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Mr. Kwiiz Resort

Pacil, Malapascua, Daanbantayan, Острів Малапаскуа, Малапаску Айленд, Філіппіни

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Виберіть номери
13 лютого 2016 - 15 лютого 2016 | 2 нічліги
Типи кімнат Макс.
за номер за ніч

Особливості Mr. Kwiiz Resort

Зручності в готелі

  • багажне відділення
  • бар
  • догляд за дитиною
  • екпрес-реєстрація
  • екскурсії
  • зона для паління
  • кафе
  • обмін валют
  • обслуговування в номерах
  • пральня
  • прокат велосипедів
  • ресторан
  • сімейний номер
  • спільний лаунж/ТВ зона
  • трансфер готель/аеропорт
  • цілодобове обслуговування номерів
  • щоденна робота по дому

Спорт і дозвілля

  • масаж


  • бездротовий доступ WiFi
  • безкоштовний Wi-Fi у всіх номерах

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Курорт - Опис
Зручно розташований у Малапаску Айленд, Mr. Kwiiz Resort є прекрасною базою для вивчення ціього жвав...більше Зручно розташований у Малапаску Айленд, Mr. Kwiiz Resort є прекрасною базою для вивчення ціього жвавого міста. Саме звідси гості можуть насолоджуватися легким доступом до всього, що це чудове місто може запропонувати. Через безпосередню близкість до таких пам"яток, як Еволюшн Дайвінг, Баунти Біч, Дакіт-Дакіт Корал Ріф, відвідувачі просто полюблять його за це місцерозташування.

Скористайтеся багатвом чудового сервісу та послуг у цьому Малапаску Айленд готелі. Цей готель пропонує численні послуги, щоб задовольнити потреби самих вибагливих гостей.

Крім того, всі номери оснащені такими зручностями, як кімнати для некурців, вентилятор, душ, щоб задовольнити потреби найвибагливіших клієнтів. Масаж готелю є ідеальним місцем для вдпочинку після напруженого дня. Якщо ви шукаєте комфортне та зручне місце проживання в Малапаску Айленд, Mr. Kwiiz Resort замінить вам ваш рідний дім.
Курорт - Політика
Корисна інформація
Страви, Напої та Розваги

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Petter T. Поїздка вдвох
Sweden, 12 січня 2016
aggressive, out-of-control violence on the hotel
if you want to be attractive to guests, a good idea is not to let your staff beat up their kids/younger staff on the hotel grounds. you know, tourists often come from countries where savagery is not an accepted part of parenthood/life in general. and if you're still going to let your staff beat up their kids/younger staff, we recommend you not to let them do it where your guests are staying, and - which might seem obvious, but is apparently not so - don't let your staff use the guests shoes to beat up kids/younger staff. at the occasion, the staff member was very aggressive and seemed out of control. a very disturbing experience that led to certain emotional discomfort, especially for my girlfriend. we left the day after.
Robert F. Поїздка вдвох
United Kingdom, 06 січня 2016
look elsewhere.

3 minutes walk to the beach
About 100m back from the end of the beach behind Evolution resort so fairly easy to find. Rooms are basic and need a good airing as they are musty. We had numerous water cuts during our stay, when asking at the eating area the water came back on after a few minutes... for some reason they turn the water off often. Currently some construction work going on in the restaurant area, building new walls etc. A new pool has been built but it is a mosquito breeding area as there is no filter or water circulation or chlorine in the water. WIFI is only available in the eating area and is extremely slow. Breakfast is from 0730 but the place was plagued with flies, I didn't experience flies in other parts of the island. I walked around and found several pigs and a rubbish dump at the back of the eating building. Be aware you need to ask about the breakfast that is included in the room rate as they don't tell you what is included and then present you with a bill when checking out.. I saw this about 4 times so it appears to be bit of a scam. As normal within village areas there are lots of barking dogs, crowing cocks and squealing pigs. Air con in the room hardly worked and resulted in shrugged shoulders from the people working there. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to people I like.
maxime M. Поїздка вдвох
Canada, 02 липня 2015
Even though the price is cheap, you should run away from this place. The rooms are disgusting (floor, walls, bedsheets, toilet), both my girlfriend and I got food poisoning from eating to the restaurant, the staff was all but helpful and nice, the place is full of flies and they have 5-6 chained dogs that constantly bark day and night. The room they put us in had a sink but no faucet, therefor no water... After the first night in this rathole being sick (without proper sick and NO toilet paper), we ask to be upgraded in a better room (it was low saison, so lots of room available) and we were really the negotiate a price accordingly to the upgrade. However, the manager wouldn't recognize any fault, wouldn't hear anything and just ignored us. She finally told us that if we wanted a good room we just had to go see elsewhere... I have never been so shocked and we have never seen a hotel care less about there clients than Mr. Kwiiz! We had already paid for 4 nights and after this first horrible experience, even though I hate wasting money for nothing, we decided to leave. So I repeat, even though it's cheap, do yourself a favour and pay a little bit more in order to have a good time!
Charity M. Поїздка вдвох
Philippines, 08 червня 2015
food were expensive

food were expensive and there were a lot of dogs outside our room & our CR doesnt have a light
Kate F. Індивідуальний мандрівник
United Kingdom, 14 травня 2015
Lovely staff

Staff, Staff and Staff
The hotel is just off the beach and the budget rooms are very basic but the people running this little guesthouse are so welcoming and friendly that you don't mind the basic standard.
Bremeline M. Поїздка вдвох
Canada, 17 березня 2015
Great stay!

Staff and value for money
We stayed 3 nights at Mr.Kwizz. The hotel is off the beach but the beach is only a 2 minute walk. The staff are really lovely as it is a family run business. The room is simple and bright, all you really need as you don't spend a lot if time in the room. The only downside are the chickens/roosters which keep you up all night but that can't be helped as its a very small island. It's part of the culture so you just need to embrace it. Malapascua is mainly a diving island so hotels along the beach are expensive. Mr.Kwizz offers great value for money which leaves you with more the spend on diving. I recommended staying here as its super laid back and affordable.
Steffen S. Група
Germany, 28 лютого 2015
So nice Place in the Village

The rooms The Restaurant Not at the Beach
Very nice but to short
davide S. Індивідуальний мандрівник
Italy, 13 лютого 2015
terrible experience

I've booked only one night ..nice restaurant,orrible place to stay..and now they are building a swimming pool with all building noises during the morning
Ricky N. Індивідуальний мандрівник
Canada, 06 лютого 2015
Value for money

Guests were invited to a staff's birthday party. hot water for my own coffee ( I hate Nescafé) always there hen you need them
Emma E. Поїздка вдвох
Sweden, 01 січня 2015
Mr. Kwiiz Resort
The food was okay - you get what you pay for. The location was okay but a bit tricky to find. Friendly staff.

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