Çok İyi 7,6
50 değerlendirme karşılığında alınan puan

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İnternet Erişimi

  • halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi
  • her odada ücretsiz Wi-Fi


  • havaalanı transferi
  • otopark

Yapılabilecekler, Rahatlamanın Yolları

  • bahçe
  • Masaj(lar)
  • turlar

Yeme, İçme ve Atıştırmalıklar

  • bar
  • buzdolabı
  • oda servisi
  • Oda servisi [24 saat]
  • ortak mutfak
  • restoran(lar)

Hizmet ve Tesis

  • çamaşır yıkama hizmeti
  • günlük oda hizmeti
  • kilitli dolap
  • sigara içilen alan


  • [24-saat] ön büro
  • evcil hayvan girebilir

Konuşulan Diller

  • Filipino
  • Fransızca
  • İngilizce
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Çok İyi

  • Temizlik 8,1
  • Tesis içerikleri 8,0
  • Konum 7,0
  • Oda Konforu/Standardı 7,5
  • Hizmet 8,2
  • Parasal karşılık 8,0
  • Yiyecek/Yemek 6,4
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Çok İyi

68 değerlendirme
  • Temizlik 7,3
  • Tesis içerikleri 6,6
  • Konum 6,3
  • Oda Konforu/Standardı 6,9
  • Hizmet 8,3
  • Parasal karşılık 7,9
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Çek Cumhuriyeti konumundan Jonas kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Eylül 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Nice, quiet a friendly place
Roberto (owner) is friendly, nice and smile guy who help you with any request. He rent us motorbike (scooter) for 300PHP/24h. and recomend us where to go in the city. Resort has own small bar, all other facilities are in town (5minutes by bike). Only con is that receptionest inform us we can check-out any time we want but Roberto told us that chceck-out was at 12AM and he asked for more money even when want to stay for only 2 more h. and resort was completly empty.
19 Eylül 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Filipinler konumundan Kristine kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Ocak 2016 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
Above average
The value we got is just right for its price. Although I would really appreciate if they upgrade their motorbikes. The motorbike we got actually cost us more since we need to have it repaired while we were on our way to chocolate hills. Quite far from food establishments but its okay if you can drive a bike.
11 Nisan 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


İngiltere konumundan miles kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Delüks Queen Oda
Şubat 2016 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
robertos stay
simple, clean, and supportive
Great staff, with clean rooms, and good aircon. Great value for money, and its only 3 mins from town on a scooter. I recommend for anyone with a tight budget
14 Şubat 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Güney Afrika konumundan Shea kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Şubat 2016 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
Did not get to stay - they double booked!
When we arrived the receptionist was not expecting us and was shocked and surprised when I produced our booking form! There were no rooms available. They had double booked. This is not something you want to hear at 8pm after 14 hours of traveling during the busy Chinese New Year period. My suggestion is that if you choose to use Agoda to book this hotel, call them straight afterwards, or even before, to make sure they know you are coming. The receptionist blamed the website saying they sell too many rooms. She moved us to another hotel. The new hotel (Villa Emelia) was good, and only another 5 minutes by tricycle.
14 Şubat 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Japonya konumundan akiko kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Delüks Klimalı
Aralık 2015 Tarihinde 7 gece kaldı
never stay at this place
water stops at any time don't take a shower before you go to bed the sink is rotten and the smell will annoy you whole night don't ask if they have bleach, they don't roberto just keeps boasting till you say it was wonderful of him to have put salt into the sink
05 Ocak 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan BRIAN kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Mart 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
We extended our stay here at Roberto's as we felt comfortable here. One big plus is, the affordable rental rates for bike to get around. They were pretty negotiable as we told them on the check out day we would like to take a spin to the store to get supplies before returning the bike. We were told its alright to do so without any extra charge but just need us to fill it with gas. We returned the bike with a full tank as the staff there were good to us. We will make a come back here next time, next year. Thank you Roberto and your great team of staff!
05 Nisan 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi


Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan BRIAN kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Mart 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
More than it seems!
comfort, quiet, affordable
Came here as we want a place closer to Alona beach. Though not within walking distance, at Roberto's Resort offers rental motorbike. And we did, we got to explore various places. A full tank barely cost 100 pesos. We preferred DumaLuan Beach to Alona, less crowd. We would come back here again and rental of motorbike much cheaper here.
24 Mart 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi


İsveç konumundan Emma kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Şubat 2015 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
Good wifi
21 Mart 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi


Japonya konumundan Takeshi kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Şubat 2015 Tarihinde 7 gece kaldı
Nice small resort
Friendly staff, nice garden, safe
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Shower has hot water.WiFi is there though sometimes weak and slow. Garden is nice and well taken cared of.Each room has outside table and chairs. You can use the kitchen though it costs php50 for gas per one recipe. If you don't rent a motorcycle, it's a bit far from beaches or restaurants or anything.(they rent you too for good price) Overall it was a good place to stay. Only that there are many hotels that are cheaper than this one with more or less the same quality.
09 Mart 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi


Slovakya konumundan Lubos kişi
Delüks Klimalı
Ocak 2015 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
awesome hospitality
awesome as always
10 Ocak 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi


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