Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Resto Bar

Facundo Street, Villaflor, Loboc, Bohol, Filipina 6316

Sangat Bagus 7.7
berdasarkan 74 ulasan

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  • Pemandangan: Kolam
  • 5 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil Single
  • Syarat Tempahan
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Cukai hotel 12%, Caj perkhidmatan 10%
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Bilik Terakhir!

    • MYR
    • 41


  • 8 sq.m.
  • Bayar di hotel
  • Syarat Tempahan

Bilik Terakhir!

    • MYR
    • 52


  • 8 sq.m.
  • Bayar di hotel
  • Syarat Tempahan

2 Bilik Terakhir

    • MYR
    • 69


  • 8 sq.m.
  • Bayar di hotel
  • Syarat Tempahan

2 Bilik Terakhir

    • MYR
    • 86


  • Pemandangan: Sungai
  • 14 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Single
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Syarat Tempahan
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Cukai hotel 12%, Caj perkhidmatan 10%

4 Bilik Terakhir

  • 173
    • MYR
    • 117
Tambah katil tambahan (+MYR 25.94)
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Bayar di hotel
  • Syarat Tempahan

3 Bilik Terakhir

    • MYR
    • 173


  • Pemandangan: Kolam
  • 25 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Double
  • Syarat Tempahan
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Cukai hotel 12%, Caj perkhidmatan 10%

3 Bilik Terakhir

    • MYR
    • 175
Tambah katil tambahan (+MYR 25.94)
  • Termasuk: Sarapan
  • Bayar di hotel
  • Syarat Tempahan

2 Bilik Terakhir

    • MYR
    • 259

Tentang Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Resto Bar


Menawarkan penginapan yang berkualiti tinggi di daerah siar-siar, budaya, sukan di Bohol, Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Resto Bar merupakan pilihan popular untuk kedua-dua tujuan perniagaan dan percutian. Hotel ini tidak terlalu jauh dari pusat bandar: hanya sejauh 24.00 Km, dan kebiasaanya mengambil masa kira-kira 30 minit untuk sampai di lapangan terbang. Bagi anda yang ingin pergi agak jauh, Restoran Terapung Loboc, Koir Kanak-Kanak Loboc, SUP Tours Bohol merupakan beberapa daya tarikan untuk pelawat.

Di Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Resto Bar, perkhidmatan yang cemerlang dan kemudahan yang unggul menjadikan penginapan anda tidak dapat dilupakan. Untuk keselesaan dan kemudahan tetamu, hotel ini menawarkan Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik, khidmat bilik 24 jam, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, tempat letak kereta, khidmat bilik.

Semua penginapan bagi tetamu menawarkan kemudahan yang difikirkan dengan teliti bagi memastikan rasa selesa yang sukar ditandingi. Kolam renang terbuka, memancing, rumah urut, kolam renang (kanak-kanak), taman di hotel merupakan tempat yang ideal untuk anda relaks dan tenangkan diri selepas hari yang sibuk. Apapun alasan anda untuk melawat Bohol, Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Resto Bar adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk percutian yang menyeronokkan dan menarik.
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  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik
  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam


  • tempat letak kereta
  • pengangkutan lapangan terbang
  • sewa kereta

Kecergasan & rekreasi

  • rumah urut

Berenang & berendam

  • kolam renang terbuka

Sukan air

  • memancing
  • sukan air (tidak bermotor)

Untuk kanak-kanak

  • kolam renang (kanak-kanak)

Makanan & minuman

  • khidmat bilik 24 jam
  • khidmat bilik
  • restoran
  • bar tepi kolam
  • bar

Haiwan peliharaan

  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan

Khidmat pembersihan

  • khidmat dobi

Perkhidmatan tetamu

  • lawatan

Fasiliti di lokasi

  • bilik keluarga
  • taman
  • perpustakaan
  • kedai
  • kawasan merokok

Perkhidmatan perniagaan & wang

  • fasiliti mesyuarat

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • Filipina
  • bahasa Sepanyol
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Kanak-kanak dan katil tambahan
Bayi 0-1 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada. Nota, jika anda memerlukan katil bayi mungkin terdapat caj tambahan.
Kanak-kanak 2-6 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada.
  • Para tetamu berumur lebih daripada 6 tahun adalah dianggap dewasa.
  • Katil tambahan adalah bergantung kepada bilik yang anda pilih, sila periksa polisi bilik individu untuk butiran lebih lanjut.
Jika anda menempah lebih daripada 5 buah bilik, polisi berbeza dan caj tambahan mungkin akan diguna pakai.
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Maklumat Berguna

