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Tentang Marlin Apartments Stratford


Jika apa yang anda cari adalah hotel dengan lokasi menyenangkan di London, cuma perlu lihat Marlin Apartments Stratford. Terletak hanya dari pusat bandar, para tetamu berada di lokasi sesuai untuk menikmati tarikan dan aktiviti di sekitar bandar. Hotel moden ini berada di sekitar kawasan tarikan bandar yang popular seperti Stratford Shopping Centre, Stratford Centre, Westfield Stratford City.

Marlin Apartments Stratford juga menawarkan banyak kemudahan untuk memperkayakan penginapan anda di London. Ketika menginap di hartanah yang indah ini, para tetamu boleh menikmati Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik, meja depan 24 jam, fasiliti tetamu kurang upaya, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, tempat letak kereta.

Masuklah ke salah satu dari 111 bilik tetamu kami dan tenangkan hati anda dengan pelbagai kemudahan seperti internet wayarles, internet wayarles (percuma), bilik larangan merokok, pemanas, meja yang boleh didapati di beberapa bilik terpilih. Di samping itu, pihak hotel menawarkan aktiviti rekreasi untuk memastikan anda mempunyai perkara untuk dilakukan sepanjang penginapan anda. Temui gabungan yang menarik antara perkhidmatan profesional dan pelbagai kemudahan yang ada di Marlin Apartments Stratford.
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  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik
  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam


  • tempat letak kereta
  • pengangkutan lapangan terbang

Haiwan peliharaan

  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan

Perkhidmatan tetamu

  • surat khabar
  • penjaga pintu

Fasiliti di lokasi

  • fasiliti tetamu kurang upaya
  • bilik keluarga
  • lif
  • kawasan merokok

Kesihatan & keselamatan

  • meja depan 24 jam

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Lithuania
  • bahasa Romania
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Baby cribs are available at the hotel for a charge per night for all children under 2 years old.
All older children or adults are charged per person per night for extra beds.
A sofa bed can be provided for an additional guest and twin beds can also be requested. Please use the Special Requests Box when booking to note any requests, which will be subject to availability.

Breakfast must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

British Breakfast is 15 GBP and includes 2 eggs, 2 cumberland sausages, 2 tomatoes, mushrooms, orange juice, yoghurt, half baguette, piece of fruit, ground coffee, butter, and jam.
Grab & Go Breakfasts are also available for 8 GBP containing a butter croissant, homemade raspberry yoghurt with fruit granola pot, freshly squeezed orange juice, a piece of seasonal fruit, and a coffee bag (Luxurious Ground 100% Arabica Coffee Bag).
Kids Breakfast is 8 GBP and includes chocolate brioche roll, Coco Pops portion, semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt, apple juice, Nutella, and piece of fruit.

Credit cards without a chip and PIN are not accepted at the property.

Umur minimum tetamu untuk mendaftar masuk adalah 18 tahun jika tidak diiringi oleh orang dewasa.

Penginapan ini memerlukan deposit jaminan dibayar balik semasa mendaftar masuk.

Kanak-kanak dan katil tambahan
Bayi 0-2 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada. Nota, jika anda memerlukan katil bayi mungkin terdapat caj tambahan.
Kanak-kanak 3-12 tahun Mesti gunakan katil tambahan
  • Para tetamu berumur lebih daripada 12 tahun adalah dianggap dewasa.
  • Katil tambahan adalah bergantung kepada bilik yang anda pilih, sila periksa polisi bilik individu untuk butiran lebih lanjut.
Jika anda menempah lebih daripada 5 buah bilik, polisi berbeza dan caj tambahan mungkin akan diguna pakai.
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Maklumat Berguna

Bayaran Letak Kereta (per hari): 15 GBP
Bayaran penggunaan Internet : 0 GBP
Bilangan bilik: 111
Bilangan tingkat: 7
Bilik / tingkat tidak merokok: Yes
Caj sarapan: 15 GBP
Daftar Keluar Hingga: 10:30 AM
Daftar Masuk Dari: 03:00 PM
Hotel dibina pada: 2008
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Komen terkini daripada pengunjung

