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05 Mayıs 2016 - 07 Mayıs 2016 | 2 gece
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Follow the Flow - Kahvaltı (Follow The Flow - Breakfast)
Kahvaltı Dahil
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Servis Ücretleri 10%, Otel vergisi 6%

215 92 TRY
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Follow the Flow - Kahvaltı (Follow The Flow - Breakfast)
Kahvaltı Dahil
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1 Yatak Odalı Delüks Havuz Villa - Kahvaltı (1 Bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa - Breakfast)
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Servis Ücretleri 10%, Otel vergisi 6%

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Son 2 oda
1 Yatak Odalı Delüks Havuz Villa - Kahvaltı (1 Bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa - Breakfast)
Kahvaltı Dahil
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Servis Ücretleri 10%, Otel vergisi 6%

323 185 TRY
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Deluxe One Bedroom with Pool View (Deluxe One Bedroom With Pool View)

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İki-Yatak Odalı Kır Evi (Two-Bedroom Cottage)

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The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching hakkında


Kuching şehrinde merkezi bir otel arıyorsanız, The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching'den başka bir yere bakmanıza gerek yok. Şehir merkezine 8 km uzaklıkta olan otelde, konuklar şehrin tüm aktivitelerine ve tarihi yerlerine kolayca ulaşabilirler. Bu modern otel Tukang Besi Jetty, Kuching Uluslararası Havaalanı, Kong Tua Pek gibi popüler noktalara yakın bulunuyor.

Bu The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching içinde sizi rahat ettirecek her olanak mümkün. Bu yüzden otel size her türlü hizmeti ve imkanı sunuyor. Konuklarına en üstün konforu sağlayabilmek için bu otel size her odada ücretsiz Wi-Fi, engelli konuklar için uygun, halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi, otopark, oda servisi gibi olanaklar sunuyor.

The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching, ambiansını birçok konuk odasında tamamen yansıtıyor. internet erişimi (kablosuz), kablosuz internet (ücretsiz), sigara içilmeyen odalar, klima, uyandırma hizmeti gibi özellikler hizmetinizde olan imkanlardan sadece birkaçı. Otel, aralarında sıcak su havuzu, fitness merkezi, sauna, golf sahası (3 km yakında), açık havuz gibi olanakların bulunduğu birçok mükemmel eğlence imkanı sunuyor. The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching, Kuching şehrinde konaklarken huzur ve konforunuz için ideal bir yer.
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Otel Olanakları

  • aile odası
  • bar
  • bisiklet kiralama
  • çamaşır yıkama hizmeti
  • engelli konuklar için uygun
  • iş merkezi
  • kahve dükkanı
  • oda servisi
  • restoran
  • sigara içilen alan
  • toplantı odası
  • turlar

Spor ve Dinlenme

  • açık havuz
  • bahçe
  • buhar odası
  • fitness merkezi
  • golf sahası (3 km yakında)
  • masaj
  • sauna
  • sıcak su havuzu
  • spa
  • tenis kortları


  • halka açık yerlerde Wi-Fi
  • her odada ücretsiz Wi-Fi


  • otopark
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0-2 yaş arası çocuk Mevcut yatakla ücretsiz kalabilirsiniz. Ancak ekstra yatak ücrete tabi olabilir.
3-10 yaş arası çocuklar Ekstra yatak gerekiyor
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  • Ekstra yataklar seçtiğiniz odaya bağlıdır. Lütfen daha fazla bilgi için oda detaylarını okuyunuz.
5'ten fazla oda ayırtıldığında farklı kurallar ve ek koşullar bulunabilir.
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Yararlı Bilgiler

Bar Sayısı: 2
Check-in başlangıç: 01:00PM
Havaalanı Transfer Ücreti: 30 MYR
Havaalanına Süre (Dakika): 10
Havaalanına Uzaklık: 12 km
İnternet kullanım ücreti: 0 MYR
Kahvaltı Ücreti: 0 MYR
Kat Sayısı: 1
Oda Sayısı: 10
Otelin İnşa Yılı: 2005
Resepsiyon kapanma saati:: 12:00AM
Restoran Sayısı: 1
Şehir merkezinden uzaklık: 8 km
Sigara İçilmeyen Odalar / Katlar: Yes
Son check-out: 12:00PM
Yıl Otel Son Onarım: 2011
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6,4 Adrianna T.
23 Nisan 2016
Peaceful place for tolerant people
Dont expect host and staff to be available at all time. They appear sometimes Do expect trust to you as a guest, a lot of freedom and mellow atmosphere. The only minus is a monkey that may be aggressive to children. You have to onserve it all the time. Location is close to airport but quite far to central Kuching.

