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Pacific Pensionne

313-A Osmena Blvd , Cebu City, Sebu, Filipinai 6000 (Rodyti žemėlapį)

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Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Svečių kambarys Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjeras Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjeras Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Restoranas Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio išorė Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Verslo centras Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Priimamasis Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Restoranas Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Restoranas Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjeras Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjeras Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Maistas ir gėrimai Pacific Pensionne Sebu - Restoranas
Aplinka Cebu City Kambarių skaičius: 72

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Tiffany D. Poros France, 2015 m. sausio 2 d.
Dont go
Šis lankytojas tik įvertino šį viešbutį, tačiau nepridėjo jokio komentaro.
Meneleo M. Pavieniai keliautojai United States of America, 2014 m. lapkričio 16 d.
Pacific pensionne review

I liked it was close to the main street and well lighted going back to the hotel so you can come home anytime of the night without fear of getting roughed up. I liked the comfortable room and clean.
Very nice and enjoyable because we were able to go out at night and come home late due to the safety of the area. I just wished the streets were paved and cleaned. When I walked I have to be looking down so I don't trip or turn an ankle. Otherwise, everything was good!
Elizabeth S. Šeimos su vyresniais vaikais Australia, 2014 m. rugsėjo 24 d.
Great stay

Easy access to food outlets, clean, well priced
Georg K. Verslo keliautojai Germany, 2014 m. balandžio 25 d.
easy in, easy out

booking was done by internet, room was ready, simple but equivalent room
Rainer B. Pavieniai keliautojai Germany, 2014 m. kovo 27 d.
practical location in the city

close to shopping centers, not noisy, low cost for a city hotel
without problems, all things in the room were working although in the years including the bath room, friendly staff, personally I wish to have cotton blankets on the beds instead synthetic blankets of bad quality and better materasses.
Albert A. Verslo keliautojai Philippines, 2014 m. vasario 21 d.
not a good stay

secluded. quiet. close to a pool hall.
The airconditioner was not functioning well.the water heater system was not functioning.the room was so small. I could have had a much better room for the same amount that I have paid in other hotels.
Ed W. Poros Australia, 2014 m. vasario 18 d.
nice Hotel!:)

good services, clean room, comforttable and very nice staff
very pleasant stay, the staff were very helpful. it is located in a very central position in cebu and handy 7/11 open 24 hours. there is an excellent billiards hall next door and massage parlour. The rooms were neat and tidy.
Mark R. Poros United Kingdom, 2014 m. vasario 12 d.
basic,rooms were not cleaned or towels changed

ok,for the fact it was centrally located ,but would not stay there again
Curtis A. Poros United States of America, 2014 m. vasario 10 d.

nice people , close, great transportation
just ok. the room was small, water leaks, damage from earthquake , the floor of the bathroom was always covered with water from a leaky sink. the staff was great , friendly, only changed the sheets 2 times in 3 weeks no, bugs , but everthing worked in the room . I would stay there but not in that room
Andrew M. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. sausio 8 d.
who give them 3 stars ????

1. close to Robinson plaza 2. friendly staff. 3. it teached me well to be careful choosing hotel.
My mistake was ...that i did not read others opinions. Someone said that he had better rooms in prisons ... Yes. I can imagine. Yes he was right. I paid for 2 weeks to stay but that what experienced having 1 smelly room For first night put me in decision to shorten my stay. They gave me another room but after 2 days this terrible smell started to appear. Window air conditioning was never cleaned and I think this is the source of this smell. You can not open the window because to much humid and mosquito problem. Walls are painted in oil paint hence you feel like in sauna. No fridge is just a joke hotel. I spent 3 hours on phone and paid extra 100 bucks to change my flight and return 1 week earlier to Thailand where I stay another month for cheaper in clean and decent room.

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Pacific Pensionne SebuPacific Pensionne Sebu - Svečių kambarysPacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjerasPacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjerasPacific Pensionne Sebu - RestoranasPacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio išorėPacific Pensionne Sebu - Verslo centrasPacific Pensionne Sebu - PriimamasisPacific Pensionne Sebu - RestoranasPacific Pensionne Sebu - RestoranasPacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjerasPacific Pensionne Sebu - Viešbučio interjerasPacific Pensionne Sebu - Maistas ir gėrimaiPacific Pensionne Sebu - Restoranas