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26 gegužės 2016 - 28 gegužės 2016 | 2 naktys
Kambarių tipai Pasiūlymai ir privalumai Maks. Kaina už kambarį, už vieną naktį kiekis

Vienvietis kambarys (Single Room)

Populiarus pasirinkimas!
Kambario dydis:
7 kv.m.
  • Užsakymo sąlygos
  • EUR
  • 30,42
 Mūsų paskutiniai 3 kambariai

Kambarys su dviem lovom (Twin Room)

Kambario dydis:
11 kv.m.
  • Užsakymo sąlygos
  • EUR
  • 38,81
 Mūsų paskutiniai 3 kambariai

Dvivietis kambarys (Double Room)

Kambario dydis:
11 kv.m.
  • Užsakymo sąlygos
  • EUR
  • 38,81
 Mūsų paskutiniai 3 kambariai

Viengulė lova vienam asmeniui (Single Bed For One Person)

Kambario dydis:
6 kv.m.
Lova (-ų):
1 Viengulė lova ir 1 Dvigulė lova
Be langų
  • Speciali kaina! – negrąžinama
  • 403,79 EUR
  • 44,63
 Mūsų paskutiniai 2 kambariai

Su viena dvigule lova dviem asmenims (One Double Bed For Two Person)

Kambario dydis:
10 kv.m.
Lova (-ų):
1 Dvigulė lova
Be langų
  • Speciali kaina! – negrąžinama
  • 438,40 EUR
  • 49,59
 Mūsų paskutiniai 2 kambariai

Trivietis 3 asmenims (Triple Bed For Three Person)

Kambario dydis:
13 kv.m.
Lova (-ų):
3 Dvigulė lova
Be langų
  • Speciali kaina! – negrąžinama
  • 496,09 EUR
  • 50,08
 Mūsų paskutiniai 4 kambariai

Dviejų lovų (Twin Bed For Two Person ( Two single Bed))

Kambario dydis:
10 kv.m.
Lova (-ų):
2 Viengulė lova
Be langų
  • Speciali kaina! – negrąžinama
  • 461,48 EUR
  • 53,55
 Mūsų paskutiniai 2 kambariai

Šeimos kambarys (Family Room)

Kambario dydis:
14 kv.m.
  • Užsakymo sąlygos
  • EUR
  • 55,01
 Mūsų paskutiniai 3 kambariai
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Apie Tokyo Hostel


Tokyo Hostel, įsikūręs Tsim Sha Tsui, Honkongas mieste, yra populiarus keliautojų pasirinkimas. Viešbutis yra tik 0.02 km nuo miesto centro ir siūlo lengvą susisiekimą su visais svarbiausiais lankytinais objektais. Tvarkinga aplinka ir artumas iki Čungking Rūmai, Hong Kongo Pusiasalis, Čabad Namas Kovlunas suteikia šiam viešbučiui ypatingą žavesį.

Tokyo Hostel siūlo nepriekaištingą aptarnavimą ir visus esminius patogumus, kas maloniai nuteikia svečius. Šis viešbutis siūlo daugybę paslaugų, kurios patenkins net labiausiai reiklų svečią.

Tokyo Hostel turi 52 kambarius. Visi yra labai elegantiškai įrengti, o kai kurie turi tokius patogumus, kaip plokščiaekranis televizorius, bevielis interneto ryšys (nemokamas), kambariai nerūkantiems, oro kondicionavimas, ventiliatorius. Be to, viešbučio pramogų pasiūlymai neleis Jums nuobodžiauti apsistojimo metu. Aukštos klasės patogumai bei nuostabi Tokyo Hostel viešbučio padėtis yra pagrindas mėgautis apsistojimu Honkongas mieste.
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  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi


  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto

Maistas ir gėrimai

  • 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kavinė

Įstaigos įranga

  • šeimos kambarys
  • liftas

Sveikata ir saugumas

  • seifai
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Chung King Mansion consists of 5 blocks (A-E), all with different lift lobbies on the ground floor. It is recommended for customers to walk directly to 8/F Block C and once you arrive in the reception, please reconfirm the hostel name and address before entering.

Vaikai ir papildomos lovos
Kūdikiai nuo 0-1 metų Viešnagė nemokama, jeigu nepristatoma papildoma lovytė. Už papildomą lovytę busite papildomai apmokestinti.
Vaikai nuo 2-3 metų Turi būti pristatyta papildoma lova
  • Daugiau nei 3 metų svečiai yra laikomi suaugusiais.
  • Papildomų lovų prieinamumas priklauso nuo pasirinkto kambario tipo, daugiau informacijos rasite kambario tipo strategijoje.
Užsakant daugiau nei 5 kambarius gali būti taikomos kitokios sąlygos ir papildomi mokesčiai.
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Naudinga informacija

Atstumas iki miesto centro: 0.02 km
Atvykimas nuo: 12:30 PM
Išvykimas iki: 11:45 AM
Kambarių skaičius: 52
Kelionės į oro uostą laikas (min.): 40
Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis: 290 HKD
Viešbučio pastatymo metai: 2011
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Grupės (35)

Viešbučio būklė / švara
Kambario patogumai / lygis
Personalo darbas
Kainos ir kokybės santykis
Maistas / maitinimas

4,3 gary H.
25 kovo 2016
Very small
location only,
I was not expecting the world but very poor.