Bayaran pengangkutan dari dan ke lapangan terbang: 1200 PHP
Bilangan bar: 1
Bilangan bilik: 10
Bilangan restoran: 1
Bilangan tingkat: 2
Caj sarapan: 150 PHP
Daftar Keluar Hingga: 12:00 PM
Daftar Masuk Dari: 2:00 PM
Hotel dibina pada: 2010
Jarak dari pusat bandar: 24.00 Km
Masa ke lapangan terbang (minit): 30
Tahun pengubahsuaian terakhir hotel: 2012
Voltan bilik: 220
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Komen terkini daripada pengunjung

Pilih Jenis Pengunjung
Sangat Bagus

  • Keadaan Hotel/Kebersihan 7.8
  • Kemudahan 7.1
  • Lokasi 7.7
  • Keselesaan/Standard Bilik 7.6
  • Layanan Kakitangan 8.3
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 7.9
  • Makanan/Tempat Makan 7.0

Cherrie B.
19 April 2016
Feel at home here
This is basically a family-owned budget hotel. If you're out looking for anything glamorous, move on. The hotel is clean enough but it's all basic--the bathroom, the room itself, the bed, the surroundings. Nothing amazing here in terms of the physical aspects. However, our stay couldn't have been more perfect with the friendly staff. The owner himself is hands-on in the operations. And he will help you with everything you need--tours, transportation, room arrangements. Unfortunately the food here is very limited. You're gonna want to go out and look for other meal options. But there are a couple of restaurants in Loboc that you could try (other than the floating restaurants that only serve lunch). Check TripAdvisor for that. Like I said, the staff are super friendly and accommodating. They could be a bit more efficient and attentive, but if you just point to them directly something that is not consistent with your confortable stay, they correct it immediately. If you're just looking to relax and are looking for a place away from the beaches in Panglao, you should definitely give this place a go.

James B.
14 April 2016
Lots of potential and good enough for now
On arriving they had no idea there was a new booking. I had only booked earlier that day but it was still a few hours before. They still had the room for me which was fine but it was getting asked every question at least twice and sometimes three times by different people that got a little annoying. Try passing on information you've already asked about or letting one person deal with a guest. The room itself was nice enough with a view of the pool and the pool was nice and relaxing after a morning driving around the island. There'll be plenty of bugs in it no matter when they've cleaned it as the location is right on the beautiful river surrounded by trees which makes it beautiful but also plenty of insects to end up dying in the pool. I didn't have problems with any in my room though. Only one veggie option for breakfast of pancakes and egg which was decent and at a better price than other places I've stayed. Besides the multiple questions, which even happened for breakfast the first day, having to tell three people what I wanted, it was a pleasant place to stay with lots of potential as they have a bar designed by the pool which would be a great addition if it were to ever be used.

Andre C.
21 Mac 2016
Old fashioned hotel
The hotel looks very old fashioned, like stopped in the 90's. The pool wasn't clean. The staff was attentive, but little functional: went in our room, but just turned off the AC, didn't even make the beds, gave a hand towel to our 6 yo kid, had a pool filter, but didn't know how to use it.

Stephanie C.
18 Mac 2016
Wonderful stay
Great location Amazing staff Nice hotel
Our stay was amazing. The owner and all the staff are super friendly and would do anything to help you. The location is great along the river and the swimming pool and restaurant are awesome. I think it is the best place to stay in Bohol. I would definitely go back there next time.

Redik E.
10 Mac 2016
the worst hotel food duRing our two weeks trip
location, fireflies

Stephan K.
05 Mac 2016
Lovely place
Superfriendly staff
Good value for the money. You can stay there for a few nights, meet other nice people and male some nice tours.

Mingzhu S.
23 Februari 2016
good stay
nice service, nice enviroment
the staff are very nice they met all our was an enjoyable stay right on Loboc river quiet the only problem was not too much water for taking a shower

Pietro N.
20 Februari 2016
Over avarage place
We spent 2 nights in this place. The room was big and clean, staff super helpful and friendly. The villa is located right on the river. 10 mins walking from the village's center. We tryied the cousine and it was good and tasty. Highly recommended

Katharina D.
14 Februari 2016
Feeling like home
The staff and the owner are awesome and always very helpful!!!
We felt really like home. We had a good time there and the team fulfilled all our wishes. We really enjoyed it.

Nathan F.
United Kingdom
07 Februari 2016
Nice place.
staff, staff, staff
We stayed for a couple of nights while we explored Bohol. The hotel was about 45min away from the Chocolate Hills by bus, guess a little closer by bike. The main thing I'd like to say is how lovely the staff and owner were. Super, super helpful, from giving us a lift to the bus stop, to organising transport to getting rid of a BIG spider that decided to camp out on our A/C! We visited Nuts Huts for lunch and it did look pretty cool, but I can't speak for their service or rooms. Stephanie Grace's rooms are the same kind of thing, I suspect, and it offers the same quiet time by the river that Nuts Huts does. All in all a good stay and I'd recommend.

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