向日葵酒店 (Sunflower Hotel)

Tiongko Avenue Corner Araullo Street, 達沃城中心, 達沃市, 菲律賓 8000 (電子地圖)


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所在區域: 達沃城中心 客房數: 39







全部點評 (23)
Scott H. 單行旅客 United States of America, 2013年12月14日
it was horrible

The staff was horrible, the price is horrible. The internet connection is horrible and the location is horrible. Don't do it to yourself.
Antonio E. 夫婦 Philippines, 2013年2月2日
A disappointment....cockroach alert.

good location, ok price
i don't easily get disappointed w/ hotels... im a very forgiving guy, but this one is just hard to "understand"... as usual, the photos on the site is misleading w/ regards to the size (as it is w/ most hotels anyway).. but that was ok.. it's cozy..apart from the location and good parking space, i really can't say much good about this hotel. worst of the experience is... cockroach!! yes.. huge cockroach crawling on the floor and hiding under the bed.. that was nasty.. i reported this and requested transfer, but they said there are no available rooms... w/c i believe was bs coz we barely saw any other guests during our stay. anyway, they could've at least offered us compensation to a better room or whatever. "sorry" and "we'll clean it" just can't cut it. the rest of the bad: 1) we were put on the 2nd floor, room 201... but believe it or not, and you can't take the elevator.. coz their 2nd floor is somewhere in the middle of the ground floor to the next floor (i guess that's 3rd floor) .. but on the elevator that it says 2nd floor.. so you either walk the stairs up to the floor or down if you decide to take the elevator.. luckily we packed really light.. but i could imagine the frustration if we had huge bags... me and my girl went out that night, she had high heels on and it was annoying for her to walk up and down the stairs like that. 2) the corridors are mighty narrow, probably not good for people who are claustrophobic 3) the room was weird... there are bulges in the "design" here and there, and i hit my head on one .. it doesnt feel like design but more of, something was in those bulges .. perhaps pipes and other stuffs.. it's just ugly.. there was a mirror on top of the desk w/c seems to be awkwardly placed.. it should be mounted on the wall not occupying the desk.. 4) no wifi w/c is really the basic now.. sheesh. internet connection needs lan cable.. w/c i didnt bring.. etc.. ill be blogging about this experience soon.
飯店功能提示: don't expect quality.. expect a "good" place to sleep on a budget only.
Maria L. 夫婦 Philippines, 2013年1月8日
room is so small.

great location
room cleanliness is so poor. i have found one cockroach in our room. we dont have towels and toilet gadgets.Front desk people are impolite...pls dont stay!!!
Wei J. 單行旅客 Singapore, 2013年1月7日
Budget Rates but reasonable room size

Neat & Clean
the rate of sunflower is indeed budget for traveler for both leisure as well as business. everything is acceptable but i encounter no water for 1 day which i can't even take a bath. i guess such thing should not happen to hotel to begin with. perhaps it is about philippines and not the hotel's fault but this was what happened to me.
Evan D. 夫婦 Philippines, 2012年10月28日
lovely hotel!

great location, friendly staffs, clean hotel, free breakfast, fast internet connection
they charge 50 pesos for extra pillow. i asked for 2 pillows for 5 days, ended up paying 500pesos just for the pillows :|
Arash A. 單行旅客 Ireland, 2012年10月26日
Not satisfying at all

no best feature...
This is my worst experience ever staying in a hotel..... the bed sheets are not clean the room was so small the rest room was not clean no restaurant and even without restaurant bringing food from outside to your room is forbidden there! the surronding area is not good at all...I will never back there......
Darrel F. 單行旅客 Philippines, 2012年9月21日
A great place to explore the city

it is near all the fantastic establishment davao city has to over.i love most is warm receptionist and the extra friendly staff
It was a fun filled stayI enjoyed being at thye comfort of the hotel and at night time going out and exploring the city.I feel safe and secured
夜生活提示: go to hybrid bar in torres for some hiphop escapade.
Jeri L. 家庭及大齡兒童 Philippines, 2012年9月10日
good location but not well maintained

good location, friendly staff
location is good, staff are friendly for the hotel and the restaurant. Food tastes bland and in small serving. There was a cockroach on our room and the toilet flush isn't working, they say it's because of the low water pressure, but the water on the faucets and shower are okay. The room smells like an old abandoned house. toiletries provided are just 1 sachet of shampoo and 1 bar of soap.
Maria J. 單行旅客 Philippines, 2012年9月8日
Value for Money

For a business traveller like me, location is important and this hotel is practically central to everywhere I need to go to. All means for are also right outside the hotel as it is located along a main highway.
Almera A. 夫婦 Philippines, 2012年8月19日
Adequately sized room

Good sized room, complementary breakfast
We stated at Sunflower hotel during Kadayawan. It was a fun celebration with great deals of sale and durian! The hotel is just what I need for a great relaxation after a tiresome tour of the city with all the tired feet. I like the big comfort room and wide bed! It was surely relaxing. I was able to sleep really well.


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