Çok İyi 7,2
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Sotogrande Hotel & Resort hakkında


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İnternet Erişimi

  • halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi
  • her odada ücretsiz Wi-Fi


  • Araba kiralama
  • havaalanı transferi
  • otopark
  • ring servis

Yapılabilecekler, Rahatlamanın Yolları

  • [outdoor] yüzme havuzu
  • fitness merkezi
  • Masaj(lar)
  • özel plaj

Yeme, İçme ve Atıştırmalıklar

  • kahve dükkanı
  • oda servisi
  • Oda servisi [24 saat]
  • restoran(lar)

Hizmet ve Tesis

  • bavul depolama
  • çamaşır yıkama hizmeti
  • emanet kasası
  • gazeteler
  • misafir hizmetleri
  • ortak salon/TV odası
  • sigara içilen alan

Çocuklar İçin

  • [kids] yüzme havuzu
  • aile odası


  • [24-saat] ön büro
  • asansör
  • evcil hayvan girebilir

Konuşulan Diller

  • Filipino
  • İngilizce
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Yararlı Bilgiler

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Çok İyi

  • Temizlik 7,5
  • Tesis içerikleri 7,2
  • Konum 6,0
  • Oda Konforu/Standardı 7,7
  • Personel Performansı 7,8
  • Parasal karşılık 7,5
  • Yiyecek/Yemek 6,4
Kritere göre sırala


Türkiye konumundan mustafa kişi
İş için seyahat edenler
Ağustos 2012 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
yeni ve güzel bir hotel.
etraf sakin ve sessiz.
otel deniz kenarinda fakat plaji çok kötü ve bakimsiz.havuzu var çok küçük ve derin deyil.kahvalti zayif.otel çalişanlar güler yüzlü ve saygililar.
14 Ağustos 2012 Olarak değerlendirildi


Avustralya konumundan Justin kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Eylül 2016 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
Far from city and to get a taxi they ask between 50 and 100 peso on top of meter. There is a free shuttle out to main road however don't be in a hurry. The use of any of the 2 other nearby hotels is good. Breakfast boring and had to put up with smoke smelling shower for 3 days until it cleared. Only 1 nearby 7 Eleven on main road. Staff are good. Nice place if you intend just staying at hotel and not venturing out
04 Ekim 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Avustralya konumundan mick kişi
Eylül 2016 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
trip away
niceeeee spot and quiet place all good there had great time relaxing,thanks
01 Ekim 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Suudi Arabistan konumundan GHALEB kişi
Eylül 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
was good for my stay 1 night
22 Eylül 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Güney Kore konumundan hye kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Haziran 2016 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
Overall good value
The location was not that good and I had to pay extra pesos to call taxi. Other than that, I think the hotel is a good value compared to other hotels in Cebu.
07 Eylül 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Hong Kong konumundan HUI kişi
Küçük çocuklu aile
Ağustos 2016 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
Helpful Staff
The hotel is located next to Vista Mar Resort. We could swam in the infinity pool in Vista Mar. The beach is great. We swam when the tide was high. We walked on the water weeds and found many starfish when the tide was low. Fishes were found in the water, not too many, however, and were afraid of people. A taxi going to the Cebu city costs you more than 250 pesos, and an hour and a half during rush hours. The restaurant in Sotogrande is recommended. I prefer the one in Sotogrande to Vista Mar. The staff at the reception helped me to exchange HK dollars in the money changer at the main road, when I have no peso in my pocket. This saved me much time. Thank you very much. And the room is big, one bedroom and one common room. But the bed is small, only a queen size bed.
05 Eylül 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Filipinler konumundan Bernardo kişi
Büyük çocuklu aile
Ağustos 2016 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
Inaccessible, expensive
Stayed here for my first 70.3 Ironman experience and boy was I disappointed. Got a seat with an occupancy of 2 guests. I arrived there ahead of my daughter so when I asked if there are two beds they said it's only one queen sized bed. No problem, change it into two then. Nope, they won't. Additional bed has an extra charge. Geez. So they huddled over the computer and looked for a room with two separate beds. They joyfully told me that they found one. Catch being, it's a downgrade from my suite into a de luxe. Are you kidding? I was too tired to argue and just asked for the card keys. They only give one card key per room. What the hell. I have my own schedule and my daughter has her own. We need two keys. So they gave me another. But the damn thing does not work. Turns out when another key card is made the other key card is cancelled out. What an inconvenience to go down and ask for another key! Later it was my daughter's key card to not work. Everything has a price. Extra pillow, extra blanket comes with a cost. I was hoping that they'd be more lenient because my daughter was okay with sleeping on the couch, but they are the kind of staff who has no initiative whatsoever and no concept of customer service. I even doubt if they have at least a diploma in hotel restaurant and management. These are the locals who have this island-vibe of just doing what they are asked to do with no compunction to excel or exceed customers expectations. This place is also inaccessible. If you need a taxi you will have to pay more than what is on the meter. And they have a preferred taxi line with outrageously rude drivers who have a misplaced sense of entitlement. I would stay away from this place if I were you. I would have been okay with it, but the cost is unreasonable for such a lousy hotel and service. Go to Bigfoot instead or somewhere that's really close to the Main Road of Mactan Cebu.
09 Ağustos 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Güney Kore konumundan Maria kişi
Büyük çocuklu aile
Delüks Twin Oda
Temmuz 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
03 Ağustos 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Kanada konumundan Mark kişi
Temmuz 2016 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
Great place to relax
The hotel is connected to the La Marida resort and Vista del Mar. There are 5 swimming pools including 2 dedicated children's pools. Vista Mare has a beach which they all three hotels share. Nice sandy beach as well. Over all except for power outages during lighting storms, it is a great place to stay...
30 Temmuz 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


Avustralya konumundan Peter kişi
Temmuz 2016 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Good Hotel, boring location
Good hotel but the location was a little boring...
19 Temmuz 2016 Olarak değerlendirildi


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