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The Alit Hotel

Jl. Puri Gerenceng, Kuta, Balis, Indonezija (Rodyti žemėlapį)

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The Alit Hotel Balis - Vonios kambarys The Alit Hotel Balis - Svečių kambarys The Alit Hotel Balis - Viešbučio išorė The Alit Hotel Balis - Viešbučio išorė The Alit Hotel Balis - Restoranas The Alit Hotel Balis - Sveikatingumo centras The Alit Hotel Balis - Sodas
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Maxine R. Šeimos su mažais vaikais Australia, 2014 m. spalio 5 d.
Great value for money

Beautiful, friendly staff, proximity to airport, old Balinese charm
excellent. My daughter rates this her favourite hotel. We arrived late, had hotel transfer waiting for us, a meal was prepared & our room was clean and quiet. Ours was a transit stay & really capped off the holiday.
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Cindy E. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. rugsėjo 19 d.
Great overnight transit hotel

Close to airport, clean, very quiet
Really enjoyed the Alit. Great budget hotel for a short stay or between flights. I did not eat there as I arrived late on one flight and left the next morning on an early flight but was very happy with the rooms and gardens. Nice pool area. Seems to have a very nice japanese based menu.
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Sun P. Poros United States of America, 2014 m. rugpjūčio 31 d.
It was difficult to find this hotel.

Excellent service. Nice room. Plenty of complementary bottled water.
Other than awkward location, it was nice hotel once we arrived there.
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Julien M. Poros United States of America, 2014 m. rugpjūčio 19 d.
amazing airport hotel

staff performance, quiet, clean
The staff was excellent. Despite the proximity to the airport it was very quiet and a great place to relax before heading back home. The hotel also privides a free shuttle service into town making staying there a good choice.
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Sawitree S. Poros Thailand, 2014 m. liepos 13 d.
Very impressive with room and staff's performance

Attentive staffs, Check-in&Check-out system, Free shuttle bus
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Sawitree S. Poros Thailand, 2014 m. liepos 13 d.
Very impressive

Attentive staff, Nice and Clean Room, Quiet Place
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Natalie B. Poros United States of America, 2014 m. birželio 29 d.
5 min to DPS, Quaint, Quiet, Comfy, Hospitable

Close to airport, Value for the Money, Great Hospitaility
My husband and I flew into DPS around midnight. Our next flight out of DPS was at 7am the next morning so we were looking for a good hotel that was close to the airport for us to crash in for just a couple of hours, so we could avoid sleeping on the floor of the airport. By the time we got our luggage it was around 2am, we headed outside and jumped in a Blue Bird taxi who drove us the maybe 5 min route to the hotel - seriously, it's located RIGHT outside the airport. Upon arrival, they were incredibily hospitable giving us warm towels and a welcome drink. Had it not been 2:30am at this point we would have probably enjoyed it more but instead we just wanted to get into our room to sneak in at least a few hours of shut eye. We arrived during the early morning prayer, which was my first experience. Although it was pitch dark outside, men's voices were carrying through the air. It was incredibly peaceful. Our room was definitely a budget room (what do you expect for $24 bucks a night!) but was charming and clean. Perfect for the 2.5 hours we slept in it for, before heading back to the airport around 6am to make out 7am flight to Lombok!
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John S. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. birželio 23 d.
Nice hotel close to the airport

1. Proximity to the airport. 2. Shuttle to and from the airport. 3 Competent and friendly staff.
The hotel is close to the airport and the pick up was waiting. The shuttle is free. The staff are very competent and friendly.
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Isabel F. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. birželio 16 d.
Easy access to airport

vicinity to airport, tasty food, comfortable rooms
I only needed to be in Bali to transfer and needed somewhere close to the airport that felt secure and clean for a solo traveller. The Alit provided all of these requirements. The rooms were fine - clean, cool (air-conditioned), secure, the pool looked great and I would have loved to have had a dip in it if I had more time, the staff were friendly and helpful, good wifi access and good food and the price per night was really reasonable. All I could ask for, for the short trip overnight.
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Ben J. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. birželio 16 d.
Great value airport hotel

Free airport shuttle, lovely staff, great value
Again, I'm impressed by The Alit, even though I was only there for a short rest before a late night flight. My laundry was done well and cheaply, and the shuttle took me to the airport at exactly the time I wanted to go, free of charge.
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The Alit Hotel BalisThe Alit Hotel Balis - Vonios kambarysThe Alit Hotel Balis - Svečių kambarysThe Alit Hotel Balis - Viešbučio išorėThe Alit Hotel Balis - Viešbučio išorėThe Alit Hotel Balis - RestoranasThe Alit Hotel Balis - Sveikatingumo centrasThe Alit Hotel Balis - Sodas