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O Cancun Resort Villas by Diamond Reosrts


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Internetni dostop

  • v vseh sobah brezplačen Wi-Fi


  • parkirišče

Hrana, pijača, prigrizki

  • bar
  • hladilnik
  • kuhalnik za čaj/kavo
  • kuhinjska niša
  • mikrovalovna pečica

Storitve in priročni dodatki

  • Bankomat
  • dnevno gospodinjstvo
  • prostor za kajanje
  • sef

Za otroke

  • družinska soba


  • domače živali dovoljene
  • dvigalo
  • recepcija [24-ur]


  • Angleščina
  • Filipinščina
  • Španščina
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Pomembno obvestilo

The back pool and water slides are closed until March 30, 2016.
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Ocene Agoda (49)

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  • Čistoča 9,1
  • Infrastruktura 8,3
  • Lokacija 8,0
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 9,0
  • Storitev 8,5
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 9,1
  • Hrana/postrežba: 6,4
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od 583 ocen
  • Čistoča 8,4
  • Infrastruktura 8,4
  • Lokacija 8,2
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 8,7
  • Storitev 8,3
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 8,3
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matthew iz Združene Države Amerike
Poslovni potnik
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a 4 noči september 2016
Inexpensive rooms, aging facilities, high pressure sales.
I am here for a business conference with my wife and child. The rooms where big enough and with the correct amenities. The room was showing its age. The bathroom caulk and walls where spotted and dirty in places. The 3 of the bath rooms where stained. But overall I would rate the room a C+ The biggest annoyance was the sales team who try and get you to buy a time share. I have stayed at a few diamond resorts and this was the highest pressure I have encountered. But now we just unplug the phone in the room and that solves most problems!
Ocenjeno 28 september 2016


Joseph iz Združene Države Amerike
Poslovni potnik
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a eno noč september 2016
Weekday Respite
Very impressive remodeled rooms with plenty of space. The balcony was an added plus.
Ocenjeno 26 september 2016


scott iz Kanada
Družina s starejšimi otroki
Nastanitvena enota Deluxe z 2 spalnicama
Bival/-a eno noč september 2016
Poor Customer Service and Rude Restaurant Staff!!
We stayed one night at this resort because of the pictures and having the feeling that we were in Mexico. We decided to grab some food from the Restaurant at the pool as the menu looked decent. When we walked in we were not greeted at all and asked if we should wait or find our own table and was told to sit where we like. After 5 minutes the waitress came over and seemed to be everything but polite! I don't remember her name but she had blonde hair and aged around 40-45. We let it slide as we thought maybe she was busy and didn't mean to be like this so we ordered our food with certain ingredients we couldnt have on our food as we were allergic. When the food came out it had all the ingredients we asked not to have on it and also waited around 5-10 minutes for everyone to receive their food as it wasnt all ready at the same time (4 people). Once everyone had received their food we asked if it was possible to have ketchup, mustard etc... she replied in a rude way and turned her back taking her time to grab everything. At this point we didnt feel welcome and the food was cold as we waited for everyone to receive their food. Upon asking for the bill she didnt ask how everything was or comment... We usually leave a 20%tip plus depending on the service but in this case we didnt even want to. We paid for the meal and left a $5 tip. When we got outside the restaurant and counted our change given back we believed that we were short changed by $20 and went back to show and ask about it. Her reply was extremely rude when we explained as she thought more about the tip then the whole situation when she said " Well you guys tipped me $5 and i feel you need it more than me so i insist you take it"... Not only was that an insult to the whole family but embarrassing as other people were there and she didnt realize she got that tip because of poor service. Upon leaving to see the hotel manager one of the family members went to get a drink from the bar where this waitress was and she
Ocenjeno 26 september 2016


Natalie iz Velika Britanija
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2016
Really nice hotel!
The hotel was amazing, loved the pool and everything there!!! Only issue was the location was VERY far from the strip even though the website didn't say that.. But we just got an uber there, took about 20 min.. Other then that was really clean and beautiful!!
Ocenjeno 16 junij 2016


Leonel iz Združene Države Amerike
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a 3 noči junij 2016
Nice hotel
My wide and I love this hotel
Ocenjeno 07 junij 2016


leonel iz Združene Države Amerike
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a 2 noči oktober 2015
Ocenjeno 15 oktober 2015


Ricardo iz Filipini
Nastanitvena enota Deluxe z 2 spalnicama
Bival/-a 4 noči oktober 2015
Comfortable and relaxing stay.
The pool area is wonderful for the family.
We had a comfortable stay at Cancun Resorts, friendly staff and great pool area for family recreation.
Ocenjeno 14 oktober 2015


Brian iz Združene Države Amerike
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a 2 noči september 2015
Great place to stay
The three best things about the hotel was the cleanliness of the room, the friendliness of the staff and the pools were amazing
It was great.
Ocenjeno 01 oktober 2015


Santiago iz Združene Države Amerike
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Nastanitvena enota Deluxe z 2 spalnicama
Bival/-a 3 noči avgust 2015
Grate for family
The Pool, the Game room with pool table and also a activity room for the kids
Our stay was good. If your planing a trip to vegas/ family trip this is a good place to go. it's like 8 minutes from the strip. What my family an I love the most was the pool area, they also have a BBQ area, game room and activity room for the kids. It was like a home away from home.
Ocenjeno 08 september 2015


Sametria iz Združene Države Amerike
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Vila z 1 spalnico
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2015
very nice
feels like home
Ocenjeno 03 julij 2015


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