科爾多瓦珊瑚礁度假村 (Cordova Reef Village Resort)

Sitio Bantayan Poblacion, Cordova, 麥克坦島, 宿霧市, 菲律賓 6701 (在地圖上標示位置)


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所在區域: 麥克坦島 客房數: 50







所有住宿評鑑 (212)
Fan H. 3人以上團體旅遊 Taiwan, 2014年12月15日

環境好 房間舒適 服務態度佳
除了離市區有點偏 其他一切都很好 會想再去一次
Chin P. 情侶/ 夫婦 Hong Kong, 2013年8月20日

Hui X. 情侶/ 夫婦 China, 2013年6月23日

这次选择cordova reef village resort,一是因为时间不多,只能周末从cebu市区过去小住,从市区过去不是太远,打车300多块,半个多小时就到了;二是价格适中,很affordable的价位,去之前在照片上看到房间布局和园林景致还有点特别,也确实如此,不像hotel,像个community,房间单独的一个一个小房子,有带木门的小花园,房间是圆形的,还算宽敞舒适。送的两个coconut味道很好。用餐稍贵,不过味道还可以。没什么人,很多鸟儿,清静,要是能住个十天半月的倒是不错。遗憾的是没有beach,少了沙滩和海景,总觉得美中不足。
Jessreal L. 1~2人自助行 Philippines, 2015年1月25日

Wentao Y. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 China, 2014年7月8日

入住率很低,房间比较大,餐饮做得不好。 蚊子多。 位置偏,出门要让前台预定出租车,另外加100P。
Oznur P. 3人以上團體旅遊 United Kingdom, 2015年2月22日
Nice and quite villages

Great staff, nice room, the Internet is free
Staff is friendly, helpful and very welcoming. We went there in February and it was quite. Room was clean and nice , especially huge bathroom, well designed. For a family holiday with the children, it is great safe place to go If I had to complain about anything, it located outside the city, that's why there were lots of birds noice outside during the nite.
Choongjae L. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 South Korea, 2015年2月21日

Ocean view, quietness, friendliness of the employees
We are very satisfied with the quietness and the ocean view. Besides there r not many single racial people, so it was quiet. But the location of the hotel is not convenient and far from the cebu city. So if u have any plans to go to cebu city, must rent a car or use a cab a lot.
Elyna D. 1~2人自助行 United Kingdom, 2015年1月26日
Overated, awful location and poor food let the res

quiet, peaceful
I was hesitant to book after reading bad reviews, but as im not a fan of big hotels, and mactan island seems to be full of them I decided to give this resort a try. Big mistake, the location is one of the biggest let downs, the restaurant had limited food options but I had no choice as it was the only place I could eat as outside the resort does not feel safe as you are quite literally in a shanti town. I was the only guest in the hotel on the first night, even with that my dinner and breakfast were below satisfactory. I hadnt had any mosquito bites until i got eaten alive at this resort. On the plus, the staff are very friendly and attentive and the room itself was great. Slightly overpriced for what it is. Not being able to leave the resort without a cab is a massive downfall.
Jan K. 情侶/ 夫婦 Germany, 2015年1月18日
Propably was really nice once

Very good first impression, spacious villa, bathtub
The Cordova Reef Village has seen better days I suppose. The village area and the villa i stayed in look very nice in the beginning, but they are kind of run down on further examination. The villa is spacious and looks great, including a huge bathroom with shower and bathtub. But The shower is constructed in such a weird way that it was impossible to get hot water out of it - even though you could feel that the water in the warm water pipe was hot. The water mix mechanism was weird and sort of broken so only luke-warm showers were possible. The housekeeping guy said that was on purpose - yeah right ... speaking of the housekeeping, they do not hav any soap bars in the hotel apparently. Guests are not expected to wash their hands after they use the bathroom. When we called the frontdesk to get a soap, they said they would bring it, 30 minutes later we called again, but nobody brought any soap. So I went out and saw the housekeeoing cleaning the next villa, and asked the guy for a soap - they didn't have any, nowhere in the hotel ... can you believe that ? Another disappointment was the pool because allthough it's huge and looks nice, it's full of floating debris from the palms and little insects. The worst thing about the hotel is the location, or rather the available transport at that location. All taxis they called for us were trying to scam us in the first place. And the neighborhood is not the type you would want to walk at night anyway. Overall I was disappointed but the bathtub was nice.
Hyojin K. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 South Korea, 2015年1月1日
Beautiful resort with relaxation

Beautiful interior, excellent staff service, quite place
We visited with 18 month daughter. Resort was very beautiful and well organised place. It is excellent for resting and enjoy swimming with little baby. However only 1 thing was bothering us is that breakfast service was really poor and we need to prepare some more food for us & baby after breakfast. If this resolt can improve food service more, it would become 5 star resort in the future, we guess. :) The resort located very last place of Cordova and you need to use jeepney or tricycle or taxi to visit other places. We mostly use jeepney during day time and it was safe and intersting experience. Every filipino we met were very kind and willing to let us know the direction so it was very thankful. However it might not safe to walk around during night time.



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