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  • Ga MTR Tsim Sha Tsui (0.1 Km / 2 phút đi bộ)
    Khu vực dành cho:
  • mua sắm
  • ngắm cảnh
  • nhà hàng
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  • Sân bay Quốc Tế Hong Kong (25.2 Km)
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  • "Phòng sạch sẽ", "nhân viên thân thiện", "vị trí đẹp"
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  • Khu phức hợp mua sắm 1881 Heritage (0.3 Km / 4 phút đi bộ)
  • Bảo tàng Nghệ thuật Hồng Kông (0.3 Km / 4 phút đi bộ)
  • Trung tâm New World (0.3 Km / 4 phút đi bộ)
  • Đại lộ Ngôi sao (0.4 Km / 5 phút đi bộ)

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Comfort Guest House E

Flat C5 10/F, Block C, Chung King Mansion, 40 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Xem bản đồ)

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"Accommodating Staff. Near MTR. Clean..."

Dovicon, Philippines 25 Tháng Chín 2015

Những đặc trưng của Comfort Guest House E

Tiện Nghi

  • giữ hành lý
  • két sắt
  • quầy lễ tân 24 giờ
  • thang máy


  • Miễn phí Wi-fi tất cả các phòng
  • Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng

Ngôn ngữ sử dụng

  • Tiếng Anh
  • Tiếng Phillipines
  • Tiếng Trung Quốc (Quan Thoại)
  • Tiếng Trung Quốc (Quảng Đông)

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Mô tả Nhà khách
Được tu sửa lại năm , khách sạn Comfort Guest House E bảo đảm mang đến cho quý khách sự hài lòng dù ...Xem tiếp Được tu sửa lại năm , khách sạn Comfort Guest House E bảo đảm mang đến cho quý khách sự hài lòng dù đang ở Hong Kong để công tác hay nghỉ dưỡng. Chỉ cách trung tâm thành phố khoảng 0.1 Km và bạn có thể đến sân bay trong vòng 45 phút. Mang dáng vẻ gần gũi và gần với Tòa nhà Chungking, Khách sạn bán đảo Hong Kong, Nhà Chabad Cửu Long làm cho khách sạn này có một vẻ đẹp quyến rũ đặc biệt.

Với việc mang lại dịch vụ cao cấp cho khách và một loạt những tiện nghi hiện đại, Comfort Guest House E đã cam kết sẽ đem đến cho bạn một kì nghỉ thoải mái dễ chịu nhất có thể. Sự chọn lọc khắt khe những thiết bị hàng đầu như Miễn phí Wi-fi tất cả các phòng, quầy lễ tân 24 giờ, giữ hành lý, Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng, thang máy để khách có thể tận hưởng thoải mái khi ở khách sạn.

Bước vào một trong 24 phòng khách, bạn như rũ bỏ một ngày dài căng thẳng với một loạt tiện nghi như truy cập internet không dây, truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), phòng không hút thuốc, máy lạnh, quạt trong một số phòng. Bên cạnh đó, khách sạn còn gợi ý cho bạn những hoạt động vui chơi giải trí bảo đảm bạn luôn thấy hứng thú trong suốt kì nghỉ. Comfort Guest House E là một sự lựa chọn thông minh cho du khách khi đến Hong Kong, nơi mang lại cho họ một kì nghỉ thư giãn và thoải mái.
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Thức Ăn, Đồ Uống và Giải Trí

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Sắp xếp theo:
kieu L. Du lịch một mình
Vietnam, 31 Tháng Mười 2014
Nhận xét về Comfort guest e

vị trí, thái dộ phục vụ, tiện nghi
tất cả đều tốt.
Aske E. Du lịch một mình
Denmark, 03 Tháng Mười 2015

Clean room, nice staff
Okay, but the location (building) is terrible and the room was extremely small without a window and a noisy fan and semi-working aircon.
Dovicon S. Du lịch nhóm
Philippines, 26 Tháng Chín 2015
My Review

Accommodating Staff. Near MTR. Clean Hostel.
It was good. I don't regret booking this place after reading all the reviews. Staff Ate Marissa was very accommodating and friendly. No one beats a Filipino hospitability! She provided us the Disneyland tickets and HKG souvenirs for discounted rate. She's an epitome of quality customer service. I will definitely book this place again in my return to HKG. Only issues we have were the a/c and electrical socket in Room 16. I am a sensitive sleeper and the occasional noise from the a/c awakes me. Regarding the socket, only one is functioning. My friend has to use the socket from the TV to charge her phone and power bank. These issues were just minor but I hope it will be fixed in our return. Thanks!
Antonino L. Du lịch cặp đôi
Indonesia, 24 Tháng Chín 2015
Excellent for travellers on a budget

