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  • Pemandangan: Tanpa pemandangan
  • 10 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Dua Tingkat
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan
Pilihan Ramai!

Bilik Hampir Habis!

    • MYR
    • 25


  • Pemandangan: Tak diketahui
  • 1 Bilik
  • 10 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Single
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan

Bilik Terakhir!

  • 40
    • MYR
    • 38


  • Pemandangan: Tak diketahui
  • 1 Bilik
  • 10 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Single
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan

2 Bilik Terakhir

  • 60
    • MYR
    • 55


  • Pemandangan: Tak diketahui
  • 8 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Single atau 1 Katil Double
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan

2 Bilik Terakhir

  • 65
    • MYR
    • 55


  • Pemandangan: Tak diketahui
  • 10 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Double
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan

Bilik Terakhir!

  • 75
    • MYR
    • 70


  • Pemandangan: Bandar
  • 1 Bilik
  • 10 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Single dan 1 Katil Double
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan

Bilik Terakhir!

  • 105
    • MYR
    • 85

Tentang Backpacker Stay


Diubahsuai pada tahun 2015, Backpacker Stay memberi jaminan kepada tetamu penginapan yang menyeronokkan di Kuching sama ada untuk perniagaan atau berseronok. Dari sini, tetamu boleh menikmati akses mudah kepada semua yang bandar meriah ini boleh tawarkan. Juga terletak berdekatan adalah Sang Ti Miao, Gerbang Harmoni, Memorial Brooke.

Kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh Backpacker Stay memastikan penginapan yang menyenangkan bagi para tetamu. Hotel ini menawarkan Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik, pengawal keselamatan 24 jam, pengemasan harian, khidmat teksi, meja depan 24 jam untuk memastikan tetamu menikmati keselesaan yang terbaik.

Hotel ini mempunyai 12 bilik yang sangat cantik, setiap bilik dilengkapi televisyen skrin rata, selipar, tuala, internet wayarles, internet wayarles (percuma). Di samping itu, pihak hotel menawarkan aktiviti rekreasi untuk memastikan anda mempunyai perkara untuk dilakukan sepanjang penginapan anda. Dengan lokasi yang ideal dan kemudahan sepadan, Backpacker Stay sangat memuaskan hati.
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  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik
  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam


  • khidmat teksi

Makanan & minuman

  • dapur kongsi

Haiwan peliharaan

  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan

Khidmat pembersihan

  • pengemasan harian

Perkhidmatan tetamu

  • daftar masuk/daftar keluar ekspres
  • simpanan bagasi

Fasiliti di lokasi

  • bilik keluarga
  • kawasan merokok
  • kawasan lounge/TV kongsi

Kesihatan & keselamatan

  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam
  • meja depan 24 jam
  • loker
  • daftar masuk 24 jam

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Melayu
  • bahasa Inggeris
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Kanak-kanak dan katil tambahan
Bayi 0-1 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada. Nota, jika anda memerlukan katil bayi mungkin terdapat caj tambahan.
Kanak-kanak 2-11 tahun Mesti gunakan katil tambahan
  • Para tetamu berumur lebih daripada 11 tahun adalah dianggap dewasa.
  • Katil tambahan adalah bergantung kepada bilik yang anda pilih, sila periksa polisi bilik individu untuk butiran lebih lanjut.
Jika anda menempah lebih daripada 5 buah bilik, polisi berbeza dan caj tambahan mungkin akan diguna pakai.
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Maklumat Berguna

Bayaran pengangkutan dari dan ke lapangan terbang: 30 MYR
Bayaran penggunaan Internet : 0 MYR
Bilangan bilik: 12
Bilik / tingkat tidak merokok: No
Caj sarapan: 0 MYR
Daftar Keluar Hingga: 12:00 PM
Daftar Masuk Dari: 02:00 PM
Hotel dibina pada: 2011
Jarak dari pusat bandar: 0 km
Jarak ke lapangan terbang: 8 km
Masa ke lapangan terbang (minit): 20
Tahun pengubahsuaian terakhir hotel: 2015
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Komen terkini daripada pengunjung

Pilih Jenis Pengunjung
  • Keadaan Hotel/Kebersihan 7.3
  • Kemudahan 6.0
  • Lokasi 8.8
  • Keselesaan/Standard Bilik 7.2
  • Layanan Kakitangan 7.9
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 8.3
  • Makanan/Tempat Makan 5.7

Ariff Y.
03 Oktober 2013
Hotel yang bagus dan bersih
Kakitangan yang peramah, hotel bersih dan lokasi yang strategik
Aircond bermasalah tetapi kakitangan tidak selesaikannya

