2016年5月29日 - 2016年5月31日 | 2 晚
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關於Maxima Resort


千里馬度假村位於達沃市的巴巴克地區-薩馬勒島,是十分受到旅客歡迎的訂房選擇。 在這裡,旅客們可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 由於靠近達沃國際機場, Sasa渡輪碼頭, Lanang鄉村俱樂部等景點,遊客非常喜歡入住這家飯店。

相信千里馬度假村的周到服務和一流設施會讓您此行終生難忘。 飯店安排了停車場, 會議設施, 餐廳, 旅遊行程,旨在為客人提供最舒適的體驗。

體驗高質感的舒適休憩空間,部分客房配有空調, 電視, 淋浴設備, 公共浴室,讓您回房之後能好好地放鬆休息。 專用海灘, 花園, 水上活動(配有機動設備), 水上活動(無機動設備)能讓您玩足一整天,開心一整天。 想在達沃市尋找舒適又方便的飯店,就一定要考慮千里馬度假村,能帶給您賓至如歸的感覺。
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  • 旅遊行程
  • 會議設施
  • 餐廳


  • 專用海灘
  • 水上活動(無機動設備)
  • 水上活動(配有機動設備)
  • 花園


  • 停車場
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嬰幼兒0-1歲 若不需另外加床可免費同住。提醒您:嬰兒床可能會需要付費使用。
孩童2-3歲 在不加床之情況下可免費入住
  • 住客超過3歲將依照大人標準收費。
  • 提醒您: 加床規定依房型而異,請以各房型的「房型說明」為準。
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前台服務時間至: 00:00 AM
客房室內電壓: 220
客房總數: 9
最早可辦理入住的時間: 9:00 AM
最遲可辦理退房的時間: 08:00 AM
開業年份: 2009
餐廳總數: 1
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  • 整體狀況及整潔度 5.3
  • 位置 5.6
  • 客房舒適度 5.3
  • 服務 5.8
  • 性價比 4.8
  • 餐飲 5.1

5.3 simon F.
United Kingdom
2 night stay at Maxima
water sport, kids loved it,evening entertainment , good for snorkeling

4.3 Cris G.
Good for daytrip only
slide, waterblob and turtles
Minimal choice of food in the menu. Staff always missing. Local channels on the television. Resort looks like an abandoned place. Good for daytrips and bring foods with you.

2 Saturnino R.
Very dirty.
Maxima Resort
no restroom inside the cattages.

3.3 walter H.
too much climbing
banana boat was fun.swimming and snorkling ok.. view of Davao at night was nice.
I found the place to be crowded and understaffed. Only the most fit of persons can manage the endless stairs going up and down from the parking area to the water. No comfort room in the room. And the main c.r. and shower areas not working. Very limited food in the restaurant. No sand beach and you walk on jagged rocks so no bare feet. I was booked for 2 nights but i departed after one night.. i Definitly will never go back to this place. Spend your time and money elsewhere.

It was a disaster! We're very sorry but the stay was not worth for what we paid! Very unorganized! We arrived at 4:00PM, the room was dirty, we weren't able to sleep.. Ants partying the whole night everywhere, no water in washrooms :( , we couldn't find the only shower in the area. In short, there was no orientation. The following morning, when we spoke to the in charge we were shocked when he said we don't complain at the guard. Isn't it right even for water in the washroom you will ask an assistance when in fact it's understood that toilets have always water? Not worth to recommend at all! Very bad experience!

6.7 Stephen P.
United States of America
Needs work
Dining, resort amenities, staff friendliness
Rooms needed to be cleaner.

4.7 Jennifer V.
Our stay is good except for the bad service.
Cottages are situated in an ocean front. Very relaxing view. I love the giant tarpaulin slide.
Our vacation could have been great if the staffs were accommodating. Seriously the cashier/front desk named Arnel ruined it. He was so hard to deal with. He was so sarcastic and unhelpful. Though he upgraded our room from non AC to AC, he didn't make sure that other staffs in the kitchen/canteen know that our room includes breakfast. We wasted time in their canteen waiting if we will be served breakfast or not. The only staff who was very accommodating was Larry who helped us cooked our food and made sure that our needs were being taken cared off. This beach resort could be better if they will employ people who are competent enough to provide quality service to their guests. We do not have any problem with the cottage, location, and facilities only the STAFFS. Maxima Aqua Fun is a must visit place if you are planning to go to Davao just be very cautious because people working there aren't friendly at all.

8 Janis A.
A lot to do in Maxima
beach, food and activities at the resort
It was a perfect stay for the family as we have a choice to a lot of wonderful water activities, giant slides, kayak, water blob that comes with the package. Food is superb. Room has extra foam in case you are a group of more than 4 without charge. It'll be better if you stay there for more than a night. The resort is close to the Hagimit Falls, one of the places to go to in Samal Island, Davao. We would love to come back to the resort and have the reserved energy to be able to do all water activities they offer besides those mentioned above.

3.7 Lorenzo B.
United States of America
Roughing it..
If you want a hotel out of the way this is the place to be. If you require no luxuries or basis items this is the place to be. If you have a full time driver with car this is the place to be.
The stay at Maxima Resort was maximum hotel camping. A nice place with nice people but out of the way. You need a car with a driver to stay there with you overnight and you must bring all the items you need cause there is nothing there except a room with a water room. There is also a disco at night but you must bring your own drinks. This is really roughing it and for the price it is too pricy for what you get and what you don't get. If you are prepared and bring all your essentials then you can have a unique experience. Bring everything you need cause there is nothing there.. and I mean nothing.. but the experience will make you appreciate nature and a real hotel.

7 William W.
Just as it is pictured... but there is more
Large place, the sea, relaxing
My wife and some of her family stayed at Maxima for a few days. All of them very much enjoyed the place and their stay but there are some things you should be aware of: - It is a single house by itself and not a resort. - to get to the house, you must walk down many VERY steep stairs and then walk along a long pier to get to the house. This was very difficult for my wife because of bad knees and for some of her family that were a bit out of shape. - if arriving at night, make sure you have a contact number for someone at the Maxima because my wife spent hours trying to find someone who would let them into the house. And most of the staff were not aware of their coming, which was very disappointing. - all of the water sports cost extra. And they are not cheap.