4 Wasin K.
25 balandžio 2015
Hotel is good location but it is too busy.
Very bad. It is very dirty

5,7 Kevin R.
United States of America
24 gruodžio 2014
Good budget option, but overpriced
location, cleanliness, meeting other travelers
Stay was pleasant. Stayed for one night in a single, private room. The room is overpriced, but I wasn't in it except to sleep, anyway. The room was about the size of a western, bedroom closet. It was really clean and check-in was a breeze. WiFi was decent, but nothing to brag about. Overall, a fairly decent option.

8,7 Teck T.
01 rugpjūčio 2014
Great value
Rooms are clean. Walking distance to shopping n sightseeing. Good service staff.
Very relaxing n quite.

8 zhi W.
26 vasario 2014
affordable, great location
it is very near to tourist attractions as well as the mtr and bus stop.
It was relatively clean but they did not change 2 out of 3 bedsheets. Wifi was fast. Come out of the room at early hours if you want to avoid long waits for the elevator

6 LAN P.
05 liepos 2014
Central location, cloase to MRT
Felt not safe as the hostel is inside of a condominium combining with Indian shops at the lobby. Very messy

8 Ashkan S.
18 gruodžio 2013
Super small room
good price
good but a bit noisy during night time double bed fit for one person

6,7 APITA T.
25 lapkričio 2013
low prices
nice location (near mtr), excellent wifi and location of shopping
good things for this hostel are excellent wifi nice location near mtr and easy to find foods but we don't like life there is only one lift but have many people live in mansion (tokyo hostel in located on 8&16 th floor) when we want to go outside and get inside we must take a long time for waitting lift!!!

3 Martyn J.
United Kingdom
25 lapkričio 2013
Just don't do it!
Central, cheap (for Hong Kong), free coffee.
There are two blocks of kennel-like hostels in Nathan Road - the Mirador and the Chongqing. Just say no to any Chongqing ones, like the Tokyo Hostel. The lifts are bad in both blocks, but in the Chongqing it's beyond a joke. When I stayed at in the Mirador block, the rooms were tiny, but at least the staff were friendly. No such luck in the Tokyo Hostel. They messed up my booking, so I was put in the wrong room, and then they kept forgetting about it, and pestering me all evening wondering what I was doing in that room. On about the third round on enquiries , one guy wanted to use the phone in my room to ask what to do, and he saw I'd put a towel on the floor to step on after having a shower, rather than tread on the filthy old mat provided. He seemed genuinely shocked, complaining that they have to wash those towels. So he accepted that the mat was too dirty for his towels, but perfectly fine for my feet. Kettle ran out of water (not trivial - tap water is non-drinkable, so kettle water is very important) and when I rang reception to get someone to re-fill, they were all asleep, at 9am in a 24hr hostel. Told the girl if only there had been some spare water containers,I would have gladly re-filled kettle myself - she put her hands to her ears. It was all too much, even the offer of help. They all just want to get back to sleep. Found everything about Chongqing Mansions extremely unpleasant. If I must return to HK in the future, I'll just have to dig a little deeper.

9 Vini D.
09 gruodžio 2013
Staff put me to Narli Guest House,but It was great
Clean room, comfortable bed, great wi-fi
I booked for Tokyo Hostel at 8 floor, but I have to check in at Australia Guesthouse at 16 floor (coz they are one management). However, the staff didn't take us to 8 floor, instead to Narli Guest House at 14 floor. The first thought in my mind was, "why do they change the guesthouse easily? I booked Tokyo Hostel since I had already seen the room picture in agoda. How if the room in this guesthouse is not comfortable?" But then I knew that I didnt have to worry. They took us to a great room. I booked a 3-bed room, but they gave us a room for 4 people (two single bed, 1 bed for 2 people but not queen size, smaller). The room of course just like a room in other hostels in HK, small. but, at least it was clean and modern, if compared to the hostel we stayed before, New China Yan Yan Guesthouse (I already gave the review, that hostel is not recommended, it was at the same building, chungking mansion but different floor). What surprised me, there was the small refrigerator in the room, and there were some cups on it so we can make coffee sachets that were provided on refrigerator outside. there were also a telephone and we could make a local call free! (These two facilities were not available at New China Yanyan. We got clean sandals too. The bathroom was small, but clean and there was no problem to lock the door (the bathroom's door at New China Yanyan is not working and the door couldnt be closed without the lock, can you imagine?). The wi-fi, worked very well everytime I tried to use it. Overall, this hostel is very recommended. With very affordable price, it provided us good facilities. Good location (very near to Tsim Sha Tsui station, comfortable room, great wifi.

Mokesčiai ir paslaugų mokesčiai paprastai yra išieškojimo išlaidos, kurias Agoda moka pardavėjui. Dėl detalesnės informacijos, žiūrėkite Agodos naudojimosi taisykles. Prie mokesčių ir paslaugų mokesčių taip pat gali būti pridėti mokesčiai, kuriuos Agoda moka už užsakymų apdorojimą.