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昆汀设计酒店 (Quentin Design Hotel Berlin)

Kalckreuth street 12., 舍讷贝格, 柏林, 德国 10777 (显示地图)


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酒店所在区域: 舍讷贝格 客房数: 58







全部点评 (58)
Mengxiao X. 单行旅客 China, 2014年1月1日

近购物区 房间宽敞 有设计感
Chunyu C. 夫妇 Taiwan, 2013年11月30日
Small roon

cheap, close to the U-Bahn station, quite
The room is indeed small, and the design is indeed poor because we have to share a main entrance with the guys we stayed in the room next door. Even worse, there is no hot water in the 2nd night we stayed, and the staff could not do anything just asked us to wait until tomorrow morning.
Cherry K. 单行旅客 South Korea, 2013年11月28日
slighter better than budget hotel

friendly neighborhood
single room is too small and inconvenient, better using double room by paying extra fees.
Shu M. 单行旅客 Hong Kong, 2013年11月7日
Quiet, Clean, Good Location

Quiet, Clean, Location
extended 2 nights, Average 55euro per night, Location is close to wittenberg platz Subway station which is the stating point of the tourist area. Or you can go east to get on nollenberg platz station, a larger station that having more train line to get to different location in Berlin. You'll need pay another 10 for breakfast each time. It's better to walk around and find something else to eat cause food in Berlin is very cheap actually. The room is clean and big, nice bed and many power plug for u. the bathroom is nice. But perphaps my room is on the top floor and most further one, the wifi connection is quite slow like 56k in the 90s sometimes. Besides they have a "mini bar" (refrigerator) have drinks and snacks inside and cost you about 2 euro per drinks, 1.5 per snack. but there are lot of store around...so... Overall it's a nice hotel to stay.
Christoffer K. 夫妇 Sweden, 2013年10月16日
A nice, quiet hotel in Berlin's gay-district

Very good restaurants nearby, good value for your money, good location.
When we arrived we got a room in the basement, just by the elevator, wich was not cleaned and had a very funky smell. But we got a new room shortly after complaining. The reception staff could been more keen to help us, not just make us feel that we are disturbing him with a complaint about a unfinished room. Best burger I'd ever tasted just across the street, Zsa zsa burgers. And a great vietnamese restaurant nearby with mindblowing service and food! A bit of a problem if you travel from Shönefeld airport, a bit hard to get there from the hotel with u-bahn and train. You get good value for your money staying at this hotel, nice room with okay standards. A minus to only german-dubbed tvchannels.
Younis A. 夫妇 Oman, 2013年10月13日
nice time spent

friendly staff, nice location , clean rooms
it was graet time to stay in this hotel, i spent nice time and gave me the willingness to come back again next year, nice view and cleaned rooms. staff was very friendly and willing to help you any time.
Michael P. 单行旅客 Israel, 2013年9月28日
I would not recommend

I would not recommend this hotel, the location is in a nice but very boring The hotel is not 4 stars ! In the first room I was geeven there was a problem with the shower so the I found the woter on the flor after the shower, hotel mennager promised to fixed it but did nothing so in the late evening when I cam back from the city, the front desk representative that was very nice , tried to find me another room. At the beginning the have my the same kind of a room but when I entered it I discover it was not kleaned after the last gest , in the next room I found properties of someone and in the end I was upgreeted to the sweet after the representative olmost cried of shame. The location is neat the KaDeWe and KuDam but not on KuDam , there are nothing to do in the hotel area so you need to walk or take transportation . There are many hotels that are much better in this area but for tourist I'll recommend to stay in the Mitte or Scharlotenbourg
Mark A. 单行旅客 Canada, 2013年6月12日
. Design profile was disguise for tiny room

location, but unfortunately not much else
Staff were reasonable and helpful but overall hotel seemed quite mediocre
Garin K. 夫妇 United Kingdom, 2012年12月16日
Nice hotel, good location, good service

Good location
Service was attentive and polite, room was OK but not what i would call a delux, there were dirty marks on the carpet from other visitors shoes, the heating was on or on and we were unable to controll this, the air con had either been turned off or was broken, not all guests want a room that warm! the shower head was blocked and we had to ask for it to be replaced, this was done without question. There was no hand soap at the wash basin, only shampoo & conditioner. The noise levels from the other guests and the housekeeping staff were beyond acceptable, The slamming of room doors seemed to be the norm and the cleaners dragging the fittings across the floor of the room above on a daily basis early in the morning, what can one say? This could be a very nice hotel if more attention to the finer points were dealt with, this was listed as one of the bestter hotels to stay in!!!
观光/景点提示: This is Berlin, Just walk and you will see the beauty of the city, if you use the public transport get a day ticket it was 7 euro's each and it's unlimited for the day. We only had 3 day there, but we will be going back for sure.
Lawrence S. 夫妇 United States of America, 2012年9月10日
Great location but room was small

Location and modern touches
we stayed in a double room which is too small for 2 people really. the a/c worked but never was able to get room really cool. the phone in our room didn't work intially. the phone in our friends room never worked. elevator is slow. otherwise place is lovely an convenient. breakfast is not expensive but you can go to corner and pay exactly the same in a restaurant.
餐饮提示: MORE is great.


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