白日夢島水療度假酒店 (Daydream Island Resort and Spa)

Daydream Island, 白日夢島, 維特桑迪, 澳洲 4802 (電子地圖)


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地區 白日夢島 客房數: 296







全部點評 (14)
Xiang H. 夫婦 China, 2014年1月7日

1,入住手续提前做好,相关资料准备妥当,并赠送酒店LOGO防水背包,很贴心;入住前的briefing很到位。2,行李交接很省心。3,前台及activities desk和各部门间咨询服务仔细,沟通良好。
入住Daydream Island Resort and Spa酒店,我们夫妻感受最深的是这里为家庭度假提供了良好的环境。活动安排丰富,与各岛屿间交通非常方便。是个动静皆宜的度假休闲之地。设在机场的酒店接待服务台提前做好入住手续备好相关资料,行李交接方便迅速,酒店为入住客人及家庭提供多种休闲娱乐活动之余,还能配合客人的特别要求,介绍相关的旅游活动服务网站。很周到。感觉很棒!
Fermina E. 夫婦 Australia, 2015年1月7日
view from cairns

comportable bed , very clean water ; exelence view , nice pools ; lome a paradise exe
Excelence, awesome
Martin S. 夫婦 Australia, 2015年1月5日
Great time

The pools/spa. Lovers cove snorkelling, the relaxed environment
It was a great time
Camelia F. 家庭及年幼兒童 Australia, 2015年1月5日

Very disappointing. Limited places to eat with no options to eat at any time. There is no room service. The bakery closes at 4 pm and the cafe at 1 pm. Around the pool, even if they had 5 things on the menu, they told us only pies were available. Then you have to wait till 5.30 until kitchen opens again, and pay a fortune for dinner. The Fish Bowl, the only place you don't need reservations has limited food choices. If you stay there more than 4-5 days, you'll have to get used to eating same dishes as there are NO daily specials for variety. There is no airconditioning in the lobby area or in the restaurants...so you can not enjoy a cool comfortable place to relax and eat. The staff were hot and bothered, and therefore less concerned about customer service.
David G. 夫婦 Australia, 2014年1月27日
awesome. great for a mini break

Really good for a break. Only negative comment is that it was extremely hot in the restaurants, large fans would have fixed it just to get some airflow. definitely will come back
John L. 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2014年1月16日
Diisappointing, a two star experience.

Location and the gardens.
Awful food, a two star experience purporting to be a 4 & ahalf star luxury resort. A slightly seedy and run down hotel that is in need of refurbishment. Staff mostly young persons, with little knowledge of working in hotels . Hotel set up to make maximum profit and offering sub standard service and food. A hotell with 4 and a half stars is expected to provide a level of comfort and luxury that this hotel just does not possess. Would not reccomend this hotel to anyone, rather take one of the many hotels on the mainland.
Lucinda B. 夫婦 Australia, 2013年9月1日
Isolated. Cheesy decor. Fascinating man made reef.

Comfy bed, Lots to do. Good food.
Daydream Island feels like a 3 star hotel not a 4 star hotel. I daresay it got it's star rating from it's AMAZING location and activities available rather than the hotel itself. The hotel decor is VERY cheesy but the rooms are fine. Clean and comfortable & comfy bed. There is plenty to do on DayDream but you are STUCK here unless you want an expensive ferry somewhere else (stuck in paradise but stuck nevertheless). I recommend that you make use of it by doing the activities ON the island. If you're looking to do day trips your better off to use somewhere cheaper in Airlie Beach as a base. TAKE FOOD with you. The food in the restaurants was VERY good quality but there is no supermarket if you just want a sandwich & the restaurants are not cheap. $30-$35 for a steak. $70 for a seafood buffet [which was excellent]. We had a GREAT time (but we always do). Just don't expect a classy resort and you'll be fine. Many beautiful swimming pools, great snorkelling, free tennis and outdoor cinema and more. The Island is only 1KM long so it won't take long to explore the whole thing. No bushwalking available longer than 15 mins. We booked through agoda for $195 per night for a couple.
Sue F. 家庭及大齡兒童 Australia, 2013年7月20日
fabulous place to stay. made to feel very special.

staff. location. local attractions
it was a wonderful relaxing place to be;already planning my next trip. Heaps to do and see. Fabulous lovely staff, wonderful food and restaurant choices. Best breakfasts ever! Beautiful surroundings. great events organisers, gym, spa,. Would always make this my base and travel to other attractions from here. it has a very relaxing laid back feel, great for families and children. Not expensive at all, makes it possible for normal families to have a holiday in a beautiful location at affordable prices. The only (slightly negative) thing i could say about my lovely spacious room was that the bathrooms in my wing were slightly dated, but very clean and well presented.
Kyle W. 夫婦 Australia, 2013年4月9日
Absolutely amazing what an experience

On the Great Barrier Reef
Simply amazing to stay on island truly was a daydream
Dwayne S. 夫婦 Australia, 2012年11月19日
great location bare bones service

Location, gardens, beaches
I was surprised to find out there was no room or laundary service avalible. Rooms were clean and spacious and the garden/pool area made the place. Activities were basic and overb booked. Staffing was also lighton leading to queing at shops and reception desk.
飯店功能提示: don't bring a bag of dirty washing unless you want to be sitting in the laundary washing cloths like me.


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