Hebat 8.2
berdasarkan 1314 ulasan

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26 Ogos 2016 - 28 Ogos 2016 | 2 malam
Ruang Apa yang termasuk Kapasiti Harga semalam Bilik
Deluxe Pemandangan Kolam (Deluxe Pool View)


  • Pemandangan: Kolam
  • 45 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Single atau 1 Katil Double
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Harga rendah (tanpa pulangan wang)
  • Tawaran Terhad - Tawaran Masa Terhad Harga termasuk diskaun 50%!
Tambah katil tambahan (+MYR 157.01)
  • 3,617
    • MYR
    • 194
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2 Bilik Terakhir

Deluxe Akses Kolam (Deluxe Pool Access)


  • Pemandangan: Kolam
  • 45 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Double
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Harga rendah (tanpa pulangan wang)
  • Tawaran Terhad - Tawaran Masa Terhad Harga termasuk diskaun 50%!
Tambah katil tambahan (+MYR 157.01)
  • 3,908
    • MYR
    • 394

2 Bilik Terakhir

Suite Premier (Premier Suite)


  • Pemandangan: Kolam
  • 90 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Double dan 1 Katil King dan 1 Katil Sofa
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Harga rendah (tanpa pulangan wang)
  • Tawaran Terhad - Tawaran Masa Terhad Harga termasuk diskaun 50%!
Tambah katil tambahan (+MYR 157.01)
  • 6,397
    • MYR
    • 674

Bilik Terakhir!

Tentang Kata Palm Resort & Spa


Terletak di tengah-tengah Kata, Kata Palm Resort & Spa merupakan tempat yang sesuai untuk meneroka Phuket. Dengan lokasi hanya 20 km dari pusat bandar dan 50 KM dari lapangan terbang, hotel 4-bintang ini menarik banyak pelancong pada setiap tahun. Tidak kurang hebat adalah akses mudah hotel untuk ke pelbagai daya tarikan dan mercu tanda bandar, seperti M.G.Collection, Surf House Phuket, Kata View Point.

Ambil kesempatan daripada pelbagai perkhidmatan dan kemudahan yang tiada tandingan di hotel Phuket ini. Tetamu hotel boleh menikmati kemudahan seperti Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik, meja depan 24 jam, simpanan bagasi, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, tempat letak kereta.

Hotel-hotel telah direka demi keselesaan dan memudahkan tetamu. Sebahagian bilik menyediakan televisyen skrin rata, internet wayarles, internet wayarles (percuma), bilik larangan merokok, penyaman udara. Hotel ini menawarkan kemudahan hebat, termasuk pusat kecergasan, kolam renang terbuka, spa, rumah urut, taman permainan kanak-kanak, untuk membantu anda berehat selepas hari yang penuh aksi di bandar. Apapun alasan anda untuk melawat Phuket, Kata Palm Resort & Spa adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk percutian yang menyeronokkan dan menarik.
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan



  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik
  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam


  • tempat letak kereta
  • Kereta sewa

Kecergasan & rekreasi

  • pusat kecergasan
  • spa
  • Rumah urut

Berenang & berendam

  • Kolam renang [terbuka]

Untuk kanak-kanak

  • taman permainan kanak-kanak
  • kelab kanak-kanak
  • Kolam renang [kanak-kanak]

Makanan & minuman

  • khidmat bilik
  • Restoran
  • bar tepi kolam

Haiwan peliharaan

  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan

Khidmat pembersihan

  • khidmat dobi

Perkhidmatan tetamu

  • simpanan bagasi

Fasiliti di lokasi

  • lif
  • salun
  • kawasan merokok

Kesihatan & keselamatan

  • meja depan 24 jam
  • peti deposit keselamatan

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Thai
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Kanak-kanak dan katil tambahan
Bayi 0-1 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada. Nota, jika anda memerlukan katil bayi mungkin terdapat caj tambahan.
Kanak-kanak 2-4 tahun Mesti gunakan katil tambahan
  • Para tetamu berumur lebih daripada 4 tahun adalah dianggap dewasa.
  • Katil tambahan adalah bergantung kepada bilik yang anda pilih, sila periksa polisi bilik individu untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.
Jika anda menempah lebih daripada 5 buah bilik, polisi berbeza dan caj tambahan mungkin akan diguna pakai.
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan

Maklumat Berguna

Bayaran Letak Kereta (per hari): 0 THB
Bayaran pengangkutan dari dan ke lapangan terbang: 1400 THB
Bayaran penggunaan Internet : 0 THB
Bilangan bar: 1
Bilangan bilik: 184
Bilangan restoran: 3
Bilangan tingkat: 4
Bilik / tingkat tidak merokok: No
Caj sarapan: 375 THB
Hotel dibina pada: 2001
Jarak dari pusat bandar: 20 km
Jarak ke lapangan terbang: 50 KM
Masa ke lapangan terbang (minit): 50
Tahun pengubahsuaian terakhir hotel: 2013
Voltan bilik: 220
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan

