阿爾德亞聖麗塔飯店 (Aldeia Santa Rita Hotel)

Sinquerim, Bardez, 恰恩多利姆, 北果阿, 印度 (在地圖上標示位置)


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所在區域: 恰恩多利姆 客房數: 55







所有住宿評鑑 (10)
Linda T. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2014年3月30日
Good beach hotel

Proximity to beach, restaurants, shopping & nightlife
Pleasant 2 storey rooms with double bedroom, living room/ kitchen area and balcony. Good standard restaurant. 5 min walk from back of hotel to beach. Close to the more quiet end of Candolim beach. Front of hotel on Main Street parallel to beach. Within easy walking distance of shops and restaurants. Downside - also package holiday hotel for Russian and English all inc budget holiday makers.
Melvin B. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2014年3月4日
Not bad bvut would not stay there again.

Nice swimming pool.
It was just OK. The rooms are quite run down. The internet doesn't work very well. Room cleaning services poor.
Dr S. 3人以上團體旅遊 India, 2013年4月15日
Good hotel with parking chaos.

Hotel was good with parking problem,management indifferent to customer.
Kim M. 1~2人自助行 United States of America, 2013年3月30日
Reasonably priced and comfortable

Location near the beach. Nice pool area. Quiet
We stayed here a night. Nice place with some issues. the room smelled strongly of chemical cleaners . our 5am airport cab , which the staff arranged, never showed and we almost missed our flight. The staff had no record of our Agoda reservation and we waited almost an hour for them to work that out. The Italian restaurant next store is great
Priyesh P. 1~2人自助行 India, 2013年2月3日
Overpriced bad hotel

Its location
Rooms are really old, the furniture is very basic, old kind of CRT tv, AC was not working, poor lighting in the room, uncomfortable blanket, no shower gel/bar or shampoo in bathroom, very basic breakfast. It was like a old age retirement home. People were living there just for the heck of living in Goa and relaxing next to swimming pool. Otherwise there is nothing for which they should charge this much money. I was very disappointed. I would advice not to go there.
Michelle M. 3人以上團體旅遊 Australia, 2012年10月25日
Excellent value!

Room size & layout, location, lovely gardens.
fantastic value for price. the brightly coloured rooms are like holiday homes with large balcony, lounge room with comfy day bed & kitchenette with separate bedroom & bathroom - far more spacious & comfortable than the average one room hotel room. the grounds and gardens are lovely & well maintained & the location is great, only a short walk to a lovely, quiet beach.
Johan J. 3人以上團體旅遊 Denmark, 2011年11月8日
Nice green garden

Nice green garden
we stayed at the hotel for 5 nights and it was both very good and a bit challenging. on the plus side the hotel is situated in a nice green garden and consist of a lot of 4 room houses and is not very far from the beach. on the negative side the staff is very helpful but a bit challenged when it comes to actually getting things done. one example is that the staff did not manage to book us 2 train tickets over 5 days. the wireless internet is very good but the staff knows nothing about how it works and we ended up paying 3 times the price.
Tripti A. 情侶/ 夫婦 India, 2008年12月8日

- Good service and friendly people - Clean bedding and sheets.
Anne M. 商務旅客 Ireland, 2008年10月7日
What a gem of a hotel!

Staff are so nice & helpful and make you feel so special. Basic but very clean and comfortable rooms. Food is excellent and staff will do their best to source other foods locally for you.
What a fabulous hotel/resort. As my visit was off season nothing was open in the area but I was quite happy to hang around the resort. I was travelling with a colleague who also fell in love with the place and we found it hard to leave. The beach is less than 5 min walk but was in a bit of a mess after the monsoons. The pool was spotless clean and empty in the mornings! Food was excellent and staff went out of their way to come up with dishes for me as I had an upset tummy. The Sunday afternoon party was a hoot. I felt like I was leaving old friends after only 4 days!
Restaurant Tip: Ask the staff to source local crab, delicious!
Christian D. 3人以上團體旅遊 Germany, 2014年3月9日
Wunderschönes liebevolles Hotel

Personal, Hotelanlage, zentrale Lage
Das Aldeia Santa Rita Hotel war wirklich eine Reise wert. Die leibe zum Detail in der gesamten Hotelanlage und die sehr gut gepflegte Vegetation haben unseren Urlaub abgerundet. Das Meer konnte über einen direkten Trampel fahrt erreicht werden (ca. 300 Meter). Im Pool habe ich mich nicht aufgehalten, da ich ein absoluter Strand-Mensch bin. Aber meine Mitreisenden waren voll des Lobes für den kleinen aber feinen Pool. Die Betten waren leider etwas hart, was aber sicherlich auch Geschmacksache ist. Das Hotel befindet sich am Ende von Candolim was aber zu keinem Nachteil führt. So kann man auch zu Fuß in verschiedene Restaurants und Bars gehen die sich in direkter Umgebung befinden. Sehr zu empfehlen ist eine Tour mit dem Motorroller. Der kann für kleine Geld direkt im Hotel gebucht werden, es kostet natürlich etwas Überwindung bei dem Verkehr zu fahren. Solange man aber fleißig hupt ist alles in Ordnung.



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