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Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel

Balabag, Stesen 1, Pulau Boracay, Filipina 5606

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Kemudahan Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel

Kemudahan hotel

  • bar
  • kedai kopi
  • kemudahan mesyuarat
  • lawatan
  • layanan bilik
  • lif
  • meja penyambut tetamu 24-jam
  • pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang
  • penjagaan bayi
  • peti deposit keselamatan
  • restoran
  • surat khabar

Sukan dan Rekreasi

  • kolam renang luar
  • spa
  • sukan air (bermotor)
  • sukan air (tidak bermotor)
  • taman
  • urut


  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam

Bahasa Digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • Filipina

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Perihalan Hotel
Dengan lokasi mudah di Pulau Boracay, Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel adalah tempat yang hebat untuk menj...lihat lebih banyak Dengan lokasi mudah di Pulau Boracay, Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel adalah tempat yang hebat untuk menjelajahi bandar yang menarik ini. Dari sini, tetamu boleh menikmati akses mudah kepada semua yang bandar meriah ini boleh tawarkan. Untuk pilihan bersiar-siar dan tempat daya tarikan tempatan, pelancong tidak perlu pergi jauh dari hotel kerana ianya berdekatan dengan Holy Rosary Parish Church, Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, Willy's Rock.

Kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel memastikan penginapan yang menyenangkan bagi para tetamu. Untuk keselesaan dan kemudahan tetamu, hotel ini menawarkan meja penyambut tetamu 24-jam, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, layanan bilik, pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang, kemudahan mesyuarat .

Alami bilik dengan kemudahan berkualiti tinggi sepanjang anda menginap di sini. Sebahagian bilik menyediakan internet tanpa wayar (percuma), bilik tidak merokok, pendingin hawa, meja, bar mini untuk memudahkan tetamu berehat dan kembali bertenaga. Hotel ini menyediakan kemudahan rekreasi yang baik seperti kolam renang luar, spa, urut, taman, sukan air (bermotor) untuk membuat penginapan anda benar-benar tidak dapat dilupakan. Pearl Of The Pacific Hotel merupakan tempat yang ideal bagi penginapan pelancong yang mencari keindahan, keselesaan dan kemudahan di Pulau Boracay.
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Saring ikut:
Ai T. Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Vietnam, 09 Februari 2016
I were shocked becuase of the hotel facilities

The location is good.
it is a bad experience: how can a 3 star hotel can have such inclean and oldest facilities? a horrible bathroom yhat I had to stay for 2 nights. No room cleaniness in every day at all!!!
Bryan H. Pasangan
Canada, 01 Februari 2016
very disappointed
My stay was terrible will never stay there again The safe didn't work so I asked for it to be fixed they tell me don't use it I was there for 8 nights they would always forget to give me bottle water I would have to ask for it, they cleaned my room the first five days then suddenly decided to forget cleaning it and I would have to complain again the only people that seemed to care about the customers was the guys that would stop traffic so you can cross the road
Paul K. Pasangan
Australia, 22 Januari 2016
Bad hotel. Great location.

Location. Location. Location.
Firstly they didn't have my booking. The reception staff are hopeless and the rest of the staff aren't much better either. There's a pool which is too dirty to use. The only good thing about this hotel is the location. This hotel has seen better days.
Jose F. Pelancong solo
Philippines, 18 Januari 2016
Lousy hotel
The hotel is ugly and has probably never had any renovation done for the last 7 years. The garden is awful, pool is dirty and facade of the hotel looks ready to crumble. They have a menu but not everything listed is available in the menu. Crappy hotel. Don't trust the pictures you see, I was duped the same way!
Anton T. Pasangan
Russia, 07 Januari 2016

