Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao

Cambaquiz, 卡比勞島, 洛翁, 菲律賓 6327 (在地圖上標示位置)


2015年11月26日 - 2015年11月28日 | 2 晚
房型 人數

Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao設施簡介


  • 24小時保全
  • 保母/托兒服務
  • 保險箱
  • 可寄放行李
  • 吸菸區
  • 咖啡店
  • 圖書館
  • 家庭房
  • 快速入住/退房服務
  • 旅遊行程
  • 機場接送
  • 禮賓服務
  • 送洗服務
  • 送餐服務
  • 酒吧
  • 餐廳


  • Spa
  • 按摩
  • 水上活動(無機動設備)
  • 浮潛
  • 潛水
  • 花園
  • 釣魚


  • 公共區域WiFi


位於洛翁 的范圍之內、交通方便,Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao已成為當地旅遊的最佳落腳點。 在這裡,旅客們可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 飯店位...查看更多 位於洛翁 的范圍之內、交通方便,Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao已成為當地旅遊的最佳落腳點。 在這裡,旅客們可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 飯店位於龍教堂的不遠處,遊客們在旅遊觀光時大可不必捨近求遠。

同時Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao提供多種多樣的設施,令您在洛翁期間的旅程更豐富。 飯店安排了24小時保全, 快速入住/退房服務, 可寄放行李, 公共區域WiFi, 客房服務,旨在為客人提供最舒適的體驗。

在這裡,您能真切的感受最極致的舒適住宿體驗,部分客房提供禁菸房, 空調, Morning call鬧鐘服務, 書桌, Mini Bar,給住客更完整的服務。 飯店配備的浮潛, 潛水, 釣魚, Spa, 按摩等娛樂設施必定會讓您流連忘返。 Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao地理位置優越,設施先進,是最熱門的飯店之一。
所有住宿評鑑 (9)
sharon J. 情侶/ 夫婦
Canada, 2015年3月2日
Beautiful location, wonderful staff

Great view from the restaurant, clean rooms, great service
Loved our stay at the Cabilao beach club, very relaxing, nice wicker chairs at the beach which has some snorkeling out front. Rented the motorbike which was mt an old bike as reported by someone else, and saw the island. Concrete roads, on many sections. This hotel is on it's own, the Polaris resorts is about 15 minutes in the bike so you have to eat at the resort all the time. The food is great but a bit pricier than anywhere else we stayed in the Philippines, so are the drinks. You can find little local stores a short walk away where u can get water and beer for cheap. Massage also more expensive at 850 pesos, bike is 500 pesos for 3 hours but u don't need it fir any longer. We stayed in the economy rooms at the back of the resort which have a good air con and a fan. Closer to the road and some bike noise but quite private. Watched the fireflies at night in the trees outside our room! Also toured the deluxe rooms for for 4700 pesos or around $140 Canadian, they were beautiful, balcony with a stunning view right over the water and I think includes breakfast, would be worth the splurge. Definitely recommend this place. Have to get a bangka boat to get there but it is only 15 minutes and cost us 400 pesos to get there, easy to rent one from Moc poc pier. We paid only 250 on the way back from the villagers which are located right close to the hotel, just walk to the pier area. The hotel charges 450 pesos for transfer. Loved our stay!
Andreas M. 情侶/ 夫婦
Germany, 2014年8月25日
good for divers only

quite, relaxing nature
The food is good but really expensive, specially the drinks.
Suzanne B. 1~2人自助行
France, 2015年1月29日
Chill relaxing place

Location by the beach - great diving centre
Patrick R. 情侶/ 夫婦
United States of America, 2014年2月9日
CBC tries hard but I have mixed feelings

Right on the beach, Villas are very nice above the ocean, Diving is good
Cabilao Beach Club - CBC tries hard but I think its just a little over priced and not worth the trip out to Cabilao. The Good: I stayed for 3 nights with GF in the Hammerhead room, about 100 dollars a night. Perfect day, sea breeze, sound of the ocean really nice. We stayed in the villas and it was really nice looking down on the ocean with such a beautiful day. Everything was great. The Diver center guides are good and the dives were very good. I did 4 dives. All 4 were good dives. Stunning coral out there. The Bad: The food is crazy expensive. Think 2-3 times Alona Beach. Service of food was not good. For example, one day everyone came back from diving about 1pm and ordered food. It took more than an hour for my food to come. The diving is also pretty expensive. Its the most expensive diving I did in the Phillipines. As is renting a motorbike, 500 PP for 3 hours. Its just a beat up bike they get from a villager. Overall: Honestly, going to Cabilao island isnt really worth it. The diving is pretty good, but if the weather is great, diving the islands off Alona beach is just as good and much cheaper, far less hassle than coming out to this far away island.
Scott C. 3人以上團體旅遊
United States of America, 2014年3月6日
It was very laid back. Great place to relax.

The view The staff is the very best, The food was Great
After being at Alona Beach. I found Cabaliao to be a great place to unwind. The scuba diving was great. The dive staff was very friendly and helped with all our needs. I would go back tomorrow if I could.
Fredrik P. 情侶/ 夫婦
Sweden, 2012年2月26日
Relaxing resort with great views

Big nicely furnished rooms with good bathrooms, quiet location, wellkept garden with deck chairs
The quiet location makes this place perfect for relaxing... and diving. The rooms are very nice and are all facing the sea, some are in the lower part of the graden directly by the sea and some are up on a cliff right next to the restaurant. We stayed in one next to the sea. At night all we could hear were the waves rolling in, I slept like a baby. Up on the cliff the views from the restaurant and bar are just beautiful. The owner and the staff are all very nice and helpful. CBC is a Sea Explorers resort and diving is the main activity. The rental equipment is in good condition, the dive guides are really good in spotting the macro life around Cabilao, the dive schedule is well set up, the dive boat is really comfortable and the boat crew was great. All in all, I would definetely stay at CBC next time I come back to Cabilao.
JUNZO N. 1~2人自助行
Japan, 2012年4月26日

ダイビングサービス(Sea Explorers)が併設。 WiーFiはレストラン周辺のみ。 ダイブボート乗船時は石のビーチを歩くのでブーツが必要。
Mathieu C. 情侶/ 夫婦
France, 2014年3月10日
Séjour plongée et relaxation sur la plage

plongée. plage. village aux alentours
Beach resort à "taille humaine", pas trop imposant. Séjour agréable au bord de la plage, quoiqu'assez exposé au vent. Centre de plongée dans l'hôtel. magnifique jardins de corail. personnel sympathique et attachant.
Stephanie K. 情侶/ 夫婦
Switzerland, 2013年4月14日
Ideal für Taucher

Nähe zu Tauchspots, Bar, Massage