Price. Close to MRT. Staff.
Shocked at first. Room was very small. But many people say that it is the cleanest guest house in chungking mansion. I must agree. The only annoying thing is that you can only access it through one small elevator. If you are not used to the smell of Indian/South Asian food you might get annoyed by the ground level of Chungking Mansion. Location is great though. Close to everything and MRT. The best thing about this guest house is the friendliness of Pamela.
Sarah C. Du lịch nhóm
Philippines, 25 Tháng Chín 2015
Just ok

Near to the mtr. Good aircon. Helpful staff
Our room is small but we already know about it. One of the staff, marissa was very helpful. She accommodated all our requests. She cleans the room everyday and replaced our towels. I just didn't like when I saw a cockroach in our room and a few in the Lift. the building where the guesthouse is located, is kinda scary cause of guys at the lobby selling rooms as well and bugging us like they're interested. Some guys will stare from head to toe. We booked comfort guesthouse but when we arrived, we were given the room at Joyous guesthouse which had a very low score here in agoda. I didnt know why it happened, maybe comfort was full already. There was a price difference also between comfort and joyous guesthouse. The latter is cheaper. Based on the reviews, bottled water was provided. But during our stay, we never got even 1. Just free coffee.
Jean C. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ
Philippines, 22 Tháng Chín 2015
Comfort Feel!!!

The place is near the MTR Station and very accessible. The best was Marissa!!! She is very helpful and kind. The service she has extended to my family made our stay hassel-free! Also has free wifi.
Comfort Guest House E was a good place to stay. Every day the sheets are replaced and the room is cleaned by Marissa. She is very polite, always smiling and goes out of her way to help us. I also appreciate her manager, Jacky, who is also very accommodating. He upgraded our room to make my nephew comfortable with no extra costs! I also love the fact that it is very near the MTR-TST Station, shopping malls and dining areas. Hassel-free! The Guest House E also has free wifi and cable. Although the cable channels are very limited and mostly compose of chinese channels, the reliable wifi made is ok. The package we got did not include any breakfast so I could not rate their fod services and I do not know if they have a kitchen for that. But since the place is near several restaurants and grocery, finding a place to eat is not a problem.
RETHELJE B. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ
Philippines, 23 Tháng Chín 2015
Good location. Accomodating & helpful staff.

1)accessible location 2)cheap 3)friendly and helpful staffs
The only thing that i didnt like is the building lobby but aside from that all is ok. Like what other say about the guys who tries to sell you stuffs at the lobby, It may annoys you but just strongly say no and they will not bother you. It is located at block C which in my opinion, is way better than those in block A & B because at block C, the lift has less queue and less crowded compared to other blocks. The location is very near to mtr station and bus stops. Walking distance to avenue of stars and museums. Few stations away to central. The room is always clean. AC is is cool enough as well. Shower is quite good also although the toilet is quite small. The manager was very nice too. He checks if we have concerns. When we needed to print something, he did it for us, free of charge. Special thanks to Ate Marissa. She was very helpful and nice. You can ask her for cheaper tickets to disneyland, ocean park and if you plan to visit macau, she can also help you get cheaper tickets for the ferry. Also, after knowing that it was my son's birthday, she even gave him a birthday present. I was really surprised with the gesture and I appreciate it.
MELANIE G. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ
Philippines, 15 Tháng Chín 2015
Value for Money

Very Accommodating Staff, Accessibility and Clean Room (though it's tooo small)
1. The room is too small. 2. Room assignment was not followed when we were informed that we were upgraded to FAMILY ROOM. 3. Thought the room is clean. 4. Staff Marissa is very accommodating, friendly and helpful to assist us where to ride, where to go, etc.
Raquilino N. Du lịch nhóm
Philippines, 14 Tháng Chín 2015
Staying in Comfort Guest House is such a breeze

Hospitality, Proximity and Value for Money
Although we checked in past midnight, Mr. Jeckie gave us a warm welcome and willingly accompanied us to our room. We were surprised the cleanliness of our room and experienced an ultra high speed wi-fi connectivity. Staff are so accomodating especially Marissa who allowed us to safekeep our luggages with them even it's already beyond our check out time to enable us to continue our shopping spree. Highly recommended and we can't wait to stay again at this hotel in our next visit..
Franklin S. Du lịch cặp đôi
Philippines, 10 Tháng Chín 2015
Clean, Affordable, Nice location, staff r friendly

Staff - Location - Cleanliness
We recently stayed here, you will get what you paid. The hostel is very accessible to MTR station, and just a walking distance to avenue of the stars. The staff are friendly most specially Ate Marissa same with Ate Lody, you can ask Ate Marissa for directions and she can also help to get you some tickets for some of the tourist attractions their. The hostel is clean. This is very affordable most specially for the travelers who will invest their money to try local food, and tourist destination entrance. We really appreciated the hospitality provided by the staff. Please take care of them because their hospitality if your best asset. :) Cheers! We'll stay again next time.

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