Komen terkini daripada pengunjung

Pilih Jenis Pengunjung
  • Keadaan Hotel/Kebersihan 8.4
  • Kemudahan 7.4
  • Lokasi 8.2
  • Keselesaan/Standard Bilik 8.2
  • Layanan Kakitangan 8.2
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 8.4
  • Makanan/Tempat Makan 7.6
Saring ikut

Vincent K.
21 Ogos 2016
Not ok poor AC. And bed very hard
First night no AC. Also bed was so hard My back hurt every morning. Will not be back again

Caroline C.
30 Julai 2016
Kata palm resort
Book the pool access rooms they are wonderful ..pauline and vic the managers are lovely ...the pool and gardens are beautiful

Steven F.
24 Julai 2016
Great but needs some minor upgrades
The internet seriously needs to be fixed. Connection would fail after 5 minutes. Was the standard discussion point amongst all guests. Rooms and facilities are getting tired and needs a facelift Staff, location and resort set out especially pool and garden are amongst the best in Kata

Emma C.
10 Julai 2016
Excellent with 2 young children
We stayed in room 132 which had steps off back deck into pool. Our 2 kids (23 month and 3.5 years) are reasonable swimmers and were in the water at least 2 times a day. This room was great as it had another shallow area just across from room. Water was above their heads once off step but they swam between the the island and our room. The staff were all so friendly and loved children. Not all could speak English well but there was always someone at front desk who could speak English well. The breakfast was fantastic there were plenty of options for children to eat. The shops, restaurants are all right out the front of the hotel and it's just 400 meter to beach so you can easily get there with little kids. We used a pusher and a kiddie backpack for faster walking if they got tired legs and we made it around to restaurants and beach easily. The room was clean and cleaned daily with fresh towels etc. the day bed was made up for a bed for our 3.5 y/old but it was a good size single and we were able to top and tail the 2 kids in there for most of the night. The main beds were large maybe king size and we could sleep 2 adults and 1 child in the bed if needed. Hope this helps someone else. We just had the best holiday staying there and my kids improved their swimming so much over our 12 days.

Afrika Selatan
05 Julai 2016
Wi-fi needs attention, during our stay the Wi-Fi signal was on and off the whole time. Locking in all the time is also very frustrated.

Simon B.
New Zealand
04 Julai 2016
Great family resort
We enjoyed our time here we have already decided to go back ... in 9 days time! Why? It was perfect for our family. Our 2 year old loved the kids pool and sandpit, and we loved him being easily entertained so we could all relax. The breakfast was excellent. Bacon, eggs and waffles cooked to order. A great range of food for all cultures. The pools were well maintained and great all day round. The lunch cafe food was the best Thai food we have found in our 5 weeks of being in Thailand so far! The beach is a realistic 10 minute stroll but the hotel does have a free shuttle down during the day. The pools suited us just fine most of the time though. We had a deluxe room that appeared to have been recently refitted which was great, but some linen and towels need upgrading. We had a double bed but were given 2 single duvets which was a little odd. Many great restaurats nearby like the steakhouse and italian pizza place and laundry places are handy. Local night market right outside the hotel and 7/11s everywhere. Our favourite resort/hotel so far on our trip!

Christina A.
04 Julai 2016
A lovely hotel
This hotel was beautiful, we stayed there for two nights. The pool was lovely and was quite empty most of the time however it was low season. Breakfast was OK.

K'Lee C.
12 Mei 2016
Poor booking choice
atmpsohere, breakfast and personal service are usually the most important things we look for when traveling but unfortunately, we made the wrong choice here. The hotel felt overrun with tourists, front desk service was too direct and impolite and breakfast felt dirty, disorganized and food was neither fresh nor enjoyable. the sun beds and tables around the pool were dirty and weren't cleared until pool was closing during my day beside the pool. Nevertheless, the housekeeping team seem to be good at what they do - clean rooms and prompt service albeit lacking the usual friendly smile you get in other hotels when waking past them in the morning and towels were shabby, torn and discoloured

Karen H.
21 April 2016
Older Resort With Local Charm
The staff at Kata Palm Resort were courteous and very friendly. The limited English of some wasn't a problem as a smile says a lot in all languages! Yep the linen is a little tired but it was clean and the rooms were clean. This resort is in a fantastic location and for 400 baht you can get a taxi to Patong Beach. I would recommend this resort more for older couples for quiet and relaxation. There were families with smaller children but for teenagers I think the resort may be a bit limiting. Would definitely go back if we were to stay in Kata beach next trip.

Sau K.
20 April 2016
Good location

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