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Apie Villa Nian Luxury Villa & Spa


Įsikūręs Gianyar, Villa Nian Luxury Villa & Spa yra nuostabi vieta pradėti pažintį su Balis miestu ir jo apylinkėmis. Iš čia svečiai gali mėgautis lengvu susisiekimu su viskuo, ką šis vaizdingas miestas gali pasiūlyti. Svečiai mėgsta šio viešbučio vietą, nes pagrindiniai miesto lankytini objektai, tokie kaip Mas Kaimas-Medžio raižytojai, Tegenungan krioklys, Teba Sari Balis Agroturizmas, yra pasiekiami ranka.

Savo svečiams siūlantis nepakartojamą aptarnavimą bei platų paslaugų asortimentą, Villa Nian Luxury Villa & Spa viešbutis užtikrina malonią viešnagę. Viešbutis siūlo galimybę naudotis plačių paslaugų pasirinkimu, tarp jų nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas, patogumai neįgaliesiems, WiFi , automobilių parkavimo paslauga.

Viešbutis didžiuojasi 8 elegantiškai įrengtais kambariais. Daugumoje iš jų yra plokščiaekranis televizorius, internet access – wireless, privatus baseinas, bevielis interneto ryšys (nemokamas), sukūrinė vonia. Dienos bėgyje galite mėgautis atpalaiduojančia tokių pramogų, kaip vonia, atviras baseinas, sveikatingumo centras, masažas, sodas, atmosfera. Jeigu ieškote patogaus ir ramaus apgyvendinimo Balis mieste, Villa Nian Luxury Villa & Spa gali tapti Jūsų namais toli nuo namų.
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  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi


  • automobilių parkavimo paslauga
  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė
  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto
  • dviračių nuoma

Sveikatingumas ir poilsis

  • sveikatingumo centras
  • masažas

Plaukimas ir nardymas

  • vonia
  • atviras baseinas

Maistas ir gėrimai

  • 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • restoranas
  • kavinė


  • leidžiama apsistoti su gyvūnėliais

Valymo paslaugos

  • skalbyklos paslaugos

Svečių aptarnavimas

  • vaikų priežiūra
  • konsjeržo paslaugos

Įstaigos įranga

  • patogumai neįgaliesiems
  • šeimos kambarys
  • sodas
  • rūkomasis

Sveikata ir saugumas

  • seifai
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Vaikai ir papildomos lovos
Kūdikiai nuo 0-1 metų Viešnagė nemokama, jeigu nepristatoma papildoma lovytė. Už papildomą lovytę busite papildomai apmokestinti.
Vaikai nuo 2-5 metų Viešnagė nemokama, jeigu nepristatoma papildoma lovytė.
  • Daugiau nei 5 metų svečiai yra laikomi suaugusiais.
  • Papildomų lovų prieinamumas priklauso nuo pasirinkto kambario tipo, daugiau informacijos rasite kambario tipo strategijoje.
Užsakant daugiau nei 5 kambarius gali būti taikomos kitokios sąlygos ir papildomi mokesčiai.
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Naudinga informacija

Išvykimas iki: 12:00 PM
Kambarių skaičius: 8
Kelionės į oro uostą laikas (min.): 45
Restoranų skaičius: 1
Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis: 20 USD
Viešbučio pastatymo metai: 2010
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Svarbus pranešimas

The hotel offers free airport transfer.
Please be informed that Bali island celebrates Nyepi (Silent) Day each year on below dates. The Nyepi (Silent) Day is a day of absolute silence throughout the island. No outdoor activities are allowed including check in and check out from hotels. March 5, 2011 | March 23, 2012 | March 12, 2013 | March 31, 2014 | March 21, 2015 | March 9, 2016 | March 28, 2017
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Pasirinkti Keliautojo Tipą

  • Viešbučio būklė / švara 8,7
  • Vietovė 7,6
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 8,5
  • Personalo darbas 8,9
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 8,6
  • Maistas / maitinimas 6,6

sudong K.
Pietų Korėja
23 liepos 2014
nice, good, comfort
nice, good, comfort
nice, good, comfort

Marc P.
25 vasario 2014
Not worth the value
Calm ,quiet,...
I wasnt very impressed when im arrived..the management system is so bad as its probably run and direct by the owner order to safe money and put quality on the bottom of the list..the staff is trying to do their best which i can understand.. The villa it self is a bit rundown,the swimming pool did not made me want to jump in it very cloudy and god knows what on the the stepping stone get very slippery and dangerous after rains.. Plus this hotel need a really good pest control..had a few rats( 4 to b exact) running around in the wardrobe and bathroom,plus a baby rat was found in front of bedroom door.. When it comes to breakfast, and i rather skip it.. So not worth it..this was my first stay in this villa and definetely will be the last.

