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Regency Hotel de Vigan

#03 Alcantara St. Barangay VIII, Vigan Market Place Vigan City, Pantay Daya, Vigan, Philippines 2700

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Thi N. Du lịch một mình Vietnam, 16 Tháng Hai 2013
Khách sạn xinh xắn, sạch sẽ, nhân viên thân thiện

Khách sạn khá xinh xắn, dễ thương, phòng sạch sẽ tuy hơi nhỏ, ông chủ khách sạn và nhân viên vô cùng nhiệt tình, thân thiện và dễ mến
Khuôn viên KS được bài trí khá dễ thương, thoáng đãng, sạch sẽ, phòng khá mới và sạch sẽ tuy hơi nhỏ 1 chút, wifi tốt hơn các khách sạn khác ở Philippines rất nhiều. Đặc biệt, ông chủ khách sạn và nhân viên ở đây rất dễ thương, họ nhiệt tình, cẩn thạn và thân thiện. Nếu có dịp trở lại Vigan nhất định tôi sẽ quay lại khách sạn này.
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Hermie C. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ Philippines, 21 Tháng Năm 2016
The worst hotel that I've seen!
Location: they are situated in the market place- there's a catch, behind their building is the cemetery. Parking- online they said that there is parking, when we arrived, the parking is on the other block and i dont think your car is secured there, no security guard, it was just like an empty lot. So i decided to park at my own risk in front of the building- metrobank to be exact and begged the security guard of the said bank to look after our car. Front desk- i booked in this hotel at it was confirmed for a garden view room. When we arrived, front desk ladies told me that there was a problem in the room that was booked for us and they offerd two other rooms since we are four adults. I told them if i could check the room, she said sure. I told them okay i will take two rooms if they can give me two rooms close to each other. Two ladies staring at each other, and said its not possible. But because i sensed something fishy goin on i told them then what i shoud do.we are family and we want to stay in the room together. They talked in their language and it pissed me off. Thinking that these ladies thought that i could not understand what they are saying! So i told them, why they did not call me in the first place so that i will be aware? They were caught off guard! They said okay ma'am please wait for 20mins. So i let it go. But at around 8pm, somebody knocked on our door, 2ladies who were previously occupying the room ( for 3 nights)! So to make it short, they give that room to us though it was somebody else's room! So where's the respect on that! The staff needs a good customer service training. In addition to that, for the electric kettle which u commonly see and part of the amenities in the other hotels, in this hotel u have to pay 150 per day if u want one! The cafeteria, i noticed that the tissue that they placed on the tissue holder were from toilet tissue paper cut in pieces and placed! I cannot even imagine who's hand cut and placed these tissues!
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Marybeth P. Du lịch nhóm Canada, 18 Tháng Năm 2016
The staff was rude. No considerations was given.
I will never recommend this hotel .
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Marjorie R. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ Philippines, 15 Tháng Năm 2016
Very disappointing hotel experience
The pic in the site is not the real hotel. the hotel is located behind the commercial building. The room size says it is 36 sqm but it is actually a room with a mezzanine which has a low ceiling. The room size is very small. Other features provided are not accurate (i.e., executive lounge, bbq facilities etc). I suggest Agoda do some due diligence before placing pictures and features so as not to fool anyone again.
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Rowena B. Gia đình với trẻ lớn Australia, 02 Tháng Năm 2016
Very helpful staff
Very helpful staff and good room rates.
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Luz M. Du lịch cặp đôi United Arab Emirates, 01 Tháng Năm 2016
No tissue/soap.. Late check-in
Ironic. We requested for an early check in but instead got a late check in. Owner told us normal check in 2pm. We waited. Room was handed over past 2pm.Lady at reception didn't come back as promised for a soap n tissue after handing over the room to us.
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Maricar A. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ Philippines, 24 Tháng Tư 2016
the rooms were very small. first time i checked in a hotel that didn't have any complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste and bottled water. the bathroom sinks were clogged, disgusting! the kettle had to be rented for P350!!! unbelievable!! the rooms were clean though, the staff was friendly and accommodating.overall i give it a rating of 3.2.
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Rafael A. Du lịch nhóm Philippines, 15 Tháng Tư 2016
The hotel is near the market but they have separate parking area and just few minutes away.
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Jane M. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ Philippines, 13 Tháng Tư 2016
The parking was very far :) the shower at the loft was broken and no hot water,rooms was too small you cant hardly move:( food wasnt so good.Aircon was too hot!!
Khiếu nại nhận xét này
Roselle H. Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ United States of America, 12 Tháng Tư 2016
Not recommended
Poor customer service. Not happy with our stay.. can't recommend to my friends
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Regency Hotel de Vigan ViganRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Ban Công/Sân ThượngRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Ngoại cảnh khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Ngoại cảnh khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Ngoại cảnh khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Nội thất khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Nội thất khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Nội thất khách sạnRegency Hotel de Vigan Vigan - Khu vực lễ tân

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