林德曼酒店 (Hotel Lindemann's)

Potsdamer Str. 171-173., 舍訥貝格, 柏林, 德國 (電子地圖)


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地區 舍訥貝格 客房數: 72







全部點評 (32)
Jensq W. 夫婦 Germany, 2014年3月14日
Good value

Good Location, Close to the subway, nice rooms
It was our third stay in this hotel. All rooms are really good value.
Pui T. 夫婦 Hong Kong, 2013年8月7日
nothing to complain about

very nice and attentive staff, close to a bhan (7-minute walk) and clean room
The staff members are nice and attentive. They are very helpful and give me useful information about the area around the hotel and other information about travelling in the city. The hotel is reasonably close to a bhan and it just takes a couple of minute to walk to an area with hundreds of restaurants and bars. It is a pleasant experience staying at this hotel.
Jens G. 單行旅客 Germany, 2013年4月21日
Nice, clean room, location is good

Nice, clean room, location is good
Even though the location is good in a sense that the hotel is almost in the heart of Schoeneberg and close to a subway stop (Buelowstrasse), the street that the hotel is at is not the nicest in town. The hotel is very modern and the rooms are clean and nicely decorated.
Thilo E. 夫婦 Germany, 2012年12月26日
Unbelivable good hotel

quiet, clean, fresh
This hotel is very clean, quiet, very friendly staff - good to relax in a big city
Lars P. 單行旅客 Norway, 2012年9月10日
Great hotel: new, modern design, serviceminded

The rooms are of very high quality and ultra modern
Simply one of the best hotels I have visited travelling as a tourist. Price/value: Very favourable. Breakfast was also very good and with a lot of choice.
旅行須知: Do not miss to check out this option next time you travel to Berlin!
Stefan B. 夫婦 Germany, 2012年5月24日
Stylish Hotel close to public transport

Modern and stylish, friendly staff, conveniently located
After a five-minute-walk from public transport we had a pleasant reception and a warm welcome to this modern hotel. Our room was clean and quiet but a little small, though. The rooms have lots of space for clothes etc. but lack a minibar or refrigerator. The breakfast seemed quite fancy but we didn't try it because of the high price.
Nasim K. 夫婦 Sweden, 2012年4月24日
Nice Scandinavian minimalist but don't expect much

comfortable bed, nice bathroom, big windows, clean, modern
We tried to check in early, despite the hotel being quite empty, this seemed difficult to manage. But maybe that's just Germanic obsessions about rules. Even though the hotel room is good standard, the booking itself doesn't come with anything. It's like just paying for an empty shell. No breakfast, no complimentary coffee/ tea in the room, no iron, no BodyLotion/hair conditioner, no Internet. If you think you save money staying here, then you don't - in the end you spend more money than expected. The staff seems friendly but not that good with the English language and there was several misunderstandings. When we tried to clear the bill for charges the night before, they tried to overcharge us twice and then later again when we checked out. We had saved all the receipts so they saved us but just going through that experience is quite unpleasant. Not sure if the staff is un-educated in using the booking system or if the system is trying to trick to get more money from the guests.
Edward H. 單行旅客 Australia, 2012年3月30日
Cute, clean hotel with a modern vibe.

Clean hotel with attentive staff.
this modern hotel was classy in many ways with mood lighting. room, although had an unusual pillar beside the bed which made for challenging times getting into and out of bed was modern and very clean. huge mirror on wall made the room feel larger than it actually was. the hotel backs onto 2 blocks of apartments and units so there was no privacy and curtain had to be pulled for most of my stay. internet was constantly disconnecting and i simply gave up. note: to enter the room, the hotel has come up with the most stupid locking system one will ever see. so much so, that the reception staff gives you a demonstration at check in time. staff were very courteous at reception. loved the towel heater in the bathroom! position of the hotel is a little out of the central area, however there is a train station close by and a bus stop for bus route number m48 which takes you directly into the city centre. all in all, i was happy with the accommodation.
Justin C. 團隊遊客 Singapore, 2011年12月5日
Great location with clean rooms

Located within walking distance from U Bahn & S Bahn stations
We stayed at Hotel Lindemann's for 3 nights from 2 - 5 Dec 2011 and was happy with the choice.The Hotel is conveniently located between train stations with a bus stop right at the door step.Rooms are quite large, modern and clean with spacious bathrooms. Front desk staffs were very friendly and provided good recommendations on how and where to find the restaurants with nice bavarian food. The only pity is that the water in the shower takes a while to clear and water flows out, hence flooding a portion of the bathroom.Steps should have been made to separate the shower & the bathroom.
Hanane E. 單行旅客 Morocco, 2012年10月8日
Le noir le blanc donne à l’hôtel un charme spécial

Confort des chambres
J’ai passé quatre nuitée dans Lindemann's cette bien passé, sur tout j’aime remplacement elle m'a permis de visite tout les monument historiques à pied. l'hôtel est très propre, et les personnels de l’hôtel ils sont sympathiques. et aussi j’ai trop aimé ma chambre
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