海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 (Dolphin-House Resort-SPA-Diving)

White Beach, saavedra, 莫阿爾博阿爾, 宿霧, 菲律賓 6000 (在地圖上標示位置)


海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 游泳池 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 沙灘 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 沙灘 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 陽台 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 陽台
海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 餐廳 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - Spa 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - Spa 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 景觀
所在區域: 莫阿爾博阿爾 客房數: 25







所有住宿評鑑 (48)
Li H. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 China, 2013年6月6日

Li H. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 China, 2013年6月6日

Gigi L. 1~2人自助行 United States of America, 2014年10月14日
Amazing Resort

Beautiful Views Clean and White Sand Beach
Amazing Rented a Boat to See the Turtles Took Amazing Pictures Good Hotels for Tourist Will Come Back with My Family Staff is Friendly Thank You
Lin A. 1~2人自助行 Taiwan, 2014年10月13日
a little paradise for ocean lover

the sea in front of the hotel is amazing! just a normal snorkle can bring you an amazing encounter with many sea animals!
really lovely and quiet place! heading snorkle at day and watching stars at night! dolphin house is deffo a wonderful place for sea lover!
Grant L. 情侶/ 夫婦 Australia, 2014年6月23日
Excellent , peaceful romantic great service,

Food, staff, location
Outstanding and would definately go back as well as recommend it!
Gregory K. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2014年5月11日
A few steps away from an outstanding House Reef

Great staff, great diving and dive operation, excellent kitchen
Dolphin House has one of the best house reefs we've seen. We found unusual creatures and interesting marine creature behavior on every dive. Giant frogfish "fighting!" Turtles in great condition on every dive. Sardines schooling. Squid, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, juvenile fishes (like a madly tumbling baramundi), really interesting diving. Excellent dive gear. Well managed dive center. No more than 20 minutes by boat to the most distant of many dive sites. And the chef at Dolphin House serves up delicious meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Staff were wonderfully good natured and friendly, helpful, really charming.
Michael J. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 Australia, 2014年4月18日
very relaxing

Great service, yummy food and beatiful grounds and garderns.
I would highly recomend this resort to anyone.
Raymond R. 1~2人自助行 Australia, 2014年3月21日
a poor quality hotel that is very overpriced

cant give any praise here save 4 welcome drink
an overpriced resort with a single shared bungalow costing no room service, restaurant food very overpriced by local standards -- ate most of time outside of hotel for half what they charge 4 dinner. shops are a very uncomfortable trike ride and hotel does not provide a complimentary ride in dolphin bus to moalboal town --2 kilometres away.
Nina U. 情侶/ 夫婦 Lithuania, 2014年3月19日
awfully. our rest was completely spoiled.

well-groomed territory
belongs to very greedy who saves on everything, on powder because we received shabby, dirty all in towel spots which don't change. awful breakfasts without the choice, bread for the breakfast only one psc. presence of the smell of the mould. asked the second psc, to us refused, told it isn't necessary. nearby there are no shops and restaurants in general. therefore the prices are three times overestimated by food which at all don't know how to cook. for the dinner offer almost empty plates with food, the awful menu as in the cheap dining room for big money. we stayed 6 days the almost hungry. the pool - is a lot of bleaching powder, it isn't possible to bathe. the personnel impudently deceives attributing you that that you at all didn't order, be attentive at departure and calculation check the account! the prices in diving the center are twice overestimated. plus still surtaxes. don't trust responses which are left by filipinos. because these responses deception. the prices in hotel are three times higher than in other hotels, for all the time i didn't see any vacationer of the filipino in this hotel. i ordered juice from fresh mangoes in me in the eyes in a half of the glass of juice added synthetic drink. i was horrified as impudently!
Bart L. 情侶/ 夫婦 Belgium, 2014年2月26日
Relaxing little place, nice gardens and good food

Nice breakfast, Relax area on top of bar with amazing view on sunset, Ocean access
I have a lot of respect for the owners, as they are very respectful to nature and you can feel that they are very concerned with the well-being of their guests. However, my believe is that, if you claim to be a 5 star hotel and you also charge 5-star prices, we can also have the respective expectations as a guest. Things that are in line with the 5-star rating: - Many sports-facilities, excursions, super-dive & snorkling gear - Reliable high-speed wifi - Nice relaxation area's all over the place, from the gardens to the bar and the entertainment area on top of the bar, which gives a unique view and where we spent our evenings to watch the sunset - Breakfast was super! Things that are not at a 5-star level: - Every day, staff has to ask you whether you want to stay in the resort for dinner (ja duh, not too much other choices). If yes, you HAVE TO choose the 910 pesos/pax menu (fixed entree, 4 choices for main, fixed desert). The first day, we luckily still had noodles and prepared them in our room with the water cooker. The second day, we kept our freedom by ordering one dish at 5pm in the afternoon (which is closing time for 'a la carte' orders). That way, we had our food a little bit before 6pm and avoided being pushed into consuming a full supper. - The room & room amenities... As much as we found the room 'cozy', it did not justify a 5.000+ pesos rate per night. The room is at a 3-star level (relatively small and also no TV etc...). The most disturbing was the noisy bamboo bed with a 10cm thick hard mattress.. (how can that ever be 5 star?) - Very old swimming pool, with a 'rusty' smell and salty water



海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 游泳池海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 沙灘海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 附設設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 運動休閒設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 沙灘海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 陽台海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 陽台海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 餐廳海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - Spa海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - Spa海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施海豚之家潛水Spa度假村 宿霧 - 景觀