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Relax Bali Resort

Kubu, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

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Kemudahan Relax Bali Resort

Kemudahan hotel

  • bar
  • bar tepi kolam
  • kawasan merokok
  • kawasan ruang istirehat/TV kongsi
  • lawatan
  • pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang
  • penjagaan bayi
  • perkhidmatan dobi
  • perpustakaan
  • peti deposit keselamatan
  • restoran
  • simpanan bagasi
  • tukaran matawang

Sukan dan Rekreasi

  • kolam renang (kanak-kanak)
  • kolam renang luar
  • memancing
  • menyelam
  • pusat kecergasan
  • spa
  • sukan air (tidak bermotor)
  • tab panas
  • taman
  • urut


  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam
  • Wi-Fi percuma dalam semua bilik


  • tempat letak kereta

Bahasa Digunakan

  • bahasa Czechoslovakia
  • bahasa Indonesia
  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Jerman

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Perihalan Resort
Relax Bali Resort, terletak di Tulamben, Bali, merupakan satu pilihan popular bagi para pelawat. Han...lihat lebih banyak Relax Bali Resort, terletak di Tulamben, Bali, merupakan satu pilihan popular bagi para pelawat. Hanya sejauh 10 km, hotel 3-bintang ini boleh diakses dengan mudah dari lapangan terbang. Dengan lokasi yang mudah, hotel ini memberikan akses mudah ke tempat yang anda perlu lawati di bandar.

Relax Bali Resort menawarkan perkhidmatan yang sempurna dan semua kemudahan penting untuk menceriakan pelancong. Untuk keselesaan dan kemudahan tetamu, hotel ini menawarkan Wi-Fi percuma dalam semua bilik, simpanan bagasi, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, tempat letak kereta, pemindahan dari/ke lapangan terbang.

Hotel-hotel telah direka demi keselesaan dan memudahkan tetamu. Sebahagian bilik menyediakan akses internet (wayarles), internet tanpa wayar (percuma), pendingin hawa, meja, bar mini. Sama ada anda peminat kecergasan atau hanya mencari cara untuk bersantai setelah seharian bekerja, anda akan dilayan oleh kemudahan rekreasi kelas tertinggi seperti tab panas, pusat kecergasan, kolam renang luar, menyelam, memancing. Dengan lokasi yang ideal dan kemudahan sepadan, Relax Bali Resort sangat memuaskan hati.
Polisi Resort
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Saring ikut:
Martin J. Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Czech Republic, 13 Ogos 2013
Nice place with a lot of opportunities for diving

cleanness, nice garden, nice people
It is really nice resort on the beach. The owner is from Czech Rep. and also the staff can speak czech. A lot of opportunities for diving and also snorkeling in front of the hotel. Small negative is not really friendly entry to the sea. Very good restaurant. We visited a lot of hotels around Asia but this resort was the cleanest one. FULLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Geszler N. Pasangan
Hungary, 17 Jun 2013
Really relaxing

room, view, breakfast
kind staff, very good view to the ocean, makes you feel You are in a luxurius paradise. Good value for money
Michelle L. Pasangan
United States of America, 06 Mac 2013
great place for r&r

friendly staff, amazing view
my boyfriend and i stayed 4 nights. it rained all 4 days, but it was so beautiful that it hardly mattered. it's known for its snorkeling and diving area, but bc of the weather, we didn't partake. they have 2 nice pools and nice cabanas. friendly staff. onsite services for massages and hair treatments. i had a massage, which was a bit pricey for the quality i received ($18/hour), so i don't necessarily recommend that. the wifi was spotty and very slow. nothing is close walking distance, so you'll need to hire a driver or rent a bike if you want to go anywhere other than the resort.
Michelle L. Pasangan
United States of America, 26 Februari 2013
Great Service

Nice staff, clean rooms, beautiful grounds
My boyfriend and I stayed for 4 nights. The rooms are nice with strong A/C. The internet was very slow. It rained all 4 days, but it was still so beautiful to see the ocean literally feet from your doorstep. Pools are nice and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I had a massage at their spa on one of the days. Wasn't extremely impressed and thought it was pricey for the service. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and requires either a motorbike or taxi to take you anywhere other than the hotel.
JiaMing R. Pasangan
China, 25 Februari 2013
Just on the seaside,nice hotel,nice staffs

very convenient to dive or snorkeling
The food and the environment of the hotel are very good.You can really enjoy a relax holiday here.
oleksandr K. Pelancong solo
Ukraine, 11 Februari 2013
Amazing Place

service, location, diving, cooking
it's one of the best relax places on Bali with calm atmosphere, nice personel, deep sea for diving and snorkling and european/indonesian cuisine
Yustitie S. Pelancong solo
Indonesia, 12 Februari 2013
lovely hotel nice and quiet

the view
i like the villa coz i was clean and warm. quiet and the service was good
Rooz C. Pasangan
Hungary, 28 Januari 2013
Nice ocean view, friendly stuff,

Very nice location at the ocean bank, nice garden
We were staying in a villa, which had an open air bathroom and a covered balcony. The room was enough big, the furniture was new and nice, the bed was comfortable. There was no place to put the suitcase on. The open air bathroom was big and stylish, with a shower. The biggest problem was the mosquitos. No matter how many we have killed, they were coming continuously, and as there is space between the ceiling and the wall (this is common in Bali), you cannot stop the mosquitos by closing the door. It was a huge luck that we brought with us a mosquito net, which we put above the bed, this solved the problem and we could sleep. The breakfast was OK (you can choose between a few type of breakfast), but I must admit, that after trying a few hotels in Bali, there was only one, where the breakfast was good, and not just OK. I like buffet style breakfast, when you can choose from a lot of things, but this was not the case here. The staff was very friendly and helpful. WIFI was working but the speed of the internet was just miserable. There was a TV in the room, but no channels to watch (it was not connected to any antenna), at least it had a USB interface, so I connected my SD card to it, and watched movies that we brought with us. The pool was not too clean, so we decided not to swim in it. The location of the facility is perfect, right on the beach, very nice view, and the garden of the hotel is also very nice and tidy.
Carel V. Pasangan
South Africa, 31 Disember 2012
Perfect if you want to relax

Great relaxing vibe
We got there after dark, checked in and went to our room (in the monkey area). Since it was xmas eve, there was local dance club blasting heavy bass on the property behind us until late. We did not sleep much. After complaining the next morning, the staff went above and beyond to make our stay memorable, even upgrading our room. We really appreciate it.
Kuniko U. Pelancong solo
Japan, 24 September 2012
Lovely relaxed vibe

beachfront location, friendly owner and staff, lovely relaxed vibe
I'm not sure whether it was the three great dives I had during the day, or the magic of the resort, but I've never previously felt such a great chilled vibe from any other accommodation. As the name says, the Relax Resort, is very relaxing thanks to the whisper quiet stand alone rooms, soothing ocean panorama, and selection of tunes in the dining pavilion. I'm planning on heading back at Easter.

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