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Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

Panagsama Beach / Bantayan 1 , Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu, Filipina 6032 (Tunjuk Peta)

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Bonita Oasis Beach Resort Cebu - Bahagian Luar Hotel Bonita Oasis Beach Resort Cebu - Taman Bonita Oasis Beach Resort Cebu - Kemudahan Rekreasi Bonita Oasis Beach Resort Cebu - Sukan dan Aktiviti
Kawasan: Moalboal Jumlah bilik: 14
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Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Cebu-Mactan (77.7 Km)

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"Petugas mesra", "Lokasi bagus", "Senyap dan merehatkan"

Nota: Jarak diukur dalam garisan lurus, dikira dari titik permulaan hingga titik destinasi.

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  • Pilihan hebat
    lebih 500,000 hotel
  • Khidmat 24 jam - dalam
    Bahasa Inggeris & 12 bahasa lain
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Sukan dan Rekreasi

kolam renang (kanak-kanak)

kolam renang luar

meja billiard

pantai persendirian

sukan air (tidak bermotor)




Wi-Fi di tempat awam


tempat letak kereta

Bahasa Digunakan

bahasa Inggeris



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Cepat – Bilik Terhad!

Terletak pada kedudukan yang baik di kawasan pantai-pantai, percintaan, sukan di bandar Cebu, Bonita Oasis Beach Resort menyediakan tempat yang paling sesuai untuk anda berehat seketika dari kesibukan hari anda. Terletak hanya dari pusat bandar, para tetamu berada di lokasi sesuai untuk menikmati tarikan dan aktiviti di sekitar bandar. Pelawat yang datang ke hotel boleh melawat tarikan utama di bandar ini seperti: Pantai Basdaku.

Di Bonita Oasis Beach Resort, segala usaha dilakukan untuk membuatkan tetamu berasa selesa. Oleh yang demikian, hotel ini menyediakan perkhidmatan dan kemudahan yang terbaik. Pilihan kemudahan kelas atasan seperti Wi-Fi di tempat awam, tempat letak kereta, layanan bilik, pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang, bilik keluarga boleh dinikmati di hotel.

14 bilik di sepanjang tingkat menyediakan suasana nyaman dan menyenangkan. bilik tidak merokok, pendingin hawa, beranda/teres, bar mini, meja boleh didapati di beberapa bilik. Sepanjang hari anda boleh menikmati suasana yang santai dengan pantai persendirian, kolam renang luar, urut, kolam renang (kanak-kanak), meja billiard. Bonita Oasis Beach Resort adalah destinasi sehenti anda bagi penginapan hotel berkualiti di Cebu.
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Bayi 0-4 tahun
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Bayaran pengangkutan dari dan ke lapangan terbang
80 USD

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Daftar-Masuk Sehingga
08:00 PM

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12:00 PM

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01:00 PM

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Saring ikut:
Maria C. Kumpulan Philippines, 10 Mei 2015
A relaxing place.

Cleanliness, quiet, comfortable.
My friends and I had an amazing time staying at the resort. The room we stayed at is spacious, the bathroom is clean with heater, the beds are comfortable but there are bed bugs because one of my friends was bitten on her arms but we were not able to tell the staff because we were rushing to go. We had a great time at Moalboal. The place is quite far from white beach but the staff are very helpful and accommodating. You can request for a tricycle to take you to the places you want or you can rent a motorbike so you will have more time to explore the area.
Veli-Matti M. Pelancong solo Finland, 29 Disember 2014
So nice

Ewerything is good. Nothing bad to say.
Megan C. Pasangan New Zealand, 27 Disember 2014

Staff, relaxed, views
We stayed for one night on our way around Cebu island. Nice pool. Beach not nice and sandy but water good for swimming. Take footwear as rocks are rough. Beautiful area though. Nice views, right by the beach. We had our room upgraded for free to a bigger size. Food is OK, nothing special. Staff are friendly and helpful. Place was hard to find as location is not where it said on the map. We asked around locally and someone helped us.
Steven S. Pasangan United States of America, 16 November 2014

advertised that they were 3 kilometers from golf course, actual distance is close to 25 kilometeres
Xufeng W. Pelancong solo China, 29 April 2014
Terrible agent and irrespective hotel!