location, friendly staff
It was a new year holidays, including NYE, and it was nothing I expected. Location is the only great thing about this hotel but I knew that as it's not my first time at Boracay. When we arrived, room was dusty and towels were old with holes in it. Drain in the shower was clogged. We arrived late so we couldn't solve anything upon arrival and we were tired. Next morning we told about all the issues, and towels were replaced, shower drain was cleaned after two days only. Another issue was that we didn't get our room cleaned untill like 5 pm one day and when we asked we were told, that we had the key... No master key? Seriously? 3 stars, was it? Breakfast was below average..much below. One day we couldn't get beach towels, because laundy wasn't done yet. Another BIG problem was a safe box, we locked our documents and my bank devices in it and the battery died, so we couldn't open it, staff didn't have manual key(wasnt surprised anymore((() and it happened when we just got there. Luckily my wallet was with me, as it took 6 days to open it. Serious problems with management, old infrastructure and rooms, towels etc. Even though staff was trying, hotel should be closed for renovation!! Period. I'm willing to pay but want to have what I paid for delivered. This price and this hotel - not even close.
Sunil B. Pelancong solo
United States of America, 07 Januari 2016
Terrible Decision
They charged us an exorbitant amount for what was a very terrible experience. The service was incredibly bad, the rooms and sparse facilities were not very clean and the food and drinks were awful. I would never go back there.
Siobhan C. Pelancong solo
Australia, 04 Januari 2016
Stay here if you like disappointment!

Location is the best thing
Boracay is one of the most beautiful places I have had the privilege of holidaying and it would be hard for anything to ruin your time there, but Pearl of the Pacific came close. The service is shocking for a start, if staff were friendly and helpful or could even speak English it would help, but the staff were instead rude, slow to act on requests, can't understand what you are asking for and quite frankly look although they don't care. The food was the next disappointment. Starting with the incredibly limited breakfast buffet, in fact most of it made my stomach turn at the sight. Food ordered from the restaurant for lunch etc is not too bad, but is likely to be served to you cold. Visiting an island like this you understand limited supply of fresh fruit etc, but even when other resorts and restaurants around the island were stocked and serving- Pearl of the Pacific could not. I only made the mistake of eating breakfast here once. Room service doesn't exist. And rooms are only cleaned upon request, which is fine but even upon request they forget to do so or to mention that the key you have is the only key to access your room and so you need to hand it in before they can clean. And when they do, don't expect them to leave bottled water for you or adequate towels. The air-conditioning is set at 21 and you can't turn it down further, so essentially you have recycled and air blowing at you which is not cold and can't cool a room. The general cleanliness of the place is not good. Rooms are old and dark, and just seem dirty. And again, you could forgive all of this if the staff were polite, friendly, going out of their way to ensure your comfort and make your stay a pleasant one, but they definitely don't do that. The resort has the potential to be great, location lovely and with a bit of TLC from management or ownership they could make it great. But unfortunately for now I would never return and don't recommend it to anyone either.
Ginger A. Pasangan
Philippines, 28 Disember 2015
Needs renovation and staff retraining

Location is beachfront
It is sad to see that the hotel that was ones the iconic resort of Boracay is now a dilapidated mess. Their photos do not represent how it looks like now. Rooms are old, bathrooms are too dark because of broken light bulbs, swimming pool was green, common bathrooms are not clean. Rooms were not kept well. Housekeeping staff are not thorough with the cleaning. When we arrived, a crotch sticker (for bathing suits) was left stuck on the bathroom mirror (Disgusting!) Obviously left by the previous guests but was not seen by the housekeepers before checking us in. The next day, we noticed that the sink was clogged and asked them to unclog it as they make up our room. Coming back to our room at the end of the day, the bathroom clog was fixed but our room was not made up, our plates from the previous night was still at the veranda waiting for it to be picked up, towels were not changed, trash cans were still full and the bath towel they used to help them clean the clog was left on our bathroom sink (gross!) Staff service is also poor because most are temps or newbies and basically and therefore do not know how to attend to guests' needs or even do their jobs. I only remember seeing 2-3 staff who really know what they are doing. 1 Staff needs to wash his uniform. It smells like he has not washed it for weeks. The supervisor is too overwhelmed with all the work that she has failed to train the new staff who therefore turned out to be wall flowers during their shifts. Sad. The facilities show the grandeur of what it was. If only the management took time to look at basic things, it may still be able regain its reputation. But until then, I will not book here again.
Kirsten G. Pasangan
Philippines, 21 Disember 2015
Needs improvement

Location, friendliness of staff, room size
Great, except the hotel seems to be very old and run down, just like previous reviews have stated. It was a bargain for being in Station 1 with that price. But the hotel seemed to be not up to par with other Station 1 resorts. They are in dire need rennovations and a refresh.
Frederick A. Kumpulan
Philippines, 13 Oktober 2015
This used to be a very nice resort

Location, location, location

Jom tempah!

Cepat – Bilik Terhad!