Pilih Jenis Pengunjung
  • Keadaan Hotel/Kebersihan 7.4
  • Kemudahan 7.0
  • Lokasi 7.1
  • Keselesaan/Standard Bilik 7.5
  • Layanan Kakitangan 7.2
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 7.2
  • Makanan/Tempat Makan 5.6

John M.
United Kingdom
28 Jun 2016
Three week stay
As I was booked in for three weeks I was disappointed to be charged £30 for an early check-in when the room was obviously ready. The facilities were ok for my stay. Previous review comments re noise from railway were true, but you soon get used to it. The double glazing & secondary glazing do a good job of reducing noise, fortunately the temperature was not too high otherwise the room would have been uncomfortably hot. If I have to stay in this area again I would consider using this location again.

Lily M.
United Kingdom
19 Februari 2016
Good but wouldn't stay on the ground floor again
Overall, I cannot complain much about the apartment. It had everything you need, it's clean, the layout maximises the space (if you have a smaller place). My only issue was that we stayed on the ground floor close to a door leading outside. When the door was used by housekeeping and it was being opened and shut, it in turn felt like our door was being open and shut. Maybe due to the force or the wind I'm not sure, but it definitely felt like someone was trying to enter our room, which did make me feel quite uneasy as it happened alot. If that issue can be sorted out then it would be perfect all around! It is very close to the station and Westfield, about a ten minute walk, or between £4-5 in a black cab (although some might not want to take you because it is quite close, but be persistent! Especially if you're carrying a suitacase or shopping). The staff were helpful and always ready to answer any questions, so no problems there. An enjoyable stay once we tried to get used to the door issue (but that definitely does have to be looked into).

Syed A.
United Kingdom
22 Disember 2015
It's ok
Location staff price
There was too many flys

Adriana M.
13 Disember 2015
Very good comfortable
Fully equipped kitchen big space clean secured car park 2 bathrooms,1 ensuite bathroom in bedroom
Very pleasant dont have any complaints

Jim H.
United Kingdom
22 November 2015
Check in hell!
Only stayed for the one night. Check in was a nightmare. Arrived with all confirmation paperwork that clearly stated 2 room,4 adults (paid for) only to be given one key to one room. They then said that there was only one room booked on the system. The staff then made a call to booking agent who then said there were no further rooms available. There was another apartment available......... In Canary Wharf. Absolutely no good to me as we were attending an event at the Olympic Stadium about an hour later. On asking about the fact that I had paid for 2 rooms, there wasn't,t exactly much help from the woman on the phone.who went onto tell me that I would have to send them an email etc etc etc which I thought was totally poor. It clearly got our short stay off to a bad start. We went to the room which had a double bed and a sofa bed which was not ideal for 4 large males.!! In fairness to the staff after about 10 mins of being in the room they did sort us out with another so eventually got what I paid for,. Not sure if I,d book again through this site as lost confidence.

Arab Saudi
17 April 2015
Good for family
Near Westfield, large apartment & huge terrace

Domincque S.
United Kingdom
25 Disember 2014
Do not stay here
Awful.. we was advised we could check in early and then lost a whole days stay because of it. The place was not clean and the floors were extremely noisy.

Vince F.
United Kingdom
29 Oktober 2014
Mostly good

28 Oktober 2014
Lovely Apartments
I would describe the Marlin Apartments as affordable luxury. Spacious, well designed and nicely furnished.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Marlin Apartments. Apartments are beautifully designed and well secured. Its location, just a stone throw from the popular Westfield Stratford Shopping Mall makes it even more attractive and suitable for holiday makers. The Stratford station provides easily accessible travel through the London Underground as well as the National train services.

Chen H.
Hong Kong
06 Oktober 2014
location a bit far away; lightning out of order
affordable price
(1) location a bit far away from Stratford station, about 10-15 min's walk, especially when you have large suitcases. (2) lighting in the corridor was out of order (keeps flashing). Informed the front desk about it but nothing was done after 2 day's stay.