10 LEK L.
03 Ocak 2016
Extremely helpful staff and very awesome rooms
Jaccuzi, Pool, Extremely awesome rooms
Probably the best boutique type hotel i stayed in. Very photogenic place. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Loved the jacuzzi and pool. Great place to relax. Only setback is the mosquitoes. However if we do come back to kuching again will definitely come back for a stay.

2 anuar S.
31 Aralık 2015
no comment
bad feeling

3,7 Chan K.
29 Kasım 2015
The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching
The staff service is good..
So dirty of the environment, (maybe they want it look like natural ...(sorry for my broken English)

8,3 Frank J.
19 Ekim 2015
Great and original place
Great environment created, Nice pool and good and big rooms
Great place. Only negative thing I can think of is the simple breakfast. And you have to know before you go here that there is a monkey, which can be agressive to new people

5 Ally L.
03 Ekim 2015
Nice view hotel but I won't visit again.
Nice view,special decorations,natural environment
Food is so so only.breakfast was water is not working well in our room.toilet door is spoiled.mirror is outside our provide mineral water and room service.we can't boil hot water also.wifi is very slow in our room.

5,7 kevin G.
United States of America
23 Ağustos 2015
nice stay
easy check in, friendly staff, good food
Overall nice stay. If your looking for traditional style hotel then this one is not for you. This is more like homestay with separate rooms around the property. Food was good the one night we ate there. Bar is self serve on the honor system. Décor is a little different and with a lot clutter everywhere. I felt the bar could have been cleaner since people are cutting fruit and making drinks. Several times there was old fruit around on the counters. That may bother some people. Overall it was still nice stay.

5,3 Sangeetha R.
19 Ağustos 2015
Beware of monkey visits & poor bath facilities
Very poor. We left first thing in the morning after a nights stay. 1) Visited by a monkey whilst on the loo. No doors to loo. Apparently the monkey is a regular visitor from the jungle nearby. Was very scary. 2) No hot water in the bathroom-which had to be accessed by leaving the room. Had no lights to see at night. 3) We booked the twin room which was essentially a double bed split into two (mattress & base). My roommate got the base, and did not sleep a wink all night. 4) No real doors or locks to bath facilities 5) Water feature everywhere-so sound of running water keeps you up constantly. No quiet. Breeding ground for mosquitoes!

9,3 boban Z.
United States of America
19 Nisan 2015
Probably our favorite place in Malaysia
Cyril (the owner), the food, the atmosphere
We loved our stay at the Secret Sanctuary! It's a kind of place that deserves a movie made about it... Very relaxing (we all loved the fish spa pool!) + some of the best "fusion" food we had in Malaysia + very helpful owner (Cyril) who helped us with our sightseeing itinerary and drove us everywhere. Perhaps not for business travelers or people who want their hotels perfectly neat and sterile, but if you like the relaxed california hot springs vibe, this place will feel like your second home!

9,7 Andrew H.
United Kingdom
12 Haziran 2015
Wonderfully Bohemian Friendly Little Hidden Palace
The owner Cyril, his beautiful staff, the style, the feeling, the decor... the absolute pleasure of feeling welcome and accepted.
We loved it here - in fact so much so we stayed an extra week. Cyril the owner went all out to give us the best time possible - he made us feel so welcome and even took us out to see the sites, without expecting anything in return. He was a true gentleman. The energy and sheer style of the place is all created entirely from his passion - every corner reveals an unexpected room in which to lounge, a beautiful little pool complete with waterfall, a fish spa to sooth one's aching feet. His staff were so friendly, there was an honesty bar in which it was up to you to be just that - honest. In fact the whole place felt authentic and honest - it was a dream - we did not want to leave. I'm sure the place is not for everyone, but if you want to experience true hospitality and a non judgmental, almost spiritual vibe, then don't let this place remain a secret to you - go and see Cyril - he works so hard to make the place a mini paradise and really deserves to have punters to share it with - that seems to be his love. We would return annually if we could. Thanks Cyril, for making our stay so memorable xx

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