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阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 (Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa)

P.O. Box 128555, Sheikh Zayed Street,, 市中心, 阿布达比, 阿拉伯联合酋长国 (显示地图)


原名 : Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa Abu Dhabi by Anantar
阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店外观 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 入口 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店外观 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 游泳池 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 娱乐设施 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 健身房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 美容沙龙 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 咖啡店 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅
阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 自助餐 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 卫浴间 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒吧/休闲厅 阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 行政酒廊
所在区域: 市中心 客房数: 222







全部点评 (137)
Katherine K. 夫妇 United Kingdom, 2015年6月12日
Overnight stay

Shower, comfort of bed
Muna A. 单行旅客 Qatar, 2015年6月5日
Wonderful pool suite good for covered ladies.

Staff are welcoming /welling to serve, pool suite is good option for covered ladies& Kasara lounge
Very nice unlike my previous stay this time they took care of me.
Yousef M. 商务旅客 United Arab Emirates, 2015年3月12日
Blessed stay

Room sizes, surroundings and avilability of services
I enjoyed my time in Mangroves Hotel. The room comfort and the avilability of cafes and restaurants were the main reason
Mohammed A. 家庭及年幼儿童 United Arab Emirates, 2015年1月2日
the treatment of the employee rated 0

Carolyn P. 夫妇 Australia, 2014年12月21日
Great hotel

Beautiful room Friendly helpful staff lovely view
A beautiful room with a fantastic view with helpful attentive staff
Rupa A. 团队游客 India, 2014年12月4日
Lovely Location

Location, dining options, view
Nice rooms, and lovely mangrove view. The area was great for a morning walk, and the weather was perfect. The pool is extremely tiny, and the place was pack with kids due to National Day, so that was disappointing. Nice hotel, but not worth the price.
Mark R. 夫妇 United Kingdom, 2014年11月5日
This Hotel has gone down hill

Location & Food
I have stayed at this hotel twice before when it first opened. This difference in the last two years is stark. The staff are less well trained and attentive, the hotel rooms are not that clean, we had to move rooms as the one we were given (none smoking) had a smell like someone had died while chain smoking. It took an hour to move us to the next room and the hotel was not full, making us late for our dinner. When we go to the new room we found out our luggage had been left in the hallway for the previous hour unattended (luckily nothing was missing). When we got in to the new room the showers mixer tap was broken and was never fixed for our entire stay. For breakfast, our attendant would not let us order cooked breakfast although the next table with a different waiter could! We also received tea poured from a coffee flask, which tasted of coffee! When we asked for a fresh teapot we were told you couldn't get one, yet the table next to us had a tea pot on their table! Dinner on the other hand at the Thai restaurant was very very good and we would go back only to have dinner there. On the whole not a good experience and not one I would ever have expected from an Anantara.
Jared H. 家庭及年幼儿童 United States of America, 2014年10月21日
Relaxing stay with lovely views

Spa, view, food
We had a lovely stay. The view was wonderful and made you feel like you were in a remote location despite being quite close to a busy road. The hotel staff was very accommodating and even able to make a last minute "nut allergy" friendly dessert for my wife's birthday. My wife also really enjoyed the spa. You can easily walk to several other restaurants outside of the hotel, although the in-house Thai place is quite good.
Johannes R. 夫妇 South Africa, 2014年10月11日
Average Hotel

The best three things about this hotel was the Food, especially the Thai restaurant, the Pool Side service, and the Spa Treatment
The hotel itself looks great, arabesque style, with good interior decoration. The reception was good and the service was great until we arrived in our room. The room looked good, the only problems we found with the room was the pillows, there were other pillows available, but at an additional cost. Also one of the wine glasses were dirty, for the rest, no problem. The buffet dinner around the pool was good, food was good, but waiter knowledge lacked from one to another, when asking a question, you would get one answer, when asking the same question to another waiter, it would be a different answer, they also took long to replenish the food when it ran out, so some types of food you you could not have more of, or some not at all, and when asking when it will be available, you keep getting told "it's coming". In the morning when going down to the pool, passing through the reception lobby, we greeted two female staff members who were standing there, supposedly welcoming new guests, and they looked at us without a word or a smile in return, we found this a bit rude. Once we got to the small but cozy pool area, we enjoyed a nice day on the sunloungers while receiving great service from the pool are staff. The roof top bar is nice, but again the waiter service is not the greatest. We had treatments at the Spa, the spa itself is not the best, the layout is not great and the interior decor and ambiance is non existant. Luckily the treatments themselves were excellent! We had dinner at the Thai restaurant, and although the ambiance is not the greatest, the service as well as the food was fantastic! So to sum up our stay, other than the two rude ladies, and the not-so-knowledgeable waiters (and i don't mean all), the service was good, and the food was good. Activities are limited, but the pool is small but nice, a nice quiet hotel. We will however not be returning as we found it to be just an average hotel, with nothing special to offer.
Alana H. 家庭及年幼儿童 Australia, 2014年10月8日
Not worth the money...

The buffet breakfast
I had spoken to staff earlier in week to see if I could get early check in as we were checking out early and no one could answer. They said they would get back to me- they never did. When driving from Dubai and ringing for directions- no one could give us clear directions. I also rang in advance for a baby cot or should I bring my own travel cot, they said they have. When we got there it took more than 3 hrs to secure one and have it bought to room. It was dusty and broken. I booked an executive suite and got told on arrival that we couldn't come into the business lounge with the baby. So what was the point???? The pool was also very small for the amount if guests who were staying there. We asked to have room tidied at 7am (rubbish taken, room service from night before) and we came back to room at 11am for baby nap and room not been touched. Same happened at check out... Not impressed.


赶快 — 空房数量有限

阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店外观阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 入口阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店外观阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 游泳池阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 娱乐设施阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 健身房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 美容沙龙阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 咖啡店阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 水疗中心阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒店内饰阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 自助餐阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 餐厅阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 卫浴间阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒吧/休闲厅阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 行政酒廊阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 卫浴间阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 卫浴间阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 酒吧/休闲厅阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房阿南塔拉东方红树林水疗酒店 阿布达比 - 客房

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