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  • Bãi biển Sai Nuan (1.0 Km / 12 phút đi bộ)
  • Vịnh cá mập (1.2 Km / 15 phút đi bộ)
  • Mae Haad (1.5 Km / 18 phút đi bộ)
  • Đường tre Jax Trek (1.5 Km / 18 phút đi bộ)

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Namhasin House

13/28 T. Koh Tao, Chalok Baan Kao, Koh Tao, Thái Lan

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Những đặc trưng của Namhasin House

Tiện Nghi

  • nhà hàng
  • phòng hút thuốc
  • quán cà phê


  • Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng

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  • bãi đỗ xe

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Mô tả Nhà khách
Tọa lạc ở vị trí đẹp của Chalok Baan Kao, Namhasin House hưởng được rất nhiều lợi thế trong thể thao...Xem tiếp Tọa lạc ở vị trí đẹp của Chalok Baan Kao, Namhasin House hưởng được rất nhiều lợi thế trong thể thao, bãi biển, ngắm cảnh trung tâm của Koh Tao. Từ đây, khách có thể dễ dàng tiếp cận được nét đẹp sống động của thành phố ở mọi góc cạnh. Mang dáng vẻ gần gũi và gần với Vịnh Chalok Ban Kao, Địa điểm du lịch Haad Thien (Rocky Bay), Vịnh Thian Og làm cho khách sạn này có một vẻ đẹp quyến rũ đặc biệt.

Namhasin House mang lại dịch vụ hoàn hảo, làm hài lòng cả những vị khách khó tính nhất với những tiện nghi sang trọng tuyệt vời. Khi nghỉ ngơi trong khách sạn tuyệt vời này, khách có thể tận hưởng Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng, bãi đỗ xe, nhà hàng, quán cà phê, phòng hút thuốc.

Hãy trải nghiệm qua các thiết bị phòng chất lượng cao cấp trong suốt thời gian bạn lưu lại. Một số phòng được trang bị máy lạnh, bàn, quạt, két sắt trong phòng, vòi hoa sen, giúp cho bạn phục hồi sức khỏe sau một ngày dài. Bên cạnh đó, khách sạn còn gợi ý cho bạn những hoạt động vui chơi giải trí bảo đảm bạn luôn thấy hứng thú trong suốt kì nghỉ. Namhasin House là một sự lựa chọn thông minh cho du khách khi đến Koh Tao, nơi mang lại cho họ một kì nghỉ thư giãn và thoải mái.
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Sắp xếp theo:
NGOC B. Du lịch nhóm
Vietnam, 21 Tháng Hai 2014
Khách sạn cũ, cơ sở vật chất xuống cấp

Vị trí cạnh bãi biển đẹp, có thể đi chơi buổi tối một cách thuận tiện tuy nhiên phòng ở không thoải mái, nhỏ và cũ, máy lạnh chập chờn
Vị trí cạnh bãi biển đẹp, có thể đi chơi buổi tối một cách thuận tiện tuy nhiên phòng ở không thoải mái, nhỏ và cũ, máy lạnh chập chờn
Pablo M. Du lịch một mình
Argentina, 18 Tháng Tám 2015
Hot , bad wifi and not change of sheet

quiet - location
was ok, but very hot in the room, only two fan. with a small aircon is enough for have in better condition the place. In the terrace is all empty, not couch only small table. When the people leave the place, not change of the sheet and that is so dirty!!!
Madeleine D. Du lịch một mình
United Kingdom, 15 Tháng Ba 2015
Not for a light sleeper. No peace and quiet

