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Suly Resort & Spa

Jalan Cok Rai Pudak Br. Yangloni, Peliatan, Ubud, Bali, Endonezya 80571 (Haritayı göster)

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Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Bahçe Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzu Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Otelin Dış Görünümü Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Bahçe Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleri Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Bar/Bekleme Salonu Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Dinlenme Olanakları Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Manzara Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Resepsiyon Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Bahçe Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Bahçe Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzu Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzu Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleri Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleri Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Manzara
Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Çevre Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Çevre Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzu Suly Resort & Spa Bali - Manzara
Bölge: Ubud Oda sayısı: 67

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Elodie L. Çiftler France, 23 Ağustos 2015

Nature, pool with view, dance show
WARNING /!\ The staff is weird in this hotel First they try to rip you off with the price of the room if you ask to extent your stay ; then for the breakfast they say a price and the day after they modify it without any reason ; then when you ask at the reception to book a driver, they told you a very high price which is ridiculous ; So when I asked them to call my own driver they charge me for the call : ridiculous . All the money they can take from you, be sure they will. Oh and because we didn't use their own expensive driver they didn't say goodbye to us when we left . They were obviously mad we didn't agree with their price. RIDICULOUS, again. Come on guys, STOP TRYING TO RIP OFF your customers like that ! Each time you ask for something, you have to justify yourself and there are like 5 people around you listening or watching what you want. That's too much. If you need toilet paper you don't need 5 or 6 people from the staff around you listening the scene. This is really annoying, you can't have any privacy. Other example, We hadn't finish our lunch yet but they were already around asking us to pay the bill ! THAT IS INCREDIBLY RUDE !!! You feel like they are hungry for money all the time. $$ $ What is wrong with them? The main positive point is the nature around the hotel and the pool with the view on rice fields, which is extremely beautiful. So I think we love nature but we don't like the hotel and the RUDE staff. The breakfast was ok. It's a buffet so you can choose between dishes, fruit, yoghurt, etc. You have choice and you can eat enough. Good. We tried two different rooms, one on the top floor with a nature view on rice fields, which was relaxing and nice. The room was clean, sheets were too. But we've found dark hair in the shower which is obviously disgusting. The negative point was the electricity or air con generators just next to the room, that was noisy and very annoying. Guests were very noisy on the corridors.
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Steven W. Yalnız seyahat edenler South Africa, 16 Ağustos 2015
Relaxing and incredible stay

Location, Staff, and calmness
This hotel is definitely a must if you visiting Ubud. The staff are amazing and friendly. The hotel is relaxing and the food is great. Really a highlight of my trip.
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Song K. Gruplar Malaysia, 15 Ağustos 2015
Good Night Rest

Good Rest, Great View, Genuine Balinese Design
The hotel was located outside of Ubud city centre and surrounded by the paddy fields. Can get very quiet at night with frogs croaking and crickets chirping. So it's a very relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle. It has two blocks and a few bungalow units. You can get quite a good view at the higher levels. The reception was designed as good as a grand hotel, though they ought to keep maintaining the pathway and gardens a bit. They are in fact a on-hands training facilities for students studying hospitality, so they are still in the learning process. Feels good to help out with their cause during our stay. Generally, it was a good stay. Except for one thing, the toilet smelled even though it has mechanical ventilation. They should look into that. Other than that, it is all well.
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Jo S. Yalnız seyahat edenler Australia, 5 Ağustos 2015

Suly Resort & Spa
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Giselle G. Büyük çocuklu aileler Netherlands, 26 Temmuz 2015
Old hotel not what it promised to be.

Garden, swimmingpool, breakfast.
Not so great. One building old , no glass or broken glass in Windows, holes in roof, leakage, no musquitonets, dirty and awfull smell in rooms. No yoga!!!!! It is a yoga resort! ! We booked it for the yoga. The staff is not so good. They dont know what to do. Not so helpfull.
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Supalerk J. Gruplar Thailand, 18 Temmuz 2015
Share experience

nice view and fresh air
Hotel is quite old . Floor is dirty. Breakfast is very slow. But it's OK
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Andres S. Küçük çocuklu aileler Estonia, 27 Nisan 2015
Comfort and culture in the middle of ricefields

Food was very gpod, as well as the exterior and interior and the pools
It is a very nice place for people looking for some quiet place to rest. Its very green and located in the middle of ricefields. Beautiful garden and sculptures. Highlight is the local students Bali traditional dance performance every Saturday and Wednesday night. You can book a dinner watching the show and its amazing. The pool is very nice and located in the green. All the time you can feel the traditional Bali atmosphere in this place. It is a bit too far from central Ubud and there is not much to see around the hotel, but there are 3 times a day free shuttle service to the central Ubud and back. Spa is located in hotel area and treatments are available from early morning to 10 pm. Restaurant is great and there is buffet breakfast included to the room price. I can recommend the deluxe garden view room as this was really nice with a big balcony, bath tube and beatiful interior. The standard budget rooms are not that good and price difference between standard and deluxe is not very big. Great place to dtay and relax.
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Arno C. Çiftler France, 8 Nisan 2015

staff, environment, confort
One of the best hotel I have been to. The staff was amazingly friendly and we could see that they enjoy what they do. Beautiful facilities surrounded by paddy fields and all that for a very good price. I recommend this hotel if you stay in ubud.
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Maria C. Çiftler Philippines, 9 Şubat 2015
Home in the middle of the fields

Affordable rooms, Friendly staff, Efficient service
We checked in late due to our late afternoon arrival in Bali. We didn't like the first room they gave us, the bathroom has old fixtures. We requested for a different room since we saw on the web that they have renovated rooms. Good thing, the new room is available and we were able to transfer rooms immediately. Their staff is very accommodating and open for feedback.
Bu değerlendirmeyi rapor et
Scott P. Yalnız seyahat edenler Australia, 2 Şubat 2015
Suly Ubud

Staff, pool, food.
Very pleasant.
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Suly Resort & Spa BaliSuly Resort & Spa Bali - BahçeSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzuSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Otelin Dış GörünümüSuly Resort & Spa Bali - BahçeSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleriSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Bar/Bekleme SalonuSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Dinlenme OlanaklarıSuly Resort & Spa Bali - ManzaraSuly Resort & Spa Bali - ResepsiyonSuly Resort & Spa Bali - BahçeSuly Resort & Spa Bali - BahçeSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzuSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzuSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleriSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Tesis özellikleriSuly Resort & Spa Bali - ManzaraSuly Resort & Spa Bali - ÇevreSuly Resort & Spa Bali - ÇevreSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Yüzme havuzuSuly Resort & Spa Bali - Manzara, online konaklama lideri Priceline Group şirketidir.