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Par Chicchill @ Eravana, Pool Villa Pattaya


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Interneta piekļuve

  • bezmaksas Wi-Fi visos numuros
  • Wi-Fi sabiedriskās vietās


  • automašīnu stāvvieta
  • taksometra pakalpojumi

Ko darīt, atpūtas iespējas

  • dārzs
  • kanoe
  • karstais baseins (hot tub)
  • masāža(-as)
  • peldbaseins [ārtelpās]
  • peldbaseins [iekštelpās]

Ēdieni, dzērieni un uzkodas

  • apkalpošana numurā
  • dzeramais ūdens pudelēs
  • kafijas automāts/tējkanna
  • mikroviļņu krāsns
  • minibārs
  • Numura apkalpošana (visu diennakti)
  • restorāns(-i)
  • virtuve

pakalpojumi un ērtības

  • bagāžas uzglabāšana
  • durvju sardze
  • ikdienas uzkopšana
  • ķīmiskā tīrīšana
  • seifs
  • smēķēšanas zona
  • šveicars
  • veļas mazgāšanas pakalpojums


  • ģimenes numurs
  • peldbaseins [bērniem]


  • 24 stundu apsardze
  • 24 stundu recepcija
  • atļauti mājdzīvnieki
  • ātrā reģistrēšanās/izrakstīšanās [ekspress]
  • ratiņkrēslu piekļuve
  • reģistrēšanās/izrakstīšanās [privāti]


  • Angļu
  • Birmiešu
  • Ķīniešu (Mandarīnu)
  • Taizemiešu
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  • Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība: 7,6
  • Iespējas 8,7
  • Atrašanās vieta 7,1
  • Numuru ērtums/standarti: 7,8
  • Pakalpojumi 8,1
  • Atbilstība cenai: 7,3
  • Ēdiens/ēdināšana: 6,2
Atlasīt pēc


Sasima no Taizeme
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada septembris
very impressive stay
although, it's only a night stay here, we love it!!
Novērtēts 05 septembris 2016


Napatsanan no Taizeme
Darling numurs villā ar privātu baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūlijs
Calm, nature, private
Everything is very good, excepting room service is early closed.
Novērtēts 31 jūlijs 2016


Rattapon no Taizeme
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūlijs
The best hotel in Pattaya!!. everything was great.
This is our first time visiting Chicchill @ Eravana, Pool Villa Pattaya, and it is indeed a great experience. We would like to praise all staff. All employees at this greeted us with a warm smile and assisted us with our queries efficiently. The best hotel in Pattaya!! No more argue!!
Novērtēts 29 jūlijs 2016


Thunpisit no Taizeme
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada maijs
Amazing pool villa room with impressive services.
The first impression was when we first walked into the hotel lobby, staff are very friendly and treat you really well. Breakfast can be order after check-in and they will serve breakfast in my room in the morning. In my private pool, there was this giant floating inflatable swan which is fun to play with when we were swimming. Also, the hotel area is very nice and clean.
Novērtēts 19 jūnijs 2016


manisa no Taizeme
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada jūnijs
5 stars
I booked Honey pool villa for two nights stay in Chicchill @eravana, the hotel is peaceful calm and relaxing, the room is clean and spacious also comes with a big pool not just like others hotel. Great location, the hotel is located in town, not far from famous seafood resto. The hotel staffs are excellent in service and very helpful.
Novērtēts 16 jūnijs 2016


Patcharin no Taizeme
Ģimene ar lielākiem bērniem
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada maijs
My most favourite resort in Pattaya .....
It's not the first time for me to stay here but it's the first time to write a review for Chic chill @ Eravana as there has been a BIG change here. I would say if you're looking for the followings, here is the right answer for you : If you want to indulge yourself in nature, If you like the sound of birds in the morning which I considered as Natural morning call, If you are passionate about the variety & colours of trees, If you love calm & peaceful place, If you cherish your privacy, If you wish to have a truly relax, If you want a comfortable stay which is hidden behind its simplicity, & if you're looking for a place that's not far from Bangkok , this's the perfect choice for you. I believe that you will love this place as I do.
Novērtēts 02 jūnijs 2016


Saowalak no Taizeme
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada maijs
What made me feel like this ???
Unbelievably, this's Pattaya !!! I confess that at chicchill .... It's beyond our expectation. We love everything: private pool - very clear bedroom - very clean & fresh (with a lovely mosquito net) air-con is freeze with individual remote control basin - love the idea of chicchill basin outdoor bathtub - feel very sexy but privacy There are variety of mini-bar & snacks. Amenities are good especially lovely eco-slipper, made from bamboo. But don't forget to close the door every time to avoid unexpected insects. We did not use insect repellent as we are aware of this. Walkaway & surrouding areas are fabulous and amazing. We really love the design and concept. In-villa breakfast pampered us and suited for a lazy couple like us. Imagine, just stay in villa and have an elegant breakfast with a chill atmosphere of swimming pool beside. Butlers serve bf punctually at 9:00 and all are served as requested. Bf are very good looking and tasty with high quality of raw materials and ingredients. Staffs 're very welcoming with smiles. Very enthusiatic to serve us. They carry umbrella for us with greeting smile sending us to the room. The most impressive things are it's calm, beauty and privacy. This's a great resort that made us feel this way. We feel totally marvelous and having such a wonderful experience. Obviously, want to come back again. Very very special memorable time !!!
Novērtēts 14 maijs 2016


