藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 (The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites)

Batiancilla St, Talisay, Santa Fe,, Bantayan Island, 班塔延島, 菲律賓 (電子地圖)


原名 : Bamboo Oriental Beach Villas and Suites
藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 咖啡店 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 接待處 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 酒店外觀 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 酒店內部 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 陽台/露台 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 酒店內部 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 酒店內部
藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 衛浴間 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 陽台/露台 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 酒店外觀 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 大廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 大廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 接待處 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 班塔延島 - 娛樂設施
所在區域: Bantayan Island 客房數: 6






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Jerry C. 單行旅客 Taiwan, 2014年8月24日

Jun Y. 家庭及大齡兒童 Philippines, 2015年6月30日

Pang J. 單行旅客 China, 2013年7月23日

Michael R. 夫婦 United States of America, 2015年9月14日
Great Location but rooms need renovation

Staff, Location, Staff
Tony M. 夫婦 Australia, 2015年9月4日
misleading photos

location was ok
The villa was quaint ,the beach was rocky at low tide and you could not swim ,the shower would scald you one minute and cold the next.There were very few restuarants in the locality and nothing to do around the area
Bea S. 夫婦 Philippines, 2015年8月30日

The room was big, staff were attentive, unique bathroom
It was okay. It was a beachfront resort but the beach in front was I felt not really meant for swimming since it was very near the port and there were a lot of people and dogs roaming around. If you wish to just relax, hear waves or see the water, not swim in it, this would be a good place to stay. The room was good, big and unique in design but the aircon capacity was not meant for the size and design they had. The resort though lent us an electric fan so it made the place sleepable. It was very near the Sta. Fe bayan where the good restaurants are and near the main road. Their food is also good. Overall, if you're going to Bantayan to relax and not really to swim or do water activities, this is a good hotel to stay in.
Genevie U. 夫婦 Philippines, 2015年8月16日
the escape

location, staff hospitality & the room itself
truly a relaxing villa, & it's close proximity to the beach adds to its charm..just sublime...
Gary Q. 夫婦 Australia, 2015年7月21日
1 star quality at 4 star prices!

Location and nothing else
This place shouldn't call itself a resort, it is just a few nipa style bungalows by the beach. Don't expect luxurious comfort staying here. Arriving at our room I was surprised at how large it was and happy at the location as we faced directly onto the beach, but that was about it for the good points. The aircon in the room couldn't cope and it was always very hot inside the room. Several lights were broken and sometimes sparking making me wonder about the wiring in the room. The lights that did work were very dim and were the cheap fluorescent type. The sheets and pillow covers were faded and old, the 2 towels were small and worn with no hand towels, beach towels or face washers supplied. There was very little water pressure and the shower went from extreme hot to cold, warm was not possible so showers were very uncomfortable. Housekeeping closes at 3 so be prepared for that also. Bathroom amenities were basic, a couple of small soaps and shampoo, bring your own is my suggestion. The restaurant food was average and overpriced with some items unavailable so we ate elsewhere. The included breakfast was basic and after two days couldn't stomach it anymore, no variety and poor quality and don't ask for any variations as they will be refused! We found a great place called Santa Fe cafe and bakery 100 meters on the right down the street with great food and very low prices so we ate there everyday. Warning..don't use any in house services as they are way overpriced, a massage in house is 950 pesos and only 350 elsewhere, same for the boat trips, you can find them half the price just by walking outside the resort. Even the staff admit this fact but be careful they will get upset if they discover you haven't booked through them so they can make huge commissions! Its a shame this so called resort wasn't better as the location is great, to be honest I couldn't wait to leave the place and sorry to say I won't be returning there again.
Elisabeth D. 夫婦 United States of America, 2015年7月14日
We truly enjoyed every minute of our stay!!!

The location is amazing. Having the beautiful beach right in front of you and eating breakfast/lunch or dinner on your private balcony was the highlight for us. The staff were all extremely friendly!
We truly enjoyed every minute of our stay. We stayed at the coral blue for 4 nights. We arranged the airport transfer through them which was 7000php round trip and went smoothly. Someone picked us up at cebu airport, took us to the port and helped us buy our tickets, then someone picked us up at the port and took us to the hotel. Total time from airport to hotel was about 4 1/2 hours. We made the most of our stay...rented motor bikes to explore the island went to the nature park and resort to swim in the cave,also went to ongton cave, explored bantayan and madridejos and the mangrove park (450 php for 24 hours), took a boat tour to virgin island where we went snorkeling (couples package with boat ride, lunch and snorkeling equipment was 2225php) and got private massages twice they came to our room abs were very good( couples full body massage 1hr 1400php and foot massage 1hr 750 php) all arranged through the hotel. Restaurants are in walking distance. The staff was amazing. Room was beautiful. Only negatives i have ate that they need to update a few things like cleaner curtains and the water was either too hot or too cold in the shower. But for what we payed we had an amazing experience!!! This was the honeymoon we never got to have. I would love to come back here and bring our kids! Definitely recommend the coral blue if you are looking for a peaceful, private, rejuvenating vacation!
Nicholas F. 夫婦 United States of America, 2015年6月10日
Absolutely Beautiful Experience

Staff, location, food
First I have to say the manager and her staff were awesome!!! Nothing fell short of the best assistance with any request we had. The included breakfast is a must. Excellent choices of food on the menu. There was a miscommunication with getting picked up at the airport. I never got a confirmation email from the staff so I did arrange other transportation. The manager did send a car to pick us up and I accidentally took it instead of the service I reserved. The manager did not charge for the pickup to the hotel (excellent on her part). The location of this hotel is close to the port and on a quiet stretch of the beach. Beautiful clear water. The only thing that was a small problem was the villa we rented was not 100% sealed and the A/C did little to keep the room cold in the hot day. I never asked for a different room because overall we loved what we had. Do recommend to anyone to get the smaller room, it's very nice as well and will get cold from the A/C. Overall this is the place to stay at on Bantayan Island. We visited the Ongtong Cave Resort and Nature Park Resort. Those places are ONLY good for cave swimming....not to stay at. Last thought.....Coral Blue was an amazing place to stay and you won't be disappointed.


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