邦勞島自然度假村 (Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa)

Bingag, Dauis, 邦勞島 - 道伊斯, 薄荷島, 菲律賓 6339 (在地圖上標示位置)


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所在區域: 邦勞島 - 道伊斯 客房數: 68







所有住宿評鑑 (102)
Qin Y. 情侶/ 夫婦 China, 2015年3月5日

Meng Z. 有熟齡兒童之家庭旅遊 China, 2015年2月21日

Chang S. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 China, 2014年2月12日

性价比实在不高, 同档次酒店相比, 服务不够人性化, 园林环境很好,小沙滩有特点, 住一次可以接受,以后不去了。
Meng Z. 3人以上團體旅遊 China, 2012年12月31日

在酒店住两天,参加酒店安排的潜水两次,上午效果比下午的好,潜水景点的水深和适合浮潜,活珊瑚比较多。 惊喜的是除了早餐还有自助晚餐。 问题一是税费太高,约25%,问题二是不能刷银联卡,而且前台服务人员刷完还不告知,我们第二次刷才发现,否则回来对账都困难。
Hotel Feature Tip: 酒店SPA没有想象的好。
Heath W. 情侶/ 夫婦 Australia, 2015年5月14日

worth a visit
Had a great time...only stayed there 2 days was a good experience... food was average and a few things didnt work but were repaired... for the quite season service was good would imagine it getting hectic through the busyer times of the year...not quite what i expect from a 5 star but they made up for it in other ways...all round Was a great holiday spot would recomend it for a stay of up to 5 days...veiws were amazing..
Maricris C. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Philippines, 2015年5月3日
Great customer service

- Very friendly and helpful staff ; very good amenities ; clean and relaxing beach
Panglao Island Nature Resort Resort amenities and customer service are excellent. They have a very nice and quiet beach and many swimming pools. They have a fitness gym and game room. The spa facilities and services are superb. I was able to avail this as part of the accomodation package. All the staff and crew are friendly and helpful. They gave quick action on requests. Food is also ok and not that expensive. One thing that needs improvement is the sunbeds and cottages at the beach area. They don't look good for this type of resort. The sunbeds don't even have an umbrella. Overall, it was a great and relaxing stay. I will recommend this to my friends and relatives.
Danno K. 1~2人自助行 Philippines, 2015年4月28日

superb staff performance, nice location, great overall service
Rudy E. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2015年4月17日
First visit to Panglao Island

The beach, location, and the tranquility.
The stay was very relaxing. It's a good place to go if your looking for complete solitude and want to be away from all other tourist attractions.
Ramses B. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2015年3月17日
Spectacular view. Needs improvement to room.

1. Spectacular view! 2. Awesome and courteous staff. 3. Freebies like massage. Excellent package for massage and spa
Spectacular view. I've read the recent reviews of this hotel re: food and comfort. For us spectacular view.. Can't compare. We rented the ocean view and was awesome. The needed improvements: bed (need upgrade), jacuzzi non working, no internet in room. Internet in restaurant and lobby too slow. If you are looking for nature and view this is the place.. Otherwise if you expect the comfort of a 5 star hotel with bed, hot water and upgraded equipment like TV, AC DO NOT expect. To us more like 3 star. Spa and massage I gave it a 6 star!
Marissa B. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Philippines, 2015年1月3日
Overpriced resort $$$$$

Big area, great spa, and forest room spaccious
We are dissapointed about this resort in many ways. First, if i did not pay so much then i can lower my expectations. But I choose this resort and the price because we want to get a 5 star service. I cannot recommend this with families with very young kids, they have no activities, no lifeguard at their pool and beach area. The sunbeds are uncomfortable and not enough for the amount of people staying in their resort. You have to get your own towel, most of the times, not always..if you find someone to asked. Toilet Amenities, I was told it is per request, we called house keeping in the evening for some shampoo and showel gel, didnt get anything. Call again in the morning, didnt get anything! So we have to shower once more with no shampoo, good i found soap in my toiletries. Passed by the reception and made a complain about this, actually the 2nd time already. When we arrived in our room still no shampoo and gel. We are four people and they only give us 2 small bottle of shampoo and gel! We stayed 5 night and 6 days in this place. After that big complain, they gave us 4 each of shampoo, gel, lotion. Our room is cleaned everyday, but i dont understand why the toiletries is not replenish on a daily basis. Now the game room, it is so run down, no one is there to assist you, like turn on the fan or the lights. I found my kids playing in the dark. Restaurant buffet, sometimes its good, but they served mostly filipino food.The Mithi Spa is really nicely decorated and the staff is professional. I had my 1 1/2 hours & my husband had his on the 3 rd night, But i had also booked a body scrub for my last evening 5 days ahead. The same time i booked the other service to the front desk, but somehow, i wasnt booked at the Spa. Too bad that i did not had a chance to enjoy tthe spa. This place have the space and the location to make it a 5 star, but they still need to do a lot. If i did not pay a 5star price, i can lower my expectation,So will i come back again? No.