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歌德87生活酒店 (Arcona Living Goethe87 Hotel)

Goethestreet 87, 夏洛滕堡宫, 柏林, 德国 10623 (显示地图)


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所在区域: 夏洛滕堡宫 客房数: 47







全部点评 (34)
Pei S. 夫妇 Malaysia, 2014年4月19日
nice hotel with clean environment, friendly staff

Service, wifi and home decoration
Nice experience, quiet and safe!
Annemarie D. 夫妇 South Africa, 2013年12月6日
This hotel should be your first option !

Space, comfort, classy
This should be your first choice We appreciated the early check in on the morning of our arrival after an uncomfortable flight. The spacious room and modern furnishings were a welcome sight. The room was not only big, but there were enough shelf space and a walk-in closet. The bathroom had a big shower with modern Hans Grohe taps, underfloor heating and a heated towel rail. The kitchen had the necessities with a very nice coffee machine. I cannot comment on the breakfast service as we made our own breakfast with fresh bread and cold meats from the bakery and butchery down the street. The area itself offered a mix of fine dining restaurants and convenience stores. I honestly feel that this hotel is the best option for an extended stay in Berlin– not just because of the spacious room, but also its close proximity to the various public transport stations.
Xyldrae D. 家庭及大龄儿童 Germany, 2013年7月12日
It's like having your own home in Berlin

The Style, Location and Comfort
The hotel room we had was like a studio-type condo unit, or better. The big beds were comfortable. There's a mini kitchen complete with everything you need to cook and store food. THere's also a microwave. It's like having your own home there. The views are good too. Berlin is an extremely big city that even in this part, there are a lot of attractions apart from the major historical landmarks which are not so far from this hotel.
Yi T. 单行旅客 Malaysia, 2013年6月28日
It was great and quite comfortable.

The amenities in the bathroom, the kitchenette and the clean design of the room.
It was great, had no trouble with being in the room, and it wasn't too difficult to get to.
Patcharawan S. 家庭及大龄儿童 Thailand, 2013年5月15日
perfect place, very large and comfortable

Large room, good design, nice staffs, good breakfast
Excellent place in the heart of Berlin. Large room with small kitchen. Large bathroom. Good breakfast. We stayed in both double room and twin room, both were very nice.
Patcharawan S. 家庭及大龄儿童 Thailand, 2013年5月10日
very satisfactory

spacious room, well -equipped, good location
We were very please with the hotel, the room was large, good design, large bathroom.
Thean Y. 单行旅客 Malaysia, 2013年4月30日
Teutonic bliss: efficient and immaculately clean

large room, quiet surroundings, very clean
This is a relatively small apartment -hotel, located off Goethestrabe which is a quiet street just off the main thoroughfare of Hardenbergstrabe. The location is relatively convenient to the U2 subway line and also just off the route of the X9 bus that runs from Tegel airport to Zoologischer gardens. The location is more accessible to the west of Berlin than to Berlin city centre, though public transport to most areas in Berlin is very good. I booked a Ballade aprt. The room came with double bed, small kitchenette, flatscreen TV and a nice lounging sofa seat. The room was large (by most city hotel standards), and cupboard space was very generous. There was a mini safe together with an in-room phone. Free wifi was available, and connection speeds were excellent. The little kitchenette (really, just a single row of counter space) was equipped with a 2-ring electric hob, a good mini fridge-freezer, and a microwave/grill. The cooking fittings were very generous - multiple different sized pots, a frying pan, soup ladle and fishslice/spatula, scissors, wine opener and corkscrew, can opener and knives (though alas, quite blunt!). Place settings were for two persons. The presence of a Senseo coffee maker, toaster and kettle rounded off the list of equipment. Quite impressively, the kitchenette was provided with a tea-towel, washing up liquid and cleaning sponge; and salt and pepper. The bed was firm (just the way I like it), though the pillows confounded this by being soft and slightly loose and fluffy. Duvets were provided; they felt light weight but perfectly appropriate for Berlin sping weather. The room was equipped with radiators and a heating towel rail in the bathroom. Sadly, for those staying in summer, there is no air-conditioning and you will have to make do with a tower fan (provided, in the closet) or national ventilation. There is plenty of ventilation. The hotel room consisted of floor to wall windows, two of which can open fully (like doors), or hinge downwar
Kam W. 夫妇 Hong Kong, 2013年1月25日
Hotel is excellent and good location

Big room, good service and value for money
Kathryn R. 夫妇 Australia, 2013年1月15日
Big spacious, clean apartment.

Free Wi-Fi. Apartment is cleaned every day. Big bathroom.
Lovely spacious apartment, near to metro station. We were able to do our own laundry using their facilities.
观光/景点提示: I'd recommend the Sandemans New Europe Free walking tour
Eng E. 夫妇 France, 2013年1月10日
Big rooms, not far from S and U bahn train station

Clean appart hotel, big rooms and beds, near trains to go around the city
Situated on a quiet street in charlottenbourg, the appart hotel has large and clean rooms around 30 square meters, and it was quite affordable in January.
餐饮提示: A great selection of asian restaurants on Kantstrasse, which is a long street situated a couple minutes from the appart hotel. You could get some decent dim sum in Aroma and I would recommend the Vietnamesse Pho noodles in one of the vietnamese restaurants, especially in winter when a nice and hot soup would help. There is an excellent sushi bar called Sachiko not far either, best sushis I have ever had!


赶快 — 空房数量有限

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