救生隊1904號飯店 (Baywatch 1904)

2057 MH Del Pilar Street , 馬拉特, 馬尼拉, 菲律賓 1004 (在地圖上標示位置)


原名 : Baywatch1207
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所在區域: 馬拉特 客房數: 12







所有住宿評鑑 (131)
Yanhong L. 情侶/ 夫婦 China, 2011年5月7日

Joseph D. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2014年7月15日
wasnt a disaster but wasnt what was advertised

Swimming Pool, The room attrendant...Located near super market
Honestly, it was not the worst stay I have ever had but things got off to a bad start. I was moved 3 times from my original room due to various maintenance problems in the rooms. The young lady who was there for our service was curtious and did all within her power to make our stay an enjoyable one which was the only reason we stayed, but the actual hotel staff at the reception area where rude for the most part. Not all of them but most. It was disturbing coming back to the hotel after a hot day seeing the smirks on the receptionist faces and they quickly stopped talking as if they had something to say about u as you looked their way. I think the room is over priced greatly after what I experienced with broken toilet handles, clogged shower drains, A/C is 75 degrees at best, and all....I believe my stay was not a total loss and the Hotel is not all that bad, just needs a change of management and a review of their room rates.
Pedro C. 1~2人自助行 United States of America, 2014年6月30日
Very quiet and comfortable

location, quiet, comfort
very good stay
Stefan M. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 Germany, 2013年11月3日
Great vacation condo

Spacious condo * Well equipped kitchen * Good location
Note that this a vacation condo, not a hotel. It's spacious and well-equipped, and perfect for a longer stay. Like a home away. The kitchen is perfect for self-catering or even to invite friends for dinner. We had a great stay here.
Paul J. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2013年10月27日
ok for the money

location location location
it was an ok stay nothing to brag about
Bonifacio C. 商務旅客 Philippines, 2013年10月10日
complete fiasco but well it was challenging

swimming pool, sunset view, it is near malls
The hotel is indeed good however customer service is poor,I requested for hotel pick up and I waited for one hour so I decided to take avis transport,there is no room available for us when we arrived so we waited for 3 hours and we got the wrong room. Instead of two bedroom as what I booked we got 1 bedroom. No wifi connection and there is no contact number in case you need to inquire something.
David S. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2013年9月17日
Good size apartment was happy with that

Location seperate rooms and view
It was in a good location had good sized rooms and a good view but the rooms need upgrading
Ma L. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Philippines, 2013年8月13日

relaxing, nice hotel and affordable
The sorroundings of this hotel are clean and very relaxing, except the aircon in our room. Its not working but we're just lucky that it was rainy season and they have electric fan and sliding door terrace so there's a natural air from outside.
Aliff S. 3人以上團體旅遊 Brunei Darussalam, 2013年6月6日
It was Okay

They had a gym and swimming pool an also its near to robinson mall its take 15 minutes to walk but its ok and for those who love nightlife such as Bar, Karaoke and massage this definitely the place.
I booked this hotel because of the sea view like on the picture but unfortunately its not like what i expecting to see. Overall its was okey the staff a friendly and the security always welcome you. Just be aware of people outside and avoid to walk in a quiet lane in the middle of the night we almost want to run when a lady approch us with some of guys follow us after we went to bars. Before we arrive to the hotel from the airport a taxi driver already warned us to be aware about a scam on the street because its not safe and dangerous. Luckily their an old guy talk to them and we manage to escape.
Karsten K. 1~2人自助行 Germany, 2013年5月25日
Poor,or no management

Nothing, during all days no service
I stayed their the 3rd time. But now can not recommend it to anybody. No wifi, no support. During all the days I tried to contact management but it is not available, or just not calling back and attending to concerns.



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