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Par Cadlao Resort and Restaurant


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  • bezmaksas Wi-Fi visos numuros
  • Wi-Fi sabiedriskās vietās


  • Automašīnas noma
  • maršruta autobusu pakalpojums

Fitness & atpūta

  • spa
  • masāža(-as)


  • peldbaseins [ārtelpās]

Ūdens sporta veidi

  • snorkelēšana
  • laivas

Ēdieni & dzērieni

  • apkalpošana numurā
  • restorāns(-i)
  • bārs


  • atļauti mājdzīvnieki

Uzkopšanas pakalpojumi

  • ikdienas uzkopšana
  • veļas mazgāšanas pakalpojums

Viesu pakalpojumi

  • bērnu pieskatīšana
  • ekskursijas

Uz vietas pieejamās iespējas

  • dāvanu/suvenīru veikals
  • ģimenes numurs
  • dārzs
  • veikals(-i)
  • smēķēšanas zona

Veselība un drošība

  • 24 stundu recepcija
  • seifs
  • skapīši

Bizness & finanšu pakalpojumi

  • kopēšana
  • printeris


  • Angļu
  • Filipīniešu
  • Franču
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Parādīt vairāk Parādīt mazāk

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  • Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība: 9,0
  • Iespējas 8,6
  • Atrašanās vieta 7,8
  • Numuru ērtums/standarti: 8,4
  • Apakalpošana: 8,6
  • Atbilstība cenai: 7,8
  • Ēdiens/ēdināšana: 8,3
Atlasīt pēc


Gretchen Q. no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada augusts
Best resort near El Nido Town Proper
This is absolutely the best resort near the town proper. The only downside here is the location, but understandable for the peace and quiet you get. Other than that, everything is perfect. We got a room with a pool view. It's in the extension (Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo, etc). I consider these as the best rooms that they have. You get a great sunset view! You're also near the better pool that they have. Staff performance is awesome. It's best if you get the old man for your trike ride. The small talk with him was great and he drives very well. Thanks Cadlao for making our El Nido experience great!
Novērtēts 02 septembris 2016


Ralitsa D. no Apvienotā Karaliste
Uzturējās5 naktis 2016. gada augusts
Great place
We stayed here for 5 nights. I would recommend the pool view rooms- they are more private and the view is amazing, worth the extra money! Staff and facilities are excellent, the restaurant in nice but slightly more expensive than the local restaurants. The boat tours with the hotel are more expensive but worth it as the boats carry a lot less people max15 compared to 35 if taking one form El Nido. The resort is about 10min walk form El Nido, but there is a free shuttle with tricycle on a very bumpy road.
Novērtēts 30 augusts 2016


Nakajima K. no Japāna
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada augusts
It was really nice stay The staff were very polite and kind, the food was good, and the room was clean Once we shut the door the room was really calm and even the neighbor couldn't annoy us The sunset from the resort was really beautiful The hotel located near downtown and was easy to access The beach in front was rocky and difficult swim, but we rented motorbike twice and could go and enjoy many beaches It was also nice experience If the hot water comes well, it must be better The hot water sometimes turned to cold water Anyway we'll back this resort when we go El Nido next time
Novērtēts 27 augusts 2016


Mana A. no Saūda Arābija
Uzturējās3 naktis 2016. gada augusts
Fantastic place like a heavin
Every thing fanatstic and I would come again if I visit El nido again
Novērtēts 14 augusts 2016


Buchanon D. no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada augusts
Will be back!
Novērtēts 06 augusts 2016


William M. no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Individuāls ceļotājs
Uzturējās5 naktis 2016. gada jūlijs
El Nido Cadlao
very good.
Novērtēts 06 augusts 2016


Barbara R. no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Ģimene ar vecākiem bērniem
Uzturējās3 naktis 2016. gada jūlijs
This resort is beautiful. Very close to the city. Only flaw is you need to walk about a mile to get to the resort. You are dropped off in the main street. No access to hotel. If you have luggage, it will be a trek. They do have transportation from resort to the main street, but when you get there unless you have access to a phone to call, you need to walk. Overall, beautiful place.
Novērtēts 05 augusts 2016


faithful E. no Filipīnas
Individuāls ceļotājs
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūlijs
Place was beautiful!
Its away from the noise of the main st & junction. They give you free rides to & from junction. They let me check in 2 hours early with no charge. Beautiful view seeing at least 7 islands. Well maintained. One server in the restaurant where we had our lunch was kind of not paying attention. There was some bug that looks like a bee, jump on my margarita. So i asked her to return it, i was expecting she'll come back & get me a knew one but i have to call her & she told me im not getting a new one & that the margarita with the bee swimming on it would still be on my bill. I managed to convinced her that i shouldnt pay for it. That night too I asked the staff who were sitting in the restaurant if i could use the other side of the pool for a short swim. They said sure no problem. So i came back to my room got dressed & when i come they turned the lights off & it was too dark there to hang out already. It was disrespectful. But besides those tiny matters, above all this place is worth the money!
Novērtēts 28 jūlijs 2016


robert H. no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūlijs
No internet in the rooms and no tv, beach was all rocks. Went to eat and the food was not fit to eat. We left the meal on the table and left. We stayed one night, would never recommend.
Novērtēts 23 jūlijs 2016


Lucas D. no Argentīna
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada jūlijs
Mixed feelings
You will be surprised when you try to get to the resort, it's near a tragedy over a trycicle to get this place. Once you get there you will meet the awful reception staff of this totally over priced hotel. They offer complimentary a trycicle service to the town, that only works when wanted to, it happened 2 times that we have been trying and trying to reach the hotel for them to pick us up, one of them in heavy rain, not mentioning that they don't advice that they stop attending the reception ar 9pm so if you go out to the town for dinner, be prepared to walk into complete darkness, into really narrow and uncomfortable streets. Note that the only trained trycicle that go to the hotel is of their own, no other trycicle will take you there. The restaurant is very good as their stuff. The infinite pool is great. Thw hotel offer free fake wifi, is completely useless never worked, they don't have landline so if you have an emergency prepare to deal with the reception stuff , in a few words YOU ARE LOST. They have yours from the hotel, so you don't have to go to the town to take them but you have to pay 25% more is its cost. But it worth it, and the hotel has a private beach in an island to have lunch within the tours. They don't have a dock. So when you arrive from a tour prepare to walk on sharp stones when the tide goes off, at the afternoon.
Novērtēts 08 jūlijs 2016

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