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Flushing Meadows Resort

Dauis, Panglao Island, Dauis, Panglao sala, Filipīnas 0

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Nolan T. Pāris Philippines, 2016. gada 26. janvāris
Amazing place!

food, place, people
I like the solemnity and the ambiance of the place as well as their food is great. The staffs are very friendly and kind, they maintain the hospitality trait of the Filipino culture. I am happy to recommend this place to all if you plan to visit in Bohol.
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Nina M. Grupa Philippines, 2015. gada 25. oktobris
Flushing Review

Clean place, nice staff, good food
Very nice.
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Sherryll A. Pāris Philippines, 2015. gada 18. jūnijs
Flushing meadows hotel 4 ****

Good hospitality of hotels staffs and crews, well maintained facilities, nice and relaxing ambience
Tranquil of nature has come upon my parents, that they have win souls for Christ, a nice place where my parents had their second honeymoon... I have no hesitation in referring this hotel to you😊😊😊😘
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Alfred S. Ģimene ar maziem bērniem United States of America, 2015. gada 18. februāris
Trial by Fire

Nothing good to describe regarding this so called 4 star hotel!!!!!!!!
This is not a 4 star hotel. Actions of the staff will prevent customers from returning. Especially, if your perceived as a local (from Manila). First: The area is gated and when checking in, you have to ask the gate guards to let you enter to check in.. Meanwhile he calls on the radio to get answers. 30 minutes later he lets you enter. At the check in, it appears as if the hotel is fully occupied. There seems to be difficulty in assigning a room. Once checked in, it is obvious that the hotel is but 10% occupied. At night, the outside area is very dim. Need more lighting on pathways. Accident prone!!! Meals served at the restaurant are very poor in quality. Buffalo wings- 4 pcs & mixed in with onions and veggies. This is not Buffalo wings. The local dish called Binagoongan, was served with pork thats 80% fat and floating in fat. The grilled chicken not fully cooked. Don't bother inviting friends that are not staying at the hotel for dinner. Your guest will be very disappointed!! From entering the facility to the meal. Overall, this is not a 4 star hotel!!! The actions & attitude of the staff is 'you are a customer but we are not here to serve you but to follow management, & since you are staying here, you need to follow management'. In simple terms, you cose us, so pay up & don*t come back!!!!
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Jacob M. Grupa Philippines, 2015. gada 17. februāris
very dissapointed
i am very dissapointed at all , dirty rooms , the food was not delicious and not worthy , old rooms , the front beach was dead.
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Dominador A. Grupa Philippines, 2015. gada 6. janvāris
Flushing Meadows Resort
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Emily M. Grupa Canada, 2015. gada 3. janvāris
Absolutely Amazing Private Beachfront Resort

Staff, Infinity Pool, Private Location
Before booking, my friend and I were rather nervous when seeing the negative reviews. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about. This hotel was an amazing choice for our vacation in Bohol and the staff made the difference between it being great to perfect. Perks: The resort itself is beautiful. It is located about 15 minutes from Tagbilaran City, and has its own private beachfront. There are beautiful trees, flowers, and buildings all around the grounds. Staff are extremely aware of making it clean. Their friendliness is infectious and everyone smiles all the time. The infinity pool is AMAZING. Most importantly, the restaurant staff were fantastic. They were attentive, polite, respectful, and very friendly. We saw other people who were staying at the resort treat them like servants, which got me rather upset. The level of attention to each guest was unparalleled to any place I have been before. Treat the staff well and tip often. They deserve it. We enjoyed Jupiter, Ahmed, Albert and Marc the most. Star treatment was given here and I am extremely happy with our stay. Cons: We envisioned a deserted beachfront, but found it to be a little different. Not bad, just different. The beach itself on either side of the resort is beautiful, but the resort property has a sand layer built above with stairs leading into the water. We assumed it was to prevent erosion as the waves could be a little high on windy days. We were not disappointed, but just didn't get that view on the website. The water was still bright blue and it looked stunning when sitting a little further back to enjoy the view. One more con would be the high prices of the Spa. We loved going there, but after comparing prices locally, we saw that the prices were extremely jacked up. I assume the resort pockets most of it, and gives a small portion to the women who commute to fill appointments. The same goes for the restaurant staff, who were the highlight of my stay there.
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Tetyana B. Ģimene ar maziem bērniem Ukraine, 2014. gada 21. decembris

View, amazing territory and very nice restaurant staff
Room was very old and looks like for 2*...not more. Territory was amazing. Beach was very uncomfortable.
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Dan S. Individuāls ceļotājs Australia, 2014. gada 22. novembris
Don't Bother

Friendly Staff, Nice View.
They really make you feel like they own you.
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Cecile B. Individuāls ceļotājs Philippines, 2014. gada 4. novembris
nice resort

staff, cleanliness and nice pool
Food is blah, but staff was attentive and very nice. The pool area is beautiful as is the whole resort apart from the beach area. It wasnt what i expected and its not the kind of beach where you can lounge by the shore or swim. Overall, flushing meadows is a beautiful resort and the rooms are decent and clean.
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