Jitpisut no Taizeme
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada aprīlis
First pool villa experience but won't be the last
Impressive. It's our first time staying in a pool villa. We were greeted at the parking area even before we got all our stuffs out. Two staff members came with umbrellas for both of us. When we got to the reception area, I was asked to fill the registration form while 4 choices of Thai herbal drinks were served. Lastly, they asked us to choose types of meals for our next morning before sending us off to our villa. The room was spacious, not to mention the nice floor plan. The pool looked clean enough except there were some leaves floating on the surface which eventually got sucked into a trash hole at the end of the pool. One comment about the pool is the tiles were quite sharp in some areas. The bathing area is outdoor. It felt weird to perform our routine ritual outdoor but after all, it wasn't bad. Another comment here, the toilet is placed quite high. I'm 155cm tall and my feet didn't touch the floor when I sit on it. haha. Facilities were abundant. There were mosquito repellant (which we didn't use), hair dryer, bathrobe, 3 sets of twin towels and 2 sets of small twin towel to clean your hair, slippers (but they were too hard as they're made of bamboo), matches (so eco!), etc. The shower gel smells very nice but body lotion smells so much like bad chemical substances. lol The location is perfect for people who want to just relax. It's far from nightlife but since we're not into nightlife, it doesn't bother us a bit. The place is near Jomtien beach where you can roam around for good dinner. It impressed us so much that extended our stay for another night. Too bad we re-booked the room in Agoda, else we can get 10% discount from the hotel in our next stay. Breakfasts were good. They were served in big portion. Lovely freshly squeezed orange juice. We would surely pay a visit again.
Novērtēts 02 maijs 2016


Rapipongs no Taizeme
Medus villa ar privāto baseinu
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada aprīlis
good for travellers with pets
The only reason we chose this place was becoz it allows pets in. Turns out that when we arrived, they said pets are subjected to extra charges of 800 Baht per pet per night, but they'd discount it for us to 500, which was still something coz we had 2 small dogs and would stay for 2 nights. At any rate, they said they upgraded it for us to a more spacious room, but when I saw the room, I wasn't impressed as d swimming pool was far smaller than I expected. So I asked to be transferred to the room I originally booked. But they said all rooms are fully occupied already. So I took it that they released the room I booked without my consent. Things got pretty ugly and the manager came by herself, apologizing for the misunderstanding, claiming that they didn't release the room, just the pool didn't work properly. So they changed the room for us. I wasn't convinced, but since she said it nicely and also offered to waived us the extra charges for dogs, so I just let it go. Later on, higher management called to apologize again and offered us a premium wine, but we don't drink, so he offered all minibar for free. However, the air conditioner in that room didn't work properly, and the specially made round-shaped bed was too hard. I could hardly sleep at all, and when they offered a room change for the 2nd night, we gladly excepted that. This new room was far far much better than the first one, but when we checked out, the staff was trying bill us for minibar on second night, saying that it's a different villa, but then thought better of it, and said we could have it as complimentary. One big set back for the facilities here is that, the toilets and bath tub are placed outside and have no privacy whatsoever and very hot. You'll also need to risk facing with weird insects or animals when go out there in the dark, besides that the bath tub will get dirty easily with all the leaves and everything. To cap it all, breakfast was poorly provided. But well, among the facilities
Novērtēts 18 aprīlis 2016


Simon no Apvienotā Karaliste
Darling numurs villā ar privātu baseinu
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada februāris
I should have believed the 2012 reviews !!
Bed, Private Room
Where to begin ??? Well the reviews I read were back in 2012 – I thought it must be resolved by now – how wrong could I be. I am not sure how this hotel has 4 stars and can get away with claiming facilities that it does not have. So upon arrival I had to wait 10mins for someone to appear – good start. They then asked me to fill in lengthy form regarding passport details etc and at the end took as photo of my passport – waste of time. English is not spoken well here – My name or booking reference was never asked and I was taken to a type of room I had not booked. These are private villas/rooms with their own pools – except they had no pool towels – no issues I will give them a call – no phone in room – only way to get service is to use mobile phone. I had to use mobile phone to get in and out sometimes. There is no sort of special service to your room such as cocktails etc – mini bar is coke and sprite. Breakfast – luckily there is an abundance of places to go in Jomtien as whatever you order uses cheap ingredients and arrives cold as the chef likes to make patterns on your plate with sauce and mayonnaise. Basically I came to get a luxury break – what I got was a dysfunctional hotel that is way below par. I am not writing this as feedback to hotel management – in fact I feel very grieved regarding the amount I spent vs service. If I received this kind of service in any other establishment I would have been given some sort of offset however clearly the management here have a different policy. My advise to anyone thinking of going – go somewhere else. It has some good things going for it but clearly management is not up to the job. Very Very Disappointing – I cam away grieved and if truth be told a bit angry. That’s not the way I should feel after a 2 day break.
Novērtēts 23 februāris 2016


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