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长途跋涉全球酒店 (Trek Global)

9 O'Reily Ave Wellington City Centre, 惠灵顿市中心, 惠灵顿, 新西兰 6011 (查看地图)


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所在区域: 惠灵顿市中心 客房数: 52







全部点评 (19)
Oskar L. 夫妇 Sweden, 2014年3月10日
Welcome to kindergarden

You feel like you are in a camp for teenagers. The floor smelled puke and the kitchen is pretty filthy. The hostels location is the best thing, it's very central and the staff is very attendive and will try to keep the guests quite after 11 pm. Before there is much noise from the hostel and from the sorrounding neighbours. If you are a teenaged party hipster this hostel is okay, but if your not: skip it.
Nurahayatee M. 夫妇 Thailand, 2013年4月29日
expensive experience

room, near the port, carpark
not too bad. bad experience with car park. got a penalty.
Bhavika A. 家庭及年幼儿童 Australia, 2013年2月23日
Great value for money accomodation

Centrally located, easy to get to and friendly sta
The location was superb, lots to do and easy to get to. Enjoyed our stay here and would recommend.
Maurits W. 夫妇 Netherlands, 2013年2月1日
Goede locatie , maar daar houdt het op

Hostel is lively, good location, too small kitchen, dirty rooms and showers, crew not very friendly
观光/景点提示: Te papa
Ruth W. 夫妇 New Zealand, 2013年1月6日
Great for travelling students/ young adults

Friendly staff, nice large communal spaces, cheap
This is a great place for travellers particularly the younger ones. We were only here for one night as we were inbetween places but could tell from the atmosphere that it was a very relaxed sociable place. Downsides were that our room was relatively small, with only one small window high up the wall (very tall ceilings). For that reason it was extremely stuffy and hot seeing as we were staying here mid summer. No air-conditioning facilities in rooms, only a heater. Asides from that I'd rate this place as a great place for backpackers and students.
Takashi H. 夫妇 Japan, 2013年1月1日
high recommended hostel up the hill

the idea was good, but in practice...
first impression was good, big spacious entrance, all pretty new, cheapish washmachine etc. the idea is very interesting, each floor has its on kitchen,telly, meeting area, so it gives you a felling of home or family. as this is in the area directly in front of the rooms it makes it very noisy, there is a cleaner coming in the morning and the regular know that i guess so nobody cares about, clean as you go, which makes the whole place very uncomfortable. we choose this hostel because bbh ranked it as the best in wellington... cant disagree more!!!
Paige L. 团队游客 Australia, 2012年11月30日

Great location, free upgrade, helpful staff, modern design
It was a great backpackers! When we arrived we found out that we were upgraded to a two bed room. The room wasn't anything special but when you are only sleeping there you only want a bed. Kitchen facilities were just outside and bathrooms only a short walk away. The staff were extremely helpful when ever we need their assistance. Great value would definitely stay again!
餐饮提示: Sweet mothers
Julius P. 单行旅客 Australia, 2012年11月29日
OK choice, but better options elsewhere

Typical backpacker hostel features, good location
Out of the various backpacker places in central Wellington, I'd say Trek Global is not the best one. Good location, but a tiring trek up the hill if you have a lot of luggage. Main problems: - Extremely messy backpackers. I was put into a dorm room which was cluttered with the gear of other backpackers, some of whom appeared to be long stayers. Even with a note on the wall to remind them to clean up, the room still remained a mess. The only plus was the room's occupants were all quiet. - Poor security for left luggage. The gear just gets left in an area in front of reception, rather than put away in a room. The good: - Reception staff very helpful - Location - Competitive price
观光/景点提示: Mount Vic is quite far from Trek Global if you want to walk there, but it's worth the walk + hike up the hill.
Valeriya T. 单行旅客 Russia, 2012年10月6日
great location, but it is a hostel - noisy neighbs

in the very center
i stayed in a double room. it can accomodate up to 3 pple, (1 double and 1 single - bunks). for this price it was ok. showers and toilets looked good, clean, no smell. look out for travelling teen, who partied till 3 am when i tried to sleep (had to growl at them at the end). kitchens were tidy, modern, with all the facilities you would need: microwave, hoobs, oven, hot water dispensers, fridges and so on. i stayed for 2 nights and i belive it was good for this sort of money.
Nita H. 家庭及年幼儿童 New Zealand, 2012年7月10日
great location clean and tidy

location, price, amenities
very good, clean and location fabulous, only problem was the other guests, they were some young travellers in particula a young german man on the computer talking to someone for over an hour disturbing the whole floor I had to yell at him to have some concideration..so take ear plugs..this was a tuesday night and the young people want to stay up and socialize and do computer skype, so would be good if the hotel could make a rule about noise after a certain time.


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