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阿玛诺酒店 (Hotel AMANO)

Auguststrasse 43/ Ecke Rosenthaler Strasse, 米特, 柏林, 德国 10119 (显示地图)


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所在区域: 米特 客房数: 163







全部点评 (55)
Dandan F. 单行旅客 China, 2012年9月1日

Chih Y. 单行旅客 Taiwan, 2012年8月1日

地點位置好 氣氛好
徒步就可以到很有特色的小店街 沿路精緻小品的店面和餐廳 咖啡館讓散步的氣氛特別好 很能感受當地的氣息 年齡層偏向年輕些 酒店內的酒廊還可到頂樓去觀賞夜景 室內設計以簡約摩登風格 非常時尚 房間裡也是以偏簡單的佈置 顏色採取鮮艷明亮的顏色 總體來說很不錯
Lin Y. 团队游客 Taiwan, 2012年9月14日

在飯店附近有很多當地品牌或一些設計師品牌的店可以逛逛 在飯店旁邊有一家日本料理很值得吃 還有一家在黃色巷子上面掛了一些燈籠的越南菜還不錯喔(在日本料理對面)飯店對面有一家便利商店可以買一些水或水果喔 我門的房間還有小廚房(有提供餐具和鍋子任你使用) 而且 這邊的服務很有效率 飯店就在離地鐵不到五分鐘的路程
夜生活提示: 建議到飯店頂樓喝一杯 順便看看風景
Beat K. 商务旅客 Switzerland, 2015年4月15日
Cool & cozy City Hotel

Location, Design, Everything
It's really great to stay here. Staff is very helpful and professional. the location in the middle of mitte is really a big plus. Nice Design, good service, what want you more?
Rebecca S. 夫妇 United Kingdom, 2015年2月24日
Wonderful hotel!

The decor of the rooms (so neutral & peaceful!), the location, the secret roof terrace!
Shann Y. 家庭及大龄儿童 Philippines, 2015年2月16日
Great location, nice modern interiors & good value

Location, cleanliness, value
This is probably among the best 3-star hotels I've ever stayed in. It is a short 5min walk from the U-bahn stop at Rosenthaler Platz, which also means it is 2 stops away (~15 min walk) from the major S-bahn stop at the Alexander Platz. We were able to easily stroll to the museum island and the sights along the Unter den Linden, and also access the multitude of interesting bars, bistro-restaurants, and the shopping near the Haeckescher Markt area. As for the hotel itself, the interiors were really nice and modern, and spacious (for my European standards). The kitchenette was a nice addition to our apartment, since it was well-equipped with all the utensils and tools needed to enable us to prepare simple meals at home when we got sick of eating out. We really enjoyed the breakfast - which was actually more like a brunch given the amount of food available in the buffet and the diverse offerings - keep in mind this was in our case a 15 eur/person additional charge per day. Wifi was fast and accessible throughout the hotel, and the staff were friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this hotel and will definitely stay again in my next trip to Berlin.
Siew W. 夫妇 Singapore, 2014年12月31日
everything fits in

location, staff service, value for money
very good. hope value for money is sustained, not raised as a result of better services provided.
Chantelle N. 夫妇 Australia, 2014年5月14日
Location was great, attentive staff, clean hotel

clean, helpful staff
Hotel Amano was great in terms of location. The Mitte area is trendy and central to all the hotspots. The hotel friendly all spoke excellent English and were very helpful when it came to tips and directions. The rooms were clean and well attended to. However, my only criticism is that the showers are terrible and switch from burning hot/ freezing cold.
Michal K. 商务旅客 Israel, 2013年8月8日
was god suprise realy like it

design location roofbar
I enjoyed the atmosphere location and design of the place
Sandra U. 家庭及年幼儿童 Canada, 2012年12月27日
Nice hotel in great location

location, room was big and kitchen was fully furnished
we had a great time at the amano. the hotel is basic, no toiletries in the bathrooms. the bed was big and comfortable. we also had a pull out couch for our daughter. the kitchen was fully furnished which made it easy for cooking. we had free unlimited internet which was also very nice. the hotel is in a great location. there is a variety/grocery shop right across the street. the u-bahn station is just down the street as well and its a 10 min walk to alexanderplatz for shopping and entertainment. we found the housekeeping exceptional. they came around every day and were always helpful.


赶快 — 空房数量有限

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