Price and easy to find
Last review May 2014. Building work going on, opposite room on main roadside. Work starting early. Builders yard next door to this. Trucks in and out all day. Situated on junction of Shark bay road and Chaolok bay? road. Noisy from mbikes, quad bikes and truck taxis revving up the hill. Staff UNfriendly, from moment I arrived. Old lady appeared angry that I had only booked 1 night. Was treated like a criminal! In the morning I had a breakfast costing 70Bt. When I had finished, I went back to my room to collect my luggage. The old lady sent the younger girl after me to find out why I hadn't paid for my breakfast! During the night other residents coming back up to 4am and being particularly noisy about it. Why does nobody respect anybody's peace and quiet anymore? Verdict - I don't think there are ANY quiet rooms in this place and it's only useful as a jump-off point to other parts of the island. My room 7, on the top floor, overlooked the busy main road, from Mae Haad to Shark Bay, was very modern and had clearly been refurbished, in the last year. But, like a previous reviewer, had a strangely uncomfortable valance/mattress protector, over a fitted sheet and I didn't know if I was expected to sleep on top of this (it was ribbed and patterned) or under it. The bathroom had been retiled and was very modern. New curtains had been fitted, but the ones on the balcony were 20cms narrower than the window, so couldn't be closed completely. Having spent money on refurbishment, a 1 metre wider curtain wouldn't have cost much more, but would have been satisfactory. I only stayed the one night.
Alessandra B. Du lịch cặp đôi
Italy, 19 Tháng Năm 2014
Expansive for what it is

Location was not bad, but you need a motorbike to go anywhere.
Bad and uncomfortable room, extremely hot even with the fan on all day and night. Staff unhelpful.
donna R. Du lịch cặp đôi
United Kingdom, 24 Tháng Hai 2014
pleasant, attentive manager, lots of ants

clean, modern, balcony
Very pleasant welcome from the manager, clean modern room with balcony. Agree with the statement about the bedding, we had only a valence sheet which was severly stained and full of sand. The ants were marching out the bathroom across the bed, but a bit of powder and they werent a problem. Unfortunatly the manager couldn't another sheet so we had another bedspread, in the morning he was very apologetic and sent us some coffee. There are plenty more places further down the road for cheaper.
Jennifer H. Du lịch một mình
United Kingdom, 27 Tháng Giêng 2014
Fantastic Service

The people who run this guesthouse are so kind and helpful
I would recommend anyone stay at this hotel. We had a quite room which was great value for money. I had a motorbike accident and the owners could not have been more accomadating. They helped, done first aid and checked on me every day! They could not have been more lovely or helpful
Joanna S. Du lịch nhóm
United Kingdom, 11 Tháng Giêng 2014
Friendly, attentive staff. Nice, clean rooms

The staff, the price and the location.
I stayed here in jan 2014 with two female friends. The couple who run it are really friendly and happy to help. The rooms were large and clean. Although it isn't located right by the main beach it's only a 15 min walk or short taxi ride. There us WiFi in the communal area which works fine. The complimentary breakfast was decent. I don't really have a bad word to say about it. Really happy that we stayed here.
Regen H. Du lịch một mình
United States of America, 29 Tháng Mười Hai 2013
Newly remodeled room that's close to a beach

newly remodeled room, centrally located to all of Koh Tao's sightseeing, extremely helpful/friendly staff
This hostel has been newly remodeled, so everything is new- new beds, new toilet, new floor, etc. The rooms are somewhat small, but you get a private room. There are several beaches in Koh Tao, but this is just a short walk from a beautiful, quiet beach. It is also a 5-15 minute walk from the center of town. There are many shops and restaurants nearby. It is also not next to the noisy bars, so you can get a good night's sleep. The staff is very friendly and helpful with suggestions. There is no continental breakfast or coffee. There is no computer provided for internet, so bring your own.
Steve B. Du lịch cặp đôi
Canada, 11 Tháng Giêng 2013
Ok hotel

Nothing to add
The staff was friendly, but honestly it's not worth the price that Agoda is asking for. Not near anything, you have rent a motorbike to get around. The room we stayed in had a bad smell!!
Stas B. Du lịch cặp đôi
Netherlands, 13 Tháng Bảy 2013
Hotel was difficult to reach, dirty, unfriendly

The island it's located on, the people on Koh Tao and activities on Koh Tao
The hotel was so much different from the info on the website and under normal standards, we decided to take our loss and leave. The hotel is located along a worksite and you're isolated. The hotel was dirty, no reception, no towels or toiletpaper and the people were really unfriendly. We would not recommend this hotel to anyone going to Koh Tao

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