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Ogtong Cave Resort

Pooc, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Bantajano Sala, Filipinai (Rodyti žemėlapį)

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Remiantis 54 apžvalgomis
  • Aplinka Bantayan Island
  • Kambariai : 31

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Ogtong Cave Resort viešbutis, skirtas ir verslo, ir poilsinėms kelionėms, yra idealioje Bantayan Island vietoje, kuri yra populiari miesto dalis. Iš čia svečiai gali mėgautis lengvu susisiekimu su viskuo, ką šis vaizdingas miestas gali pasiūlyti. Esantis patogioje strateginėje padėtyje šis viešbutis siūlo lengvą susisiekimą su visais miesto lankytinais objektais.

Ogtong Cave Resort viešbučio paslaugos ir aptarnavimas garantuoja malonų svečių apsistojimą. Svečių patogumui ir malonumui viešbutis siūlo 24 val. dirbanti registratūra, automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė, kambarių aptarnavimas, įranga susitikimams, šeimos kambarys.

Ogtong Cave Resort turi 31 kambarius. Visi yra labai elegantiškai įrengti, o kai kurie turi tokius patogumus, kaip sukūrinė vonia, kambariai nerūkantiems, oro kondicionavimas, rašomasis stalas, mini baras. Nesvarbu ar esate sporto mėgėjas ar tiesiog ieškote būdų atsipalaiduoti po ilgos dienos, čia galėsite mėgautis tokiomis pramogomis, kaip atviras baseinas, masažas, baseinas vaikams, sodas, vandens sportas (nemotorizuotas). Aukštos klasės patogumai bei nuostabi Ogtong Cave Resort viešbučio padėtis yra pagrindas mėgautis apsistojimu Bantayan Island mieste.
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11:30 AM

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Joanne M. Šeimos su vyresniais vaikais Philippines, 2015 m. birželio 14 d.
Couldve been better but good experience overall

Great landscaping, good for photo op, honest staff
Pros: The location is at the far end but makes your stay more tranquil. The landscaping is lovely! We enjoyed the hermit crabs coming out when it's dark but we've also come across a gecko and a small snake - you cant blame the resort for this tho. We booked a family room which is very spacious with 3 single beds and 1 larger bed good for 2. It will definitely fit more than 5pax comfortably with 2 showers. What i really loved is that when they contacted us about the eyeglasses that my mum's friend left in the room and they shipped it back to us - THANK YOU! Cons: It was just a bit of a let down when we asked for island hopping contacts for boats and we were told that we should arrange them on our own outside the resort gate, in front. This is fine BUT I was surprised when the guy (who appeared as a tricycle driver?) whom i asked for the boat price knocked on our door that evening to confirm our boat rental. Why tell us to arrange the island hopping on our own and then give our room number to this guy??? Not much of a big deal for me but if this guy has nothing to do with your resort then I would like to question the security. The restaurant is an overall disappointment. There were too many flies so you couldn't eat properly because you keep shooing the insects and bugs. It couldve been better if there were screens. I also think that they dont hve enough staff/chef as you have to wait for a while for the food to be prepared and then another while for it to be served on your table so dont expect your food to be served hot. They also dont serve the best dishes/seafoods so I suggest just take a tricycle and go to the area where the strip of restaurants are. My seafood cravings were satisfied when we went to HR MUSIC
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Ma B. Grupės Philippines, 2015 m. gegužės 1 d.
poor service and no food available

view and cave.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Michel W. Poros Canada, 2015 m. vasario 28 d.
Nice Resort

Location, Quiet. Worth The Peice
Pleasant stay with family, staff nice and helpful except for a requested in room massage session where they never showed up & limited food menu. But overall nice place to enjoy if you like a quiet place. Nice pool, beach was OK but with a tricycle ride you can always go to nicer beaches nearby. Octong Cave resort is in my opinion the better resort on Bantayan Island.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Michel W. Poros Canada, 2015 m. vasario 28 d.
Cardio hotel

Location, unique, friendly staff
Was not expecting this type of resort but good place to stay as it is really close to viewing the whale shark.Those who are not healthy like having a heart condition (THAT IS WHY I CALL THIS RESORT CARDIO HOTEL) do avoid because you will need to climb many very and i mean very steep stairs.We did enjoy our one night stay.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Mira V. Šeimos su mažais vaikais Philippines, 2014 m. spalio 30 d.

all the staffs are nice and accomodating enough to assist us.
Our seaview room smells awful! They sprayed a lot of insecticides before we occupy the room enough to suffocate us with it! Coz the previous people said that there are a lot of mosquito.At first i refused to stay inside the room coz we have a 2 yr old son with us that might endanger his health thats why i told the staff what they can do about it coz that time there are no other available room for us to transfer. They gave us options to spray a deodorizer or put some air freshner inside the room. After 6 hrs of waiting the room was ready. Insecticides are not safe or else they might have used the one with not so strong smell.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Vincent E. Grupės Philippines, 2014 m. spalio 27 d.
It's Worth The Money & Time

Clean, Affordable and Wonderful
It was an excellent way of spending your weekend with friends. Ogtong Cave Resort is one of the hotels and places I'm visiting again soon.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Soo B. Pavieniai keliautojai South Korea, 2014 m. birželio 30 d.
Not really recommand

Clean, Free Round trip service, Good View
Not functioning TV, Wifi, Telephone. If you want to order something you may approach yourself time to time. But you can spend your trip in Quiet & Clean resort.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Leif M. Poros Norway, 2013 m. liepos 24 d.
Nice location. Nice beach close by. Nice cave

Location, okay swimming pool. Nice cave.
It was very good. Really nice cave and a fantastic beach :) The rooms could be better. The air condition made some noise.
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Philip J. Grupės Philippines, 2013 m. liepos 5 d.
It was indeed a great experience to stay here!

View, Peaceful & Affordability
It was a really nice experience to stay at Ogtong. The staff were really accomodating. When we asked for a hair dryer, they did not charge us for an additional fee - awesome! If I'd be going back to Bantayan Island, I'd definitely have no second thoughts on where to stay again - of course, still at Ogtong Cave. Keep it up guys! :)
Pranešti apie šį komentarą
Bjorn R. Poros Norway, 2013 m. gegužės 24 d.
Beautiful place, Excellent room

Room, swimming pool, atmosphere. Nice and quiet place far from big city noise.
We had an excellent stay, place and hotel was beautiful, the hotel price was a bit on the high side. Traffic was relaxed compared to other places in the Phillipines.
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