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Noblesse Resort hakkında


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İnternet Erişimi

  • halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi
  • her odada ücretsiz Wi-Fi


  • otopark

Yapılabilecekler, Rahatlamanın Yolları

  • [outdoor] yüzme havuzu
  • su sporları (motorsuz)
  • turlar

Yeme, İçme ve Atıştırmalıklar

  • havuz başı bar
  • kahve dükkanı
  • oda servisi
  • Oda servisi [24 saat]
  • restoran(lar)

Hizmet ve Tesis

  • bavul depolama
  • misafir hizmetleri
  • sigara içilen alan

Çocuklar İçin

  • aile odası


  • [24-saat] ön büro
  • evcil hayvan girebilir
  • hızlı check-in/check-out
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  • Temizlik 6,8
  • Tesis içerikleri 5,8
  • Konum 7,3
  • Oda Konforu/Standardı 6,8
  • Personel Performansı 7,3
  • Parasal karşılık 6,9
  • Yiyecek/Yemek 6,1
Kritere göre sırala


Almanya konumundan Montri kişi
Standart Oda
Ağustos 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Top Rezeption
Thank you for your help to get a privat bus to Moalboal.
24 Ağustos 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan Justin kişi
Standart Oda
Haziran 2016 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Great if you don't expect much
If you are adventurous and understand this is a "resort" in an impoverished location then you won't be disappointed. My newlywed wife and I stayed here as a transit point whale watching and visiting Sumilon Island. The surrounding village is very impoverished. There are no stores to speak of. Upon arrival we were ready for a stiff drink. Our options: San Miguel or staff would go out and buy a bottle of Emperor for the low cost of $2 USD. I gladly accepted. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are best had at the hotel. The food really was delicious. However, it was not at all what the pictures on Google maps showed. Options are limited to their availability. Please keep in mind that they charge for everything and no one seems to tell you in advance. Water seemed to be an issue at this hotel. We had to constantly check to make sure the water was turned on in our room. This was offset by an amazing view of the ocean and nearby island from our room (2nd floor, first door on the left), and we had hot water for showers. We did find a roach living in our bathroom, though. Also, the staff were Filipino nice. Nicer than you could expect from the most upscale hotels in the US. They were pleasant and really made you feel at home.
08 Haziran 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Avustralya konumundan Jeremy kişi
Küçük çocuklu aile
Family Oda
Nisan 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Nice big room for family
stayed here so we could go swim with whale sharks the next morning
29 Nisan 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Belçika konumundan Luc kişi
Küçük çocuklu aile
Standart Oda
Nisan 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Great hotel
Very friendly staff!
13 Nisan 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan Nathan kişi
Standart Oda
Nisan 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Didn't work
The wifi was down for the entirity of our stay. The toilet in our room did not flush. They were out of most of the items we tried to order from the restaurant.
10 Nisan 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan Vladimir kişi
Standart Oda
Şubat 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Good location for Whale Shark snorkeling
This place has the potential to be great. It's right on the sea, 3 min walk to the ferry, 15 minute tricyle ride to the whale sharks. The cons: It's old, falling apart, the staff is often confused, the food is below average. I'd say a change in ownership is due.
21 Şubat 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan Junior kişi
Standart Oda
Şubat 2016 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating
The staff and the food!!!
We had an amazing stay at noblesse hotel! The staff is very friendly and accommodating, I didn't have a single complaint about the food, they even let us go out and buy our own things which they cooked themeselves for a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!
12 Şubat 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan Steve kişi
Küçük çocuklu aile
Standart Oda
Eylül 2014 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
Broke down resort
Was the worst stay at a hotel I have ever stayed in. First the pool didn't work water was green and pump wasn't working, we asked for something to eat one day and was told it would take 1 to 1 1/2 hours to be made next day we went to order something about 6pm and was told cook went home so I guess no one else knew how to cook there just over all very bad stay .
10 Eylül 2014 Olarak değerlendirildi


Filipinler konumundan Rogine kişi
Standart Oda
Nisan 2014 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
big rooms
27 Ağustos 2014 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan christopher kişi
Standart Oda
Mayıs 2014 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Not good. Eden resort is the place to stay! We did
There is nothing nice I can say!
Horrible! There were two staff members who tried to be helpful. The owners of the place have practices which make staying there a non option. We left and went to resort a half mile away.
25 Mayıs 2014 Olarak değerlendirildi


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