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泥岩石度假村 (Nairock On The Rock Resort)

11/11 viset road naiharnbeach rawai, 布吉風情, 布吉, 泰國 83130 (電子地圖)


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所在區域: 布吉風情 客房數: 17






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Wai T. 家庭及大齡兒童 Hong Kong, 2012年7月30日

Linlin C. 家庭及大齡兒童 China, 2014年1月14日

Lili P. 單行旅客 China, 2013年3月9日

checkin checkout
David B. 夫婦 United States of America, 2014年4月9日
A great get-away close to the beach

Location, snorkeling
W ehad a great quiet few days enjoying Thai culture, food and beach.
Simon B. 單行旅客 United Kingdom, 2014年3月21日
Great stay at Nairock, great staff, room clean ++

Location, staff, shop.
The hotel staff were attentive and friendly, the room was clean and tidy and wi fi was good. The beach was only a small walk for some great swimming. They have a small restaurant which serves good food at reasonable prices, the shop also sells items at good prices, the shops by the beach are a lot more expensive. Would go back.
Pamela A. 單行旅客 United States of America, 2014年3月20日
Beautiful and relaxing location

Location, scenery, access to the beach
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up loving this hotel. I rented a standard room with an air conditioner and It was large enough to house two people. I was able to wake up every morning, walk out my balcony and watch the sunrise over the ocean. The rooms are well kept even though they don't do daily cleaning but more than happy to supply you with any towels or other amenities you might need. The beach was a minute walk to the left, right, and center dependin on what kind of beach you were feeling. To the left is more touristy area, to the center is great for snorkeling, and to the right is more private. The staff were very sweet and there's a convenient store about a minute walk down from the bungalows. They also had a Thai restaurant with the best chicken fried rice. This hotel was more for those who wanted R&R. Not much partying to do and it was quite. Mostly couples and solo travelers inhabited this place but everyone is super friendly. It's about an hour away from Phuket airport but the can ride is fairly cheap. About $32 American dollars.
Robert J. 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2014年3月18日
Disappointing and unpleasant.. Avoid

Traveling with girlfriend and both be to Thailand/Phukrt several times, problems encountered: - no taxi drivers know where the hotel is, meaning several walks back after nights out - rooms aren't as described/advertised online, they're small and untidy - returned back to the room one evening to find animal droppings on the bed - room infected with ants - the hotel "pool" is more like a large pond. Completely unusable - no English channels on the Tv, plus reception connection terrible - staff English was poor, so unable to communicate problems with room The only plus was it's proximity to the beach, about 5 mins walk away. This is my first online review I've writen and felt compelled to write our disappointment with the hotel/room The get what you pay for and this instance it's not much. In hindsight we would pay more to have a clean and comfortable room.
Evan L. 夫婦 Australia, 2014年2月12日
location to a lovely beach and views over bay

location, beach, views
Loved it here as the beach is beautiful and many beach restraunts near by. the sunset from the lookout across the bay is amazing. would definately like to stop here again.
Terry B. 夫婦 Australia, 2014年2月9日
A good deal for Naiharn

Good value, close to beach, inexpensive dining
Our Superior Double Room was downstairs on the inland side of the road with interrupted ocean views: these are better in the upstairs rooms and best across the road in the more expensive rooms behind the restaurant area which look directly out on the bay and the beach. Our room was comfy, had plenty of space for 2 people and gear, an effective aircon, good hot water and was quiet. The big bed was firm but pretty comfy. Food in the resort's restaurant across the road was good and at true budget prices. There are two other slightly more expensive restaurants with knockout views of the beach and bay adjacent. The resort's store has budget prices - many cheaper than 7/11 supermarkets we used in other areas. Appealing Naiharn beach is less than 10 minutes walk to the left and the smaller but maybe more attractive Ao Sane beach less than 15 minutes to the right. The beachside restaurant at Ao Sane had the cheapest large beers in any restaurant all trip. Overall I thought Nairock was very good value - one of the cheapest nice places close to Naiharn beach.
Raytcho K. 夫婦 Germany, 2014年1月26日
Great location

Location, nature and friendly staff
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