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The Kowloon Hotel

19 - 21 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Tsimšatsuja, Honkonga

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Kanchanit K. Pāris Thailand, 2016. gada 23. janvāris
I always choose Kowloon Hotel.

best location, well trained staffs and reasonable price.
I always choose Kowloon Hotel to stay during my Hongkong trip for the best 3 reasons those are location, well staff performance and price. However, my latest stayed I found that to dismiss the bill for minibar, they removed the fridge. Additionally, they put us the lower floor incase we refused to use any services. By the way you don't have to use credit card to insure your expenses at all. At the end, I was satisfied 3 nights in Hongkong. I will return soon.
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Sajid M. Individuāls ceļotājs United Kingdom, 2016. gada 20. janvāris

It was terrible, the place is so small it's unbelievable, photos make it look like a big room but far from it. I've stayed at 3 star hotels better than this place it's a pure rip off, and they're charging £20 dollars for wifi
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Paul T. Biznesa ceļotājs United States of America, 2016. gada 18. janvāris

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John A. Individuāls ceļotājs Australia, 2016. gada 17. janvāris
Happy stay

location value for money ànd close for shopping
Excellent but should provide wifi in the rooms for free
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Jason S. Pāris Australia, 2016. gada 15. janvāris
Good location hotel with bad ownership.

Good location; friendly staff; value for money.
1.Rooms are tiny. You feel it and it is crowded if you are with another person (the largest bed option is a double). 2.Television facilities are outdated. The set up is as old as a VCR (tapes) system. The screens are small, square, and low quality. You will prefer watching movies on your laptop or phone than to watching them on their system. It is an embarrassment to their brand amplified by the limited and garbage movie selection. 3.For a business hotel the laundry facilities are abysmal. If you submit your laundry late or a quick pressing (which is important for meetings etc) it takes over 24 hours to get it back, with the express facility (at an additional 50%) it still is incredibly slow at 12 hours. This is ridiculous for something as simple as pressing. This really should be addressed because it is very important to guests which step off a plane and have meetings (same day). 4.The food is incredibly limited. A very little selection, however the food is very good. 5.Room Service never pick up the phone. There may be some issues with their phone facilities as EVERY TIME I called Room Service, it was ringing for 3-5 minutes before I gave up and hung up. For each order I had to call the lobby, who would then call Room Service to call me back. This is silly. Fix the problem, do not ignore it because it may cost money. It is unprofessional. 6.The wifi is a joke in 2016. It is INCREDIBLY slow and costs me $150HK each time I want to connect (24 hours). Its tolerable if I could connect all my devices, however its limited to 2 devices. Why? This is ridiculous. It should be FREE/part of the price of the room and capable of connecting at least 5 devices. It is clear that management is squeezing you and has cut corners. The management let this hotel down, they are clearly trying to squeeze every dollar from customers and cut corners wherever possible, it shows. I will only stay here again if these issues are addressed.
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Lai P. Individuāls ceļotājs Malaysia, 2016. gada 10. janvāris
Good location

Good location
Good location hotel. Internet is not free.Room is small
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Dr.Marisa K. Ģimene ar vecākiem bērniem Thailand, 2016. gada 5. janvāris
Good Location

Location, Cleaness, Nice tiny room
Comfortable and convenience.
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Jason T. Pāris Singapore, 2016. gada 5. janvāris
Good location hotel!

Location, Food and shopping
The hotel location is very good. The bed was a bit on the hard side. Room was clean.
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Ayman A. Ģimene ar maziem bērniem Saudi Arabia, 2016. gada 4. janvāris
Very good but

Location, location, and cleanliness
It was a nice stay but I hated it when I checked in and I was told there is no free wifi in the hotel. Not even in the lobby. I mean, ever 3 stars hotels nowadays have free wifi, what kind of a 4 star hotel that you pay certain amount of money to stay at and they don't have a free wifi?
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Jenny T. Pāris Singapore, 2016. gada 3. janvāris
Convenient Hotel

1. Location of hotel
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