19 Jun 2013
Murah dan lokasi strategik,
Selesa, dan internet yang pantas.
Pro's : Lokasi strategik, dan air minum ditapis yang bole diambil bila bila masa. Con's : Bilik mandi tiada di level guestroom.

siti S.
27 April 2016
Review for this place
I did not expect more due to the price that i paid which around rm33 per night. But,i satisfied because : 1. Strategic. Tourist attractions is all around you ! 2. Restaurant 3. Souvenier place 4. Waterfront kuching nearby 5. Staff was friendly and helpful 6. Room was okey,air conditioner works perfectly ! 7. Shared bathroom / shower was okey. Only, i hope that : 1. Shared toilet should be kept clean 2. Breakfast?? My package include but i did not get any 3. Everyday should have people to change bed sheet. The blanket a bit smelly. 4. Should have laundry. I stayed 5 days 4 night there,my day was wonderful. This place is okey for people who budgeting. Eventhough surronded by pub nearby but i did not bother by it. By the way..the staff was really helpful and i really appreciated it ! The uncle was really nice.

suki M.
United Kingdom
25 Februari 2016
Quite a disappointment - would not go back
The location of this place is convenient and central. Thank you to the young man on reception for letting me use the wifi and book there and then! I stayed in a single room and it was damp and full of mould - I had to leave after one night. The overwhelming smell of damp made this an uncomfortable place to stay for me, as well as the tiny space, which looks like value for money but in reality is a poor choice. I didn't really understand the idea of the 'breakfast pack' - how sad! However, free hot and cold water is available, which was helpful. The rain (no fault of this hostel, of course) came in through the roof and just about everywhere, I didn't enjoy having to go downstairs and through the kitchen to have a shower. The whole place is oddly thought out and badly maintained, although very cheap (but you get what you pay for!)

Damian C.
Amerika Syarikat
04 Februari 2016
Most Durian friendly accommodation!!!
Backpacker Stay had a very lovely staff, always smile when we came and went and always helpful to us. They were so kind to allow my fiancé and I to bring upwards to 6 durian into our room at a time. We know this was extreme but they allowed it anyway. Maybe they will change their durian policy after our stay there as most westerners do not have an interest in this odorous fruit. Luckily for them only a few other guest came and went during our visit to Kuching. We probably caught them off guard. Ha. And they were humble so not wanting to disappoint us. The stay is located right in the heart of City Center with easy access to most everything one would need. The large eatery next door stays open late and opens early so be prepared for the sound of dishes stacking. The lockers were big and spacious, we could easily fit all of our valuables onto them. The water was also warm and comfortable. The wifi signal was also dependable. I wish this establishment all the best and success in their future.

Iskandar J.
07 Disember 2015
i won't recommend this hotel to anyone
Very bad! They didn't serve the breakfast until i asked them!!

Dingyuan X.
17 November 2015
affordable hostel in a prime location
location, cheap, relatively safe
The bed is too soft and the facilities are old despite the good points but for the price that I am paying, guess it is just the way it has to be. Noises from the floor and coffees hop nearby. Can be better but still recommended for anyone who wants a cheap accommodation. It was undergoing some renovation work when I was there, hence it might get better.

liek L.
17 Ogos 2015
Great location
strategy location, lots of good food around and the staff is friendly

Jen K.
17 Ogos 2015
Undergoing Maintenance
So-so, nothing great this time around
We have stayed here twice in the past and had always been satisfied with the condition of this lodge. However, our stay this round was not great at all. I understand that the lodge is going through some maintenance work but that doesn't mean that you for-go cleanliness and hygiene in the premise. The dormitory was not cleaned before we checked in (there were some left over cans and dirt under our bed), we could not flush the toilet after use and the bathroom floor was dirty all the time (not to mention clogged by strands of hair and cigarette butt). Overall, very disappointed this time around. Will doubt to stay here again next time.

Sindhya S.
Amerika Syarikat
11 Ogos 2015
Next to food!
Next to food court, friendly staff, location.
The food court next door was super convenient! Highly recommend kolo mee and popiah. Great location in Chinatown area. Plenty of places to eat and drink. Also, right around corner from river walk. We came for the Rainforest World Music Festival and got to know Ogos that works at the front desk. Super great guy, very accommodating and laid back. Standard room was nice enough, clean, air con, good wifi. Shared bathroom was also kept decently clean. Only inconvenience was having to go downstairs to shower. Oh and they provide you with water so you don't have to keep buying plastic. Yay.

Cukai dan caj perkhidmatan pada umumnya ialah caj pemulihan yang Agoda bayar kepada vendor atau caj yang dikutip oleh vendor. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lihat Terma Penggunaan Agoda. Cukai dan caj perkhidmatan juga mungkin mengandungi bayaran untuk Agoda bagi memproses sesuatu tempahan.

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