziečių
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Vaikai ir papildomos lovos
Vaikai nuo 3-12 metų Turi būti pristatyta papildoma lova
  • Jauniausias svečių amžius: 3 metai
  • Daugiau nei 12 metų svečiai yra laikomi suaugusiais.
  • Papildomų lovų prieinamumas priklauso nuo pasirinkto kambario tipo, daugiau informacijos rasite kambario tipo strategijoje.
Užsakant daugiau nei 5 kambarius gali būti taikomos kitokios sąlygos ir papildomi mokesčiai.
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Naudinga informacija

Atstumas iki miesto centro: 19 Km
Atstumas iki oro uosto: 45 Km
Atvykimas nuo: 02:00 PM
Aukštų skaičius: 1
Išvykimas iki: 12:00 PM
Įtampa kambaryje: 220
Kambarių skaičius: 38
Kambariuose ir koridoriuose nerūkoma: Yes
Kelionės į oro uostą laikas (min.): 50
Pusryčių mokestis: 88 USD
Restoranų skaičius: 2
Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis: 35 USD
Viešbučio pastatymo metai: 2008
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Svarbus pranešimas

Please be informed that Bali island celebrates Nyepi (Silent) Day each year on below dates. The Nyepi (Silent) Day is a day of absolute silence throughout the island. No outdoor activities are allowed including check in and check out from hotels. March 5, 2011 | March 23, 2012 | March 12, 2013 | March 31, 2014 | March 21, 2015 | March 9, 2016 | March 28, 2017
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31 gegužės 2016
Overpriced stay
Very few animals. Pricey accommodation. Required to pay more for various shows and rides despite paying a huge sum already. My suggestion: Take a day pass, visit the zoo. Do not waste on the accommodation.

8,8 nicola M.
United States of America
23 gegužės 2016
Food way over priced overall experience fantastix
Over priced food and beverages but the experience was wonderful . The park was very empty and at one point for three hrs we where the only people using the water park

7,6 Jopy I.
12 gegužės 2016
Hidden gem
While overall expenses in using facilities quite high this place can offer your young ones a great experience

9,6 Sasikarn T.
09 gegužės 2016
great place for everyone
all animal are healthy the room is clean the facilities are good lots of activities for everyone to enjoy

5,6 hetal V.
22 balandžio 2016
Expensive stay
Goid stay however Everything closes at 5pm so after 5pm no activities esp for kids. .nothing around the area that one can go out of the resort. If ur are a vegetarian very less choice as for diner only one restaurant is open.

10 Mark V.
United Kingdom
12 balandžio 2016
Amazing!! So many animal encounters
With the great deal we got with agoda, our stay here was to die for. We definitely recommend staying at least 2 night so you can see the whole park and take advantage of the pool and water park. Also try to get here by 10 am as all the shows start at 11. We stayed 2 night and got a free taxi from the airport. The room was amazing and the staff were so kind. We books the swala room and were upgraded for free! Those rooms looked nice also, but it think they were working on them. We never found out why we were upgraded. We also recommend going on the day and night safari. On the day you see more animals and at night you get to feed them and book them after you get to the hotel as they will give you a discount. Also try out the lion restaurant for lunch. Expensive prices for Bali but cheap prices for western rates. The food was pretty decent also. The breakfast buffet was really good. We had it on Sunday morning and Monday more they served us ala cart, so I don't know if the buffet is a weekend thing or just there weren't many guest there on Monday. But both breakfast were great and the lions are gorgeous. They eMbah Mek Trawangan Homestayntice the animals to interact with you by feeding them near you, but all the animals looks really healthy and happy. We had a magical stay here and highly recommend it.

9,2 Dewi K.
11 balandžio 2016
Wonderful Getaway
What a wonderful getaway we recently had at Maya River Safari Lodge. We came there to celebrate my husband birthday and the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

4,8 Shu H.
Hong Kong
05 balandžio 2016
Poor air conditioning
There were only two small air conditioners in the room and it was quite hot to stay in the room. On the other hand, it was quite noisy as there was quite a lot of frog sound at night and the chicken sound in the early morning.

9,6 Pooja S.
05 balandžio 2016
A must go in bali
You should plan to stay atleast 2 days here to enjoy all the facilities. It is totally worth the money. You get 15% discounts on all the pictures (if you want them printed and framed), on shopping in their stores, on your safari as well. Room: The first thing that sweeps you off your feet is the view from the window. Zebras, ostriches, wilderbeasts, Rhino, all grazing right outside your window. You are given basket full of carrots so you can feed them from the balcony. From time to time elephants also come with people on elephant safari and you get to feed them as well. It is so much fun! You get to hand feed zebras near the pool area, it was an amazing experience as well. You can contact reception and they refill your carrots whenever you want. Facilities: We checked in and booked our night safari, it cost us very less from the price quoted on website since we were staying here. We got picture with Marcel, the Albino python, amazing animal encounters. It is upto you if you want to get it printed or you want to take picture in your mobile only and same was told to us upfront by the animal care takers. It made us feel good about the place since they were not after money but wanted you to have an experience with you. Safari: The night safari was very thrilling, just like the picture you are in cage and animals are outside, tigers jumping on the cage for food. Their Fire-dance was also very nice and BBQ dinner was good as well. The next day we had not booked anything, since we were staying there we could attend almost all shows for free. We got pictures with Neema the baby lion, macaws, hornbill, orangutan, Elephants in our mobiles as well as got it printed and framed. All animal encounters were so good, you feel so attached to these animals after that. We sat with the lion twice on that day, touched him, it was just an amazing experience. we attended the very informative animal show, elephant bath, big cat show which was too good, elephant show was also awesome. I w

7,6 Nicola F.
United Kingdom
09 balandžio 2016
Lovely experience for the kids
We had a lovely visit - our kids were just so excited by everything from the jeep ride into the park. The elephant ride to breakfast was also amazing! Rooms are lovely with tonnes of space, comfy beds and lovely bathrooms. Value for money-wise I think it would be perfect if night and day safaris were included in the room price.