莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 (Hotel Amelie Berlin West)

Kaiserdamm 29, 夏洛滕堡宮, 柏林, 德國 14057 (在地圖上標示位置)


莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 內部裝潢/設施 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 內部裝潢/設施 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 衛浴間 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 衛浴間 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 內部裝潢/設施 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 外觀/外部設施 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房
莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 衛浴間 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房 莫雷斯莫柏林西飯店 柏林 - 客房
所在區域: 夏洛滕堡宮 客房數: 20







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William W. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2013年10月29日
very good budget hotel for short stays in Berlin

location (easy access to public transport for city centre, airport, main railway and bus station); clean, efficient, basic hotel at budget price; attentive staff
Hotel Amelie can be recommended for those making a short visit to Berlin and who are on a tight budget - it offers excellent value for money. Although situated in the suburbs, it takes only 15 mins by the local U-Bahn to get into the city centre and the hotel is only 5 mins walk from the S-Bahn and ZOB (one of the main inter-city coach stations). The breakfast was reasonable but the restaurant was too small for the number of guests and the tables too close to each other. Service was helpful with good English spoken.
William W. 情侶/ 夫婦 United Kingdom, 2013年10月24日
An ideal budget hotel for short stays

Ease of access to transport into city centre, clean and comfortable rooms, helpful staff
Hotel Amelie is situated outside the city centre but offers excellent links to public transport (underground station and inter-city bus terminal only 5 mins away on foot). Rooms are on the second floor of a large apartment block, are large and comfortably furnished without being luxurious. Breakfast was of good quality and range of food offered, but the room is cramped when there are more than ten guests present. Service was helpful but distant. This hotel can be particularly recommended for budget travellers who are looking for a decent hotel outside the city centre and are seeking standard rather than luxurious comfort
Trevor W. 情侶/ 夫婦 Australia, 2013年7月22日
Value for money

Clean room, good breakfast and helpful staff
Convenient for transport. Good for sightseeing, value for money.
Dr A. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 India, 2013年4月29日
average facilities & service

Clean bed sheets, easy accessibility to public transport, airport and breakfast was included
Towels and sheets were clean, room was cleaned daily.but room size was much too small for a triple room.there was just enough space to stand in the shower.breakfast was repetitive with no variety.walls of the room were very thin.sounds from the surroundings were clearly audible. wifi was not free.most of the staff did not know english. However,everything would have been acceptable,had the woman with red hair(proprietor?)not been so rude.
Michelle W. 1~2人自助行 Canada, 2013年4月10日
safe and warm stay at the hotel

secured, quiet neighborhood, and access to subway
There was no receptionist after midnight. I arrived Berlin early morning 4am at the central station. I took the subway to get to the hotel. They were open at 7am to 10pm. I waited for 2 hrs to check in and it was freezing cold weather. It will be nice if there is a receptionist working 24hrs.
Peter M. 商務旅客 Canada, 2012年10月7日
main streeet and central to congress centre

next to Metro line, close to the airport, post office around the corner
clean rooms, nice staff, there for business so everything required is handy. Have food, drink and amenities all within two blocks.
Restaurant Tip: Next door is the Reaturant Milano..not fancy but ask the owner to surprise you with a dish, great kitchen, good wine selection for anyone who likes Italian
Nomura A. 3人以上團體旅遊 United States of America, 2012年5月20日
Convenient location with breakfast

Comfortable beds, very quiet for a main street location
The hotel was convenient to the U2 subway line which made getting to the Deutsche Oper a snap. Breakfast was good, with various breads, meats, cheeses, and beverages. Be aware that the internet is not free, but costs an extra a day. Recommended if you are doing a lot on the west side of Berlin.
Günther O. 情侶/ 夫婦 Mexico, 2012年5月13日
budget hotel with customer-friendly feaures

clean rooms, nice breakfast
the hotel amelie west berlin is a budget accomodation that occupies a couple floors of an apartment building. the elevator is small and slow. fortunately the front desk and our room were both on the second floor, so we did not mind at all using the stairs. standard rooms are compact (particularly the bathroom), but comfortable. storage areas are limited, but adequate for a short stay. rooms feature small tvs (perfect reception) with many local and international channels. rooms were very clean. smoking rooms are available on request. staff were courteous and professional. we really enjoyed the buffet breakfast that exceeded our expectations. we had german breads and delicatessen as well as cereals with yoghurt. we were happy with our stay.
Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: there is an u-bahn station just block away. from this station, you can connect to the s-bahn and travel to potsdam in about 30 minutes. a single-day unlimited ticket costs less than 7 eur and allows you to use transportation in both berlin and potsdam. be sure to visit sans souci palace and gardens!
Salih Z. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 Turkey, 2011年12月25日
relative old hotel but friendly service

best price, good location
it is a small hotel located in the second floor of an old building, but it is in a very central area (Kaiser Damm),the subway is very close. The rooms are clean, the breakfast is acceptable. The hotel does not offer a parking place, but there are quite a number of free parking possibilities nearby on the street.
Yuri O. 1~2人自助行 Japan, 2013年3月16日

手ごろな値段 駅から近い 値段の割には部屋が広い
高速バスで行ったためベルリンZOBから近いところを探していたらこちらを見つけました。到着が遅かったためスペシャルリクエストを入れました。こちらのホテルレセプションは朝8時から夜21時だったか22時だったかくらいまでしか開いてないよう。 朝も出発が早かったためチェックアウトはどうしたらよいか聞いたら部屋に鍵を置いておけばよいと言われました。 インターネットは有料でした。朝食は値段の割には種類も多くよかったです。 ホテルはドイツで言う2階です。エレベーターはありません。普通のアパートの一部がホテルになっているといった感じです。壁が薄いのかドアが薄いのか廊下の音はよく聞こえました。



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