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04 Mayıs 2016 - 06 Mayıs 2016 | 2 gece
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Blue Velvet Hotel & Cafe hakkında


Davao City şehir merkezine yakın Blue Velvet Hotel & Cafe bu enerji dolu şehri keşfetmek için ideal bir nokta. Buradan konuklar şehrin tüm olanaklarına kolayca erişebilirler. Şehrin San Pedro Katedrali, CM Recto Kavşağı, Osmena Parkı gibi ana noktalarına yakınlığı sayesinde konuklar otelin yerini çok sevecek.

Konuklarına nitelikli hizmet ve birçok olanak sunan Blue Velvet Hotel & Cafe konaklamanız boyunca size en iyi konforu sağlamak için çalışıyor. Otel size 24 saat ön büro, 24 saat oda servisi, bavul depolama, halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi, oda servisi gibi birçok imkan sunuyor.

Blue Velvet Hotel & Cafe, ambiansını birçok konuk odasında tamamen yansıtıyor. sigara içilmeyen odalar, klima, televizyon, uydu/kablo TV, duş gibi özellikler hizmetinizde olan imkanlardan sadece birkaçı. Otel, şehirde geçireceğiniz yoğun bir günün ardından sizespa, masaj gibi olanaklarla geliyor. İdeal konumu ve olanaklarıyla Blue Velvet Hotel & Cafe sizi birçok yönden tatmin edecek.
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Otel Olanakları

  • 24 saat oda servisi
  • 24 saat ön büro
  • aile odası
  • bavul depolama
  • çamaşır yıkama hizmeti
  • gece kulübü
  • kahve dükkanı
  • oda servisi
  • ring servis

Spor ve Dinlenme

  • masaj
  • spa


  • halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi

Konuşulan Diller

  • İngilizce
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Please be advised about the no-smoking ordinance in Davao City. As per the city government’s announcement: The no smoking ordinance prohibits smoking of any tobacco product including e-cigarettes, shishas and the like, in all accommodation and entertainment establishments, workplaces, enclosed public places, partially enclosed public places, public buildings, public outdoor spaces and all public conveyances, government-owned vehicles and other means of public transport within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City (Ordinance No. 0367-12).

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  • Ekstra yataklar seçtiğiniz odaya bağlıdır. Lütfen daha fazla bilgi için oda detaylarını okuyunuz.
5'ten fazla oda ayırtıldığında farklı kurallar ve ek koşullar bulunabilir.
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Yararlı Bilgiler

Kahvaltı Ücreti: 165.00 PHP
Otelin İnşa Yılı: 2007
Yıl Otel Son Onarım: 2014
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6,7 Rachelle M.
22 Ağustos 2015
You get what you paid for
It was okay I guess, you get what you paid for. Basic amenities. They were nice enough to accommodate our request to be on the 2nd floor since there's no elevator. The room and was small.

8,7 Romeo A.
12 Ocak 2015
Good accommodation
Location; Couteous staff & Price

7,7 Jennirose S.
04 Mayıs 2014
Comfortable and well taken care of
, near food, some tourist spots, and shopping center , easy access to transportation , staff are very friendly and super accommodating
The hotel is strategically located; it is near restaurants, some tourist spots, and shopping area. The staff are also friendly and will go out of their way to provide good service. We have 2 separate bookings for this hotel since we need a place to stay for the night once we land in Davao, afterwhich we have to go to Kidapawan for the next 3days for our mountain climbing adventure, before going back to Davao for our 2day city tour. The hotel is kind enough to let us leave our other stuff that we wouldn't be using during the climb. Also, on the early morning that we are to leave for Kidapawan, instead of just telling us what vehicle will take us to the bus terminal, they waited with us on the street until we get on our vehicle.

7,3 Johann A.
03 Temmuz 2013
centraly located
lots of shops nearby
its allright for a short visit to the city

7 Joseph P.
20 Mayıs 2013
no elevator, rooms start on 3rd & 4th floor
public transport access is good/ near restaurants, churches and malls/ price relative to quality of stay
Since most of my family were elderly (65 and above) we had a hard time climbing up and down the stairs with baggage getting to our rooms which are located on the 3rd and 4th floors. there are no bellboys to assist us. I requested for a lower floor as I read on the previous comments that there was no elevator but the contact did not confirm. the problem is, there are no rooms on lower floors they are really located on the 3rd & 4th floors. the 2nd level is for offices and the owner's lair. It was a bit of relief that we were able to transfer to a bigger room on the 3rd floor on our 2nd night stay. this hotel is for able bodied individuals only who are on a budget.

8 Lithany L.
05 Nisan 2013
it was great, accessible to all places
clean, business center and affordable

6,3 Jacinto S.
08 Ocak 2013
Budget hotel
The hotel is conveniently located at the center of Davao City. It is good for short and business trips where your stay is brief and do not need fancy accommodations. Also good for the budget-conscious people who are on the go and just want to have a place where to spend the night. You may bring in 2 more adults and still stay fairly comfortable. The hotel though needs to pay attention more on their linens for those who require utmost cleanliness on these stuff. By and large, my stay in the hotel is fairly okay as per my requirement.

8,7 Phil A.
12 Aralık 2012
New Basic hostel with good price and location
New Hostel, Good Price and Location
Reserved this for my friends. Pretty much the same as nearby hostel The Royale House, except that I think this is newer. We weren't able to print our reservation, but we still got to check in by just giving the name registered. But they did ask to present the credit card used (no biggie, but I think should not be necessary). Promised amenities are working: + Hot shower + Cable TV + Clean Beds + Wifi - wasn't able to test in the room, but working in the lobby (not too fast though)

6 Lea A.
26 Aralık 2012
Nice Hotel in Davao
Near the downtown
Clean sheets and bathroom. Very accomodating staff downside is there is no elevator so if you're room is booked on the 3rd floor you need to go by the stairs.

6,7 Imelda T.
14 Kasım 2012
Small rooms with basic amenities, nothing fancy
Near to People's Park, fast foods, banks etc.
If you just need a place to sleep , this is a good budget hotel for you.

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