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Elysia Beach Resort

Pangpang, Donsol, Donsol, Filipina

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Kemudahan Elysia Beach Resort

Kemudahan hotel

  • bar
  • kedai cenderahati
  • kedai kopi
  • kemudahan mesyuarat
  • lawatan
  • layanan bilik
  • pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang
  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam
  • pengemasan harian
  • restoran
  • simpanan bagasi

Sukan dan Rekreasi

  • kolam renang luar
  • pantai persendirian
  • selam snorkel
  • taman


  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam


  • tempat letak kereta

Bahasa Digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris

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Perihalan Resort
Diubahsuai pada tahun 2010, Elysia Beach Resort memberi jaminan kepada tetamu penginapan yang menyer...lihat lebih banyak Diubahsuai pada tahun 2010, Elysia Beach Resort memberi jaminan kepada tetamu penginapan yang menyeronokkan di Donsol sama ada untuk perniagaan atau berseronok. Dari sini, tetamu boleh menikmati akses mudah kepada semua yang bandar meriah ini boleh tawarkan. Dengan lokasi yang mudah, hotel ini memberikan akses mudah ke tempat yang anda perlu lawati di bandar.

Kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh Elysia Beach Resort memastikan penginapan yang menyenangkan bagi para tetamu. Hotel ini menawarkan pengawal keselamatan 24 jam, pengemasan harian, kedai cenderahati, simpanan bagasi, Wi-Fi di tempat awam untuk memastikan tetamu menikmati keselesaan yang terbaik.

Suasana Elysia Beach Resort terpancar di dalam setiap bilik tetamu. minuman alu-aluan percuma, bilik tidak merokok, pendingin hawa, beranda/teres, kipas hanyalah sebahagian daripada kemudahan yang boleh didapati di hotel tersebut. Hotel ini menawarkan kemudahan hebat, termasuk selam snorkel, pantai persendirian, kolam renang luar, taman, untuk membantu anda berehat selepas hari yang penuh aksi di bandar. Nikmati perkhidmatan yang sukar ditandingi dan lokasi benar-benar berprestij di Elysia Beach Resort.
Polisi Resort
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Saring ikut:
Muhd I. Pasangan
Singapore, 11 Februari 2016
Perfect spot for quiet getaway

Peaceful, quaint, nothingness
The resort was very nice. The architecture blends nature and resort. There is basically nothing and that was what we were looking for. The overall experience was fantastic. There was a 30 minute power trip at night that spanned the entire stretch of the beach but that was the highlight of the stay. The power trip let us experience an illuminated night sky with thousands of stars. The restaurant served average dishes. It would be great to have a better menu to complement the cosy environment. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The structure of the resort was made of bamboo and wood and unfortunately they were not treated and there were spots of termites which made us quite uncomfortable but was not a deal breaker.
Lars T. Pasangan
Sweden, 01 Februari 2016
Good food and very friendly staff

Staff, food and location
A pleasant stay at Elysia, helpful staff that despite that our connection flight was delayed and we arrived with the next plane fixed the transfer without any problem. The food was very good, a nice pool and good position at the beach in short walking distance to the whaleshark center. We also recommend the firefly excursion.
Greg W. Kumpulan
Australia, 24 Januari 2016
A relaxing location

Attentive staff, peace and quiet, location
I stayed at Elysia Beach Resort with my adult sons and we had a very relaxing time there. Rooms were comfortable and well appointed, staff were attentive, security was visible and food was good.
Dany G. Pasangan
Germany, 30 Disember 2015
Cosy resort with atmosphere

Staff!!!! Amazingly friendly and helpful. Service was absolutely outstanding! 2. The view and peacefulness. 3. BBQ dinner
Brilliant. Very relaxing. Small resort - staff know who you are and do their utmost to anticipate any wish you may have. It's calm and quiet - perfect to switch off and completely wind down.
Zheng W. Kumpulan
China, 08 Disember 2015
Good services!

Food is great.
marie C. Pelancong solo
France, 11 Mei 2015
Fantastic resort

One of the best resort ( good value for qualité)
Every thing was perfect the room is so Nice the food is realy good the réceptionist, the manager and the waitress are so Nice and polite and pay attention to you . I Will Côme back again
Kimberly G. Kumpulan
United States of America, 06 Mei 2015
I miss my hammock already.

friendly staff, peaceful atmosphere, great location
Everything here was fantastically wonderful. We stayed for eight nights, which was clearly an uncommonly long stretch, with the staff giving us complimentary food/drinks/souvenirs and asking for hugs/pictures on our last day. This wasn't a surprise; the staff are great and largely responsible for the peaceful atmosphere of the resort. More than anything, at Elysia, you're paying a premium for peace; you're away from the dirty bustle of downtown, at a resort with only fifteen rooms that give a neighborly feel, watched by several security guards, and waited on by patient staff who are happy to help you with anything you need, but never push you into doing anything. After several hours roasting in the sun stalking buntanding, it's the best thing in the world to curl up in a hammock and watch the sunset from Elysia's gorgeous little beachfront-yard. The resort is also spotless, including toilets that are clean and actually flush, which is a huge deal in an otherwise poor area. The food was great and well-priced, although you can and should obviously hunt for bottled/canned drinks and snacks from local stands for a better value. Finally, my friends and I joked about knocking off a star for things that should obviously be ridiculous complaints to anyone going to Donsol--the Wifi is iffy at best; we were without power and water for half a day (Donsol-wide, though its common, and Elysia has a generator for the restaurant); the water pressure in the shower is minimal; they only offer complimentary soap (other essentials are easily purchased from Elysia or nearby local stands). If these sorts of things bother you, though, you really shouldn't be visiting Donsol!! Long story short, this was THE BEST PLACE I've ever stayed, and I really hope I have the opportunity to go back. I wandered around the other area resorts, and though they looked nice enough, nothing came close to Elysia.
Le S. Pasangan
China, 05 Mei 2015
Really nice place to stay in Donsol

perfect service, nice food, beautiful resort
My wife and I stayed there for two nights to see the whale sharks. The staffs there were so nice and professionl. The resort is very beautiful and the food there was awesome. The only thing that made us feel negative was the room is pretty small and the air-conditioner was so loudy. However, we saw nine whale sharks in total, how awesome was that!
Evangeline O. Pasangan
Philippines, 07 Januari 2016
Will go back to this paradise

We loved taking a dip at their swimming pool to unwind after the day's activites. The restaurant also looks great, though we opted to try the other restos in the area.The resort looks lovely over all!
Arlene V. Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Philippines, 15 April 2015
paying for your privacy

private, quiet
great stay . we were able to rest because the place is very quiet

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