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Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

Km. 7 Lanang, Lanang, Davao Miestas, Filipinai 8000

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Izvēlieties numurs
13 vasario 2016 - 15 vasario 2016 | 2 naktys
Kambarių tipai Maks.
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Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao ypatybės

Paslaugos viešbutyje

  • 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas
  • baras
  • baras prie baseino
  • įranga susitikimams
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kavinė
  • konsjeržo paslaugos
  • parduotuvės
  • patogumai neįgaliesiems
  • restoranas
  • rūkomasis
  • seifai
  • skalbyklos paslaugos
  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto
  • turai
  • vaikų priežiūra
  • verslo centras

Sportas ir pramogos

  • atviras baseinas
  • baseinas vaikams
  • masažas
  • sodas
  • vonia


  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi

Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė

  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė

Kalbama kalba

  • Anglų
  • filipiniečių kalba

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Viešbutis aprašymas
Įsikūręs pačioje Lanang širdyje, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao viešbutis yra puiki vieta pradėti ek...rodyti daugiau Įsikūręs pačioje Lanang širdyje, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao viešbutis yra puiki vieta pradėti ekskursiją po Davao Miestas. Viešbutis yra tik 8 km nuo miesto centro ir siūlo lengvą susisiekimą su visais svarbiausiais lankytinais objektais. Ne mažiau išskirtinis yra viešbučio artumas iki begalinio skaičiaus įvairių lankomų objektų, tokių kaip Francisco Bangoy Tarptautinis Orouostas, Lanango Šalies Klubas, Robinson Cybergate.

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao viešbučio paslaugos ir aptarnavimas garantuoja malonų svečių apsistojimą. Nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas, patogumai neįgaliesiems, WiFi , automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė - tik kelios viešbučio paslaugos.

Viešbutis didžiuojasi 159 elegantiškai įrengtais kambariais. Daugumoje iš jų yra internet access – wireless, bevielis interneto ryšys (nemokamas), kambariai nerūkantiems, oro kondicionavimas, rašomasis stalas. Dienos bėgyje galite mėgautis atpalaiduojančia tokių pramogų, kaip vonia, atviras baseinas, masažas, baseinas vaikams, sodas, atmosfera. Aukštos klasės patogumai bei nuostabi Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao viešbučio padėtis yra pagrindas mėgautis apsistojimu Davao Miestas mieste.
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Eber S. Poros
Philippines, 09 vasario 2016
My review

Room, food
ANDREJ E. Pavieniai keliautojai
Slovenia, 06 vasario 2016

Swimming pool was the best.
Location very good. Swimming pool very goodMi did not like the smell in the room. It used to be a smoking hotel, now turned into a non smoking hotel, but the smell they are trying to cover with too much of refreshment spray. Really bad
Olaf S. Pavieniai keliautojai
Germany, 11 vasario 2016
Lovely hotel in a lush garden

Location in a lush garden , perfect combination of modern architecture with tropical nature , the friendly and caring service
mark P. Poros
United Kingdom, 04 vasario 2016
Inflexible check in and bring-your-own to the pool

Room, breakfast, seaview
I have stayed before and this was the most expensive rate at around £60. I emailed an hour before I arrived asking to ask if I could check-in early. I arrived and was told I should wait an hour. I don't think they had even looked at my email, which has been the case on a previous visit. Despite being told one was cleaned and that it now needed a visit by a supervisor, that took a further hour. So i waited 2 hours and got a room at 1.30 before the 2 pm check in. Philippines can be inflexible like this. C'mon there's plenty of people checking out before midday isn't there? The pool is a lovely area. However it lacks the staff walking round to take drinks or food orders. You have to go to them (7 at one count) holed up by the bar. I objected to one lot of people bringing in a McDs, when quite clearly you cannot bring in outside food to good hotels. This claims to be 4 star. the staff went to see them, so the people just hid it away and ate it later by the pool. The staff said they had paid corkage, which I didn't believe for one minute. They were too chicken to tell these day visitors who were making use of the pool. As you'll see from my comments, too many staff, too busy to commit to working, too busy talking, too busy to monitor guests needs and behaviour. I think 2 could do the job. The lifeguard spent all his time in the huddle of 7 under cover in the bar. Do the hotel management not manage staff and see them working? Apparently not. Breakfast is great and they should use the restaurant for dinner, rather than the outdoor one under a cheap looking canopy and plastic seats. Indoor restaurant is a nicer facility. Not impressed this time I'm afraid. And as a foreign visitor who has visited several times, I felt like i should get a Jollibee and sit and eat in reception. Oh, and say I'd paid corkage.
Ma.Corazon O. Poros
Philippines, 06 sausio 2016
very good

food, staff, room
very good
Edna A. Šeimos su vyresniais vaikais
Philippines, 05 sausio 2016
Nice and clean hotel

The staff are courteous. Nice and clean. The rooms are big!
Edna A. Grupės
Philippines, 02 sausio 2016
Nice place!

The rooms are spacious and clean. The bathrooms are big. Nice garden outside.
dahlia S. Šeimos su vyresniais vaikais
Philippines, 04 sausio 2016

Good ambiance, huge room, nice place
The best!
Duarne B. Poros
Australia, 05 sausio 2016
Great staff and location but...

The staff were great, very accomodating and friendly. The Cafe Uno was well priced and had a great selection of quality of food. Pool area was tidy and very comfortable.
Overall our staff was very relaxing and we enjoyed the stay, but the room was old and not kept very well. The concierge was very helpful and accommodating though at our initial arrival. However the front desk staff were a little slow to check us in and left us waiting for about 10 minutes after arriving despite having a single group to check in and having 2 staff at the desk. Once we arrived at our room we were greeted to a screen door that fell off the rails when we tried to go out to our balcony and when we raised that to housekeeping they said they would have maintenance look at it but that did not happen unfortunately. The bathroom had a very poor finish on the floors and walls and fittings, there was a large crack in the basin that did not leak but very noticeable. The polished wooden floors in the room were very worn and need to be recovered soon as they have worn through the varnish some time ago. The bed was very comfortable and the housekeeping staff did a good job giving a general clean of the room. Although it was evident that the room had not had a serious cleaning top to bottom for some time with the dirt and grime that was in the cabinet holding the bar fridge. The rooms Air Conditioning did not operate properly and despite having a temperate adjustment it never actually got close to the temperature we set. The redeeming part of our stay though was the staff and the food that was provided. Simply put the staff are so friendly and helpful and are an asset to the Resort. The food that Cafe Uno offer to the guests is also fantastic and is very special, the Christmas Buffet in particular was delicious and was a great experience :) They have a great location, great staff, great food, great ambience but are let down by the rooms in my opinion.
Francis V. Šeimos su mažais vaikais
Philippines, 06 sausio 2016
Waterfront Inslular Hotel Davao

Location, Food and Staff
Had a great time bonding with the family. The pool is a great area for children.

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