Never use
When we arrived there, non-trained staff told us that rooms are occupied, And didn't confirm my order. After few international phone-call, My friend and me have to take a tricycle to go back hotel. That cause I missed my diving schedule. Never and ever use again!
Tan C. Pasangan Singapore, 06 April 2014
Nothing good can be mentioned able this hotel.

Free transport
Chee M. Pelancong solo Singapore, 04 Februari 2014
Relaxing Stay

House Reef in front of Hotel, Relaxing atmosphere, Laid back lifestyle
Had a relatively easy check-in when i arrived. Had a diarhhoea that i caught in Lapu Lapu so didn't have much appetite. Staff was somewhat laid-back(some may think they are unattentive), but that is just the way i like it. They will attend to you if you ask. Otherwise, just wander in the premises of the resort, rent their gear & go snorkelling, rent a kayak & enjoy the lovely sea. Befriended a wonderful group of Chinese families from China. They brought me out to the beach for snorkelling & rented a kayak. They cooked their own lunch & it was so tasty & brought memories of my mum's cooking. Driver brought me to the White Beach for some sun tanning & Moalboal Town for shopping. Wonderful except for the jellyfish stings i got from the snorkelling at the house reef. The protective suits are really essential even for snorkelling in this area as there are jellyfishes in waters below your knees.. Couldn't have had a better experience for first trip in Philippines.
Jasper L. Pasangan United Kingdom, 30 Disember 2013
Run like a campsite

Good location, quiet, nice veranda
I initially thought this resort was around 20 years old given the encroaching ambience of neglect, but apparently it only opened in 2006. The management / owners are conspicuously absent, appearing only periodically to troubleshoot on the smallest of scales, or just stroll around the grounds. They exhibit a disarming nonchalance - there was very little interaction with anyone, including guests. Staff do their best in these strained circumstances but many are distant and unmotivated, and there are clearly some serious communication issues at play. Everything closes at 9pm sharp, and on one day they closed at 7.45 due to a staff Xmas party. The next day they closed at 8. On both occasions we were only informed an hour or two beforehand. The menu is limited, but food well-presented and decent. There’s a daily lottery on availability, and they even ran out of water once – bad news, as not even small bottles are provided free in the rooms. The most expensive 'Seaview' rooms offer only a distant view of the sea beyond the claustrophobic pool, toilets, restaurant, reception, 'games room’ (a woefully-neglected billiards table), and internal road and pathway network, which offers little privacy. This is a shame, as the verandas are big, breezy, and comfortably furnished. Right next door to Bonita we discovered a lovely, atmospheric and impeccably-run little resort called Da Cozy, offering all the serenity, privacy and attention to detail I was hoping for. Gallingly, it was no more expensive either. They have just 5 (genuine seaview) rooms and a ban on large groups, which is a feature at Bonita – the last two days heralded a group so vast and invasive the pool and ‘games room’ were pretty much off limits, and they even managed to run out of tables and chairs in the restaurant. The amusingly numerous New Age self-help books by reception say it all - you need the patience of a zen master to stay here.
Karlo K. Pasangan Australia, 28 Oktober 2013
Very clean, nice swimming pool

swimming pool, quiet, clean
We really enjoyed our stay at Bonita Oasis. The staff were incredibly friendly and were really accommodating when we booked another night. Breakfast was great for a Filipino inclusive one, and extra eggs were cheap to add. Transport with the hotel felt a little bit expensive considering the hotel is far from everything and they should maybe consider a shuttle service, but otherwise our stay was great.
Andrew W. Pasangan United Kingdom, 24 September 2013
Such a peaceful place

How quiet it is, how pretty the surroundings and the view
Always enjoy staying here, its not so easy to find down the bumpy little lane they call a road, maybe thats why its so quiet but when you arrive its lovely there......if you want a quiet, relaxing play to stay and swim this is it!Also the view from the beachfront is this place
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Bonita Oasis Beach Resort Cebu

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