奇特旺冒險度假村 (Chitwan Adventure Resort)

Community Forest Road, Sauraha, 奇旺國家公園, 奇特旺國家公園, 尼泊爾 (在地圖上標示位置)


奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 內部裝潢/設施 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 外觀/外部設施 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 庭院 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 陽台 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 陽台 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 景觀 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 庭院 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 周邊環境 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 景觀 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 庭院 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 陽台 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 庭院 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 其它設施 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 客房 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 客房 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 庭院
奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 客房 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 餐飲 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - Buffet自助餐 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 餐飲 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 餐廳 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 周邊環境 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 餐飲 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 入口 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 酒吧/沙發酒吧 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 其它設施 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 娛樂設施 奇特旺冒險度假村 奇特旺國家公園 - 娛樂設施
所在區域: 奇旺國家公園 客房數: 34







所有住宿評鑑 (12)
Chen L. 1~2人自助行 China, 2013年6月13日
非常愉快 酒店帮我们制定游玩项目 并适时提醒 服务很棒

服务非常好 游玩策划很棒 院子很漂亮
Samantha L. 1~2人自助行 United States of America, 2014年10月7日
Quiet, relaxing getaway

Friendly staff, gardens, cleanliness
Overall, my stay was quite good. The staff did an amazing job to help keep me busy with lots of fun activities, which I appreciated as a solo traveler. They were very upbeat and positive and did their best to accommodate when there was a mixup (my fault) in my booking. The location was great because it is a little distance away from the town which meant that the nights were quiet and peaceful. The rooms themselves were nothing extravagant. They were clean and simple with a rustic feel. Overall, it was a great place to stay. The only downfall is that as a single person, there wasn't a "hangout" location on the grounds to meet other people, like is available in other locations.
Rahul K. 情侶/ 夫婦 India, 2013年12月29日

1. Resort is nice, 2. Food is good, 3. Cooperative staff
It is a 2 days stay. We have seen elephant race and elephant football. We have gone for elephant ride and jeep safari. They offered welcome drink. Stay is nice, comfortable and right location made it more wonderful. We have enjoyed our stay at Chitwan.
Mughis S. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Pakistan, 2013年6月12日
It was an adventure! but very basic

friendly staff and close to the jungle
This is a very basic motel. Staff is very friendly and helpful but the room is very basic. Airconditioning does not work most of the time and the room quality is quite poor. I think they need to spend some money on the decor of the room and the basic needs. Having said that the staff is excellent. The guides they provide for the jungle trip are outstanding. The trips they arrange are also very elaborate and they have all the supprot and backups for transportation to differnt adventure areas.
John L. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2013年6月8日
it is a nice jungle hotel dont expect luxury

hotel guides are excellent helpful staff safe and secure
as with all nepal hotels the manger does not like to use the generator. dont attend the jeep safari u pay 50usd for nothing try the elephant safari. the jungle walk with guide is a must and good value.
Ajay P. 情侶/ 夫婦 India, 2013年2月3日
Welcoming & Well Organised Staff

Location, flexible schedule
We were travelling by motorbike and just popped in. We were received in a very nice way and got a nice room. We arranged together with the staff the things to do: Elephant ride, canoeing,, jungle walk, birdwatching, Tharu dance, for a very good price and according to our schedule and needs! The Chitwan adventure resort is just on the way to the Elephant Safari Park entrance, a very good location, Good food is included on the price (Breakfast, lunch and diner). A very good valur for your money
Sergio G. 情侶/ 夫婦 Spain, 2013年2月2日
Awesome Place To Stay Near Chitwan National Park

Elephant safari and elephant wash
my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. the staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. the elephant safaris were amazing. if you go, make sure to ask to go down to the river in midmorning to bathe the elephants. this is an unforgettable experience... as was the rest of the trip. also, when you book your trip, the number of days you stay dictates how many elephant safaris you get to go on. my wife and i were there for two days and so there was only one elephant safari included... but when we got there we asked if we could do more if we paid extra and they said yes! we ended up paying $30 per person and got to do an extra one... which was well worth it in my opinion. same thing goes for the canoeing, etc. if there is something you're wanting to do, just ask and they'll take care of it for you
Chen N. 情侶/ 夫婦 Taiwan, 2013年2月2日
Helpful & Prompt Staff

Staff and food
This was a great experience.People were/are really friendly. Food was great - good variety of food. The rooms were great (fantastic for the area) and the atmosphere is also great.The staff were extremely helpful and always there promptly when needed. They also gave us their bike to ride for free. We rode the bike all over town! Overall it was an incredible experience.I would definitely come back.
John L. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2013年2月1日
Friendly and Accomodating

Flexible Service, Wildlife, Food
We were resistant to the idea of a packaged tour, but it is mostly the norm in Chitwan. We were happy that the staff at CAR were willing to negotiate schedule that would suit us. We had ample opportunities to see wildlife, and were accompanied by Brahma, a knowledgeable and professional guide. Meals were mostly buffet, but some set, with a mixture of Indian, Nepali, Chinese and continental. There were a couple of Chinese tour groups that came through, and a few Indian, Bangladeshi and Nepali families, and the food seemed to cater to whoever we happend to be dining with. We joined other smaller groups for excursions, but still had autonomy to go off on our own. The resort is away from town noise, but definitely walkable if needed. The walk through the village to the forest was especially lovely
Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: If you want to vary the standard package, ask!
Helen E. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 United Kingdom, 2013年2月1日
Great Birding & Helpful Service

Birding & Elephant Wash
Thank you for a wonderful and hospitable place. What a unique experience!Every adventure was better than expected.Playing on the elephants in the water was a high point for me. "M", thanks so much for the excellent birding. I added at least 40 life birds to my list. You are helping the world understand the delicate ecology of this beautiful place and how it affects all of us.
Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: Do go to the elephant wash. It's great fun.



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