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Alam Jogja Resort

Jalan Utara Stadion Maguwoharjo No. 8 Sleman, Ngaglik, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55584

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Kemudahan Alam Jogja Resort

Kemudahan hotel

  • bilik keluarga
  • kawasan merokok
  • kedai kopi
  • lawatan
  • layanan bilik
  • meja penyambut tetamu 24-jam
  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam
  • penjaga pintu
  • perkhidmatan di bilik 24-jam
  • perkhidmatan dobi
  • restoran
  • simpanan bagasi

Sukan dan Rekreasi

  • taman
  • taman air


  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam
  • Wi-Fi percuma dalam semua bilik


  • tempat letak kereta

Bahasa Digunakan

  • bahasa Indonesia
  • bahasa Inggeris

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Perihalan Resort
Jika apa yang anda cari adalah hotel dengan lokasi menyenangkan di Yogyakarta, cuma perlu lihat Alam...lihat lebih banyak Jika apa yang anda cari adalah hotel dengan lokasi menyenangkan di Yogyakarta, cuma perlu lihat Alam Jogja Resort. Hanya sejauh 7 Km, hotel 2-bintang ini boleh diakses dengan mudah dari lapangan terbang. Dengan lokasi yang mudah, hotel ini memberikan akses mudah ke tempat yang anda perlu lawati di bandar.

Ambil kesempatan daripada pelbagai perkhidmatan dan kemudahan yang tiada tandingan di hotel Yogyakarta ini. Tetamu hotel boleh menikmati kemudahan seperti Wi-Fi percuma dalam semua bilik, pengawal keselamatan 24 jam, meja penyambut tetamu 24-jam, perkhidmatan di bilik 24-jam, simpanan bagasi.

Semua penginapan bagi tetamu menawarkan kemudahan yang difikirkan dengan teliti bagi memastikan rasa selesa yang sukar ditandingi. Hotel ini menyediakan kemudahan rekreasi yang baik seperti taman air, taman untuk membuat penginapan anda benar-benar tidak dapat dilupakan. Temui gabungan yang menarik antara perkhidmatan profesional dan pelbagai kemudahan yang ada di Alam Jogja Resort.
Polisi Resort
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Saring ikut:
ASRI S. Kumpulan
Indonesia, 23 April 2015
just like staying at home

staff helpfull, peacefull, extrabed
like it so much, staying here does not make you living at the hotel but just like home, they made it really like your crib, with really extra bed, quite big for 2 persons. with large area for parking lot, very peaceful but we guess not suitable for backpacker because the location not around public area.
PHIL H. Pelancong bisnes
United Kingdom, 12 Januari 2015
budget hotel

staff very helpfull
good but they should offer more food, like dinner. breakfast was good
silantoro N. Pasangan
Indonesia, 02 April 2014
never come again

staff is great
very very hard to find this hotel and very far from city and every where.. no recommended for friends..
Antony C. Pelancong solo
United Kingdom, 16 Januari 2014
Not as central as I thought

Staff, Free Shuttle Service, Price
I was quite surprised how far the hotel was from the city. It was however, easy to find a 'Chauffeur' with a motorcycle to drive me around and the Hotel is also willing to drive people in its van. The hotel was fine, especially considering the reasonable price.
Yacinta H. Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Indonesia, 07 Januari 2014

friendly staff and the trdition lil trinkets in the lobby and corridor of the hotel
it's more of a bed and breakfast, even though the gm insisted this is a "resort" my definition of a resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and/or tourism. this place was neither relaxing nor anywhere near recreational area. so many things wrong with this hotel. first of all they put us in the wrong room. then the electricity kept turning on/off during our whole stay, and the generator was "strategically" placed near our room. no restaurant, breakfast was a fixed menu usually consisting of rice, stir-fried veggies and chicken - served cold. but i thought, well at least all the staff were friendly and attentive. the final straw was when we missed out train back to jakarta. i consulted with their staff about the times and she booked the hotel shuttlebus to drop of us at the station at the agreed time we discussed. however, to my surprise when we were ready to go - the shuttlebus was being used by another guest, they said it was to drop of a guest at a nearby location and that it will be back shortly! not the case! turned out it was not nearby and the driver got stuck in traffic. the staff didn't even offer a solution by arranging other means of transport, i had to get them to call a cab but she said no cabs avail. so we missed out train and had to buy ticket for a flight back. i told her it was the hotel's mistake and told her to ask the gm what compensation they offer if we miss our train. after calling several times and sending text messages, the gm finally picked up the phone and said he would call me back. until today... no phone call! so in the end we bought tickets for a flight home. i don't recommend this hotel at all. the gm was boasting about being gm of this "resort" and another hotel in solo, when in fact he was very unprofessional. it was a cheap hotel so i guess i got what i paid for. never again!
priska S. Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Indonesia, 12 Ogos 2013
it's beyond our expectation.

the architectural design, the service, the cleanliness
we're very satisfied staying at this hotel. the room is big and clean. the staff is very helpful and kind, they try their best to serve our requests. we're also having bbq party here. we're so thankful that the hotel staff help us to make our unplanned-party success. my big family was having a memorable moment here. we would recommend alam jogja resort to our friends for sure.
Juliana S. Pasangan
Brazil, 07 Julai 2013
Amazing staff, confortable room in nice garden

Friendly staff, big bed and big room
Very good hotel! Excellent services. The manager Wawan and all the staff were very nice and helpful.
Heike F. Pasangan
Germany, 30 Jun 2013
Nice grounds, nice decorations, but unprofessional

garden, design, friendly staff
The grounds were beautiful, the design is nice, the staff is extremly helpful - but it is unprofessional... the roof was leaking, the internet didn't work, there were not enogh bed sheets, the water pump made a terrible noise.... but we got an upgrade to another room when or beds were wet because the roof was leaking...
suci N. Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Indonesia, 05 Januari 2013
lovely hotel, best ambience of Jogjakarta city

the authentic jogjakarta building concept.
Wonderfull stay and we wish to return in the future.
Janivierta W. Pelancong solo
Indonesia, 27 Julai 2015
my new experience

Unik Design Interior Adat Asli Jogya,Ramah Staffnya dan Tenang
via agoda

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