Ramprasad K.
05 birželio 2013
Nice villa in quiet, private & natural surroundigs
Located among paddy fields; quiet and peaceful; spacious villas each with private pools
Our stay was very pleasant. The villas are large and located in the middle of paddy fields. The surroundings are most quaint and ideal for relaxing. Each villa has a private pool and an outdoor dining/living area. It is well furnished with TV, fridge, a small kitchen, music system. The drawback related to food must be mentioned. The hotel does not have a restaurant of its own and hence the breakfast and meals tend to be cold. The variety is quite limited. The food is just average. However, there are plenty of restaurants nearby and the hotel will provide transport to Ubud area. The hotel provides cars for rent (for trips or for the day). The drivers are very friendly and helpful. Mr. Wayan Rama is especially nice. The staff are very helpful do their best, very Balinese of course. The manager, Mr. Ali (I think) allowed us a very generous delay in check-out. If you are looking for a nice private retreat, Villa Nian is a good choice indeed.

Erik G.
06 gruodžio 2012
Relaxed place in the middle of the rice fields
Small resort, quiet, beautiful location
This place is in a very quiet area with lots of privacy. We found it a great place to unwind and relax, but having your own transportation to get around is recommended. Breakfast is served at the restaurant on top of the reception area from which you have nice views of the surrounding rice fields. Some people may find this place a bit too remote.

Tabitha S.
15 gegužės 2012
Lovely pool
Great pool and helpful staff
The location is a bit out of the way but the paddy fields nearly are lovely and it's very peaceful. 20 minutes away from Ubud so not ideal if you like being in the mix of things.

Doreen M.
Naujoji Zelandija
17 balandžio 2012
Serene and relaxing country get away.
Pros: The villas were very private and spacious basically what you see is what you get no photography tricks. Gorgeous pool, air con and fans for comfort, large indoor/outdoor flow bathroom with extra outdoor shower by the pool and friendly staff who always acknowledge you.
hotel was booked by my sister for us, and we were told by her that it was in country and far away from kuta (main tourist hot spot - roughly 40mins). at first we were disappointed by that fact, but after staying 8 days at the hotel (1st time in bali) it really was our sanctuary. after a hot and busy day in kuta or doing a tour/program. i was soo glad i could come back to a clean room, with complete privacy and comfort to unwind and rest. quiet and peaceful with a dvd player in room and stereo by the pool it was actually our favourite part of our trip to come back to such a wonderful villa. the breakfast is limited but that is only because we stayed 8 days, but still lovely. clean sheets, towels, hand towels the works and when we stayed in they did not bother us to clean the hotel but waited till we left. lovely place and friendly service, they always went that extra mile and we weren't charged for using the bikes, we used them for only an hour though to visit the waterfall which is only 5 mins away but will definitely return to villa nian.

Irya S.
25 kovo 2012
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
Villa is surrounded with padi fields, private pool, clean room, super friendly staff.
Pros: Very nice villa. Bed is very confortable. Has aircon and fan. HAs a good dvd player. Kitchen is equipped with enough utensils for 2. Pretty big chiller. HAs got a water dispenser. Pool is very nice and clean. The little hut by the pool is cool too. Staffs are very friendly, proactive and helpful. Owner is very kind too. Villa is surrounded by beautiful paddy fields. Place is very quiet, serene, good for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. You can choose to have breakfast in the room or at the coffeehouse. The view from the coffeehouse is also very nice as the coffeehouse is at the upper level and it oversees the paddy fields around the area. For those who loves to cook, there are mini supermarkets nearby, accessible by bicycle or motorcycle, which we can rent for free from the villa. VEry nearby the tegenungan waterfall too. Pretty nearby Ubud. Cons: It is about 1hr away from the Ngurah Rai Airport. If there is jam, it would take about 1h 20m. Location is quite far away from the beach or other places. Menu is quite limited. Conclusion: This is a very good villa for people who wants to be locked away from the city life. Also recommend for couples who wants to spend real quality time with each other. Not many distractions there. Very very nice place.

Ngoc T.
29 vasario 2012
Serenity location and nice room
Absolutely beautiful surroundings and nice private swimming pool
My family stayed here for one night. We loved the settings of this hotel. It stands in the middle of beautiful green ricefields. The room is nice and clean, we like the bathroom, it's half indoor and outdoor. We had a private swimming pool, it's quite deep for children, so I would not recommend for children under at leat 12. Breakfast is limited though. Guests have breakfast in their villas. Staff are very friendly but have limited English so you have to express in an extremely plain English, perhaps no sentences, just words so they could understand you.

Ngoc T.
29 vasario 2012
Beautiful location
Nice private swimming pool and clean room
I booked this hotel for my sister's family. They loved it. My brother in-law enjoyed the their private swimming pool very much. They decided to go for a bike riding as the hotel stands in the middle of beautiful green ricefields, they enjoyed it a lot. Note that the hotel will charge their guests $25USD/bike for a full day.

Michael C.
Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
03 vasario 2012
Everything you could ask for but good wifi.
The personal private pool was fantastic, the anytime breakfast served in your villa, those things were the best.
I was really happy with everything provided by Villa Nian including the driver. He was very helpful even when we went to other areas around Bali. The only problem I encountered was the wifi for the